Newsletters, as You’ve Never Viewed Them Before!

24 Oct 2014Melissa

Ok, so my title up there might be a little bit of an exaggeration. However, when it comes to our new presentation of the newsletters in your account, we’re pretty proud of how much information we can put into a simple, streamlined page. We’re also unveiling a fabulous new feature, so brace yourself: you can now filter by title, thus easily accessing any newsletter past or present. Sounds pretty fabulous, right? So, let’s take a quick tour!

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Knowledge Base: Send a Newsletter

16 Oct 2014AJ

We’ve got another look at our updated Knowledge Base live on the MNB Blog! Check out this easy-to-follow tutorial for sending a newsletter in the new MNB BETA!

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Marketing Round-Up October Edition

14 Oct 2014AJ

Get a sneak peek at some of our favorite marketing resources in this month’s Marketing Round-Up!

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A Look at Our New Knowledge Base

03 Oct 2014AJ

The MNB BETA roll-out is right around the corner, so we’re previewing some of our updated Knowledge Base articles right here on the blog. Get a sneak peak at these new tutorials and best use tips to help get more from your email marketing.

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Avoiding Spam Traps

25 Sep 2014Melissa

Spam traps are a terrible fate for an email newsletter.  This article will explore what they are, why they exist and what can be done to avoid them.

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