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We Write, We Design, YOU SEND.
Content Corner delivers ready-to-send, content-rich emails you can brand, personalize, and customize.
Content Corner is like having a professional writing staff without the cost.
Content Corner can be automated so that you distribute current and relevant newsletters without actually touching your account (monthly).
Single Newsletter
  • We write and build the newsletter
  • Interesting and current articles
  • Content readers read
  • Content you didn't have to write
  • Plethora of verticals
A Year of Newsletters
  • 12 newsletters (50% off)
  • Your call to action
  • Huge variety of customization
  • Easy to automate
  • Plethora of verticals
Auto Newsletter
Chiropractor Newsletter
Chiropractor Tip
Feng Shui Newsletter
Feng Shui Tip
Fitness Newsletter
Fitness Tip
Healing Arts Newsletter
Healing Arts Tip
Health & Nutrition Newsletter
Health & Nutrition Tip
Healthy Living Newsletter
Healthy Living Tip
Home & Garden Newsletter
Home & Garden Tip
Hypnotherapy Tip
Hypnotherapy Newsletter
Life Coaching Newsletter
Life Coaching Tip
Lifestyles Newsletter
Lifestyles Tip
Living Green Newsletter
Living Green Tip
Massage Newsletter
Massage Tip
Money Newsletter
Money Tip
Pet Newsletter
Pet Tip
Real Estate Newsletter
Real Estate Tip
Reiki Newsletter
Reiki Tip
Skin Care Newsletter
Skin Care Tip
Tech Tip
Travel Newsletter
Travel Tip
Wedding Newsletter
Wedding Tip
Yoga Newsletter
Yoga Tip
Build ONE: $50
  • A single newsletter
  • Current relevant content
  • Relationship Building
Build BIG: $300
  • 12 newsletters ($25 each)
  • Action-oriented newsletters
  • Ready for strong marketing
Ala carte
  • Assembly in your template: $50 per newsletter
  • Custom header/template: $100-$500
  • Set-up automatic sending: $50
Sample verticals
Auto Care
Feng Shui
For Shaklee
Green Living
Healing Arts
Health & Nutrition
Home & Garden
Money & Finance
Real Estate
Skin Care
Tech Tips
written by industry experts
Grow your downline & sell more products

Deb Bixler, Direct Sales Coach

Susun Weed, Pioneer of Modern Herbology & Author


What is the cost?

The basic cost for a single newsletter is $50. If you buy 12 (or more) newsletters, we cut the price in half to $25 each newsletter (paid in full). Ala carte items are: assembling newsletter in your own template, $50 per newsletter. Custom templates are $500; custom banners range from $100-$250 depending on complexity. Setting up an auto-series for your newsletters is $50.

In addition to your content subscription, you will need to purchase a suitable delivery service level based on your email list size for as little as $8 per month for a pre-paid account or $10 per month for pay-as-you-go.

How does it work?

Every month we place a professional newsletter in your MyNewsletterBuilder account that has your contact information, image (optional) and any other standard information pre-populated in the newsletter. You can send “as is” or add (or remove) additional information. The newsletter is sent from your name and email address. All replies will come directly to your inbox.

Can I use your content anywhere else?

Nope, sorry. We provide this great source of inexpensive content only to our exclusive members. Any content we provide is copyrighted and only allowed to be sent from our accounts.

Can I add my own articles/edit the articles you provide?

Yes. You can easily edit all the information in the newsletter prior to sending using our Content Management System (CMS) and newsletter template editor, the Genie!

Can I personalize my newsletters?

Each newsletter is automatically pre-populated with your picture and contact information. This information is editable at any time and can be changed as often as you like.

Can I recommend a new newsletter category?

Yes. Our sales department is always looking for ways to serve you better. Please email us with your ideas.

Do I have access to tracking reports?

Yes. We provide a detailed report on every newsletter you send including opens, clicks, unsubscribes, bounces and more.
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