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now EAR this!

Thanks for opening this Global issue of our newsletter(s). It's hitting some 14K inboxes today, both Fans & Industry, with FREE MP3's and quick updates on new & established Artists. Please help yourself to the music!


What else do we do? We also send out "Selectors Choice" - a Reggae DJ-oriented newsletter; "Singers & Players" (for musicians); and Regional updates. Bringing Artists & Audiences together is our passion.

Artist: Kingly T

 the world needs "More Love"

Originally from Jamaica, Kingly T has settled in the U.S. - seasoning his own style by working with different projects & genres as a guitarist - touring with various acts and crafting his own style, featured on 2 albums thus far: Unity & Rock it With Me (on iTunes). He's also matched visuals to the music with a number of YouTube videos.


Kingly T - MP3 new single "More Love" FREE download (clip)

Artist: Rankin Scroo

 'Godfada of Reggae' steps up

Innovator from long time, Rankin Scroo came up in the church and made himself known as a singjay in Kingston. Moving to New York first, he sampled the East Coast vibes before going to Hawaii, where he met longtime musical partner Ginger (and they innovated some of the very first Jawaiian music). Settling in Oakland, the Crucial Youth Promotion studio has worked with a host of traditional & emerging Reggae & Hip Hop artists. Visit the Rankin Scroo main site.


Rankin Scroo - MP3

"Above Dem"

FREE download

Artist: the Illest band

 hottest band out of Bahamas

Featured here are the two lead singers (Willis & Mandisa) of this amazing new band (called "the Illest"), out of the Bahamas. Their music has 67,000 combined views on YouTube, and they're poised to branch out internationally. I think of them as a sort of 'next Morgan Heritage' - in look and feel - their style is original. In fact, their Bio provides the following characterization: "a twisted amalgamation of aggressive Roots, Rock, and Dub Style Reggae fused with their maniac blend of Rock, Ska, Reggae, Hip Hop, R&B, and Jazz alike."

Check out the Illest online.


the Illest band - MP3


FREE download

Artist: Junior Toots

 big year, foundation for next 

That's TOOTS senior, smiling proudly as he supports his son Junior Toots (on the mic) at this year's Reggae on the River (photographer Lee Abel, of Reggae Toots has recently returned to California after a successful London & East Coast Tour with a handful of shows remaining for this year. He is working on some new singles. Upcoming shows: short Southern Cali run (end of October) and working with Luciano at The New Parish in Oakland (11/9).


Junior Toots home site

& new album link


Junior Toots - MP3

"A Little Bit of Love"

Artist: Alific

 producer gets publishing deal

On the heels of his Dub in the District release of last year, Alific got a publishing deal to create a Reggae/Dub album for TV/Film placement. His own follow-up release "Echoes from the Soul" is set for release in 2013.

Here's a taste of what's to come...


Alific - MP3

"Winds from Within"

FREE download

Artist: Dub Station band

 20 year anniversary in 2013

Established in 1993 as a musician led band - to circumvent the whim of capricious singers - Dub Station quickly became the go to crew for Artists looking to launch their stage & recording careers.


Now couching new talent amidst Bob Marley tributes, the group is looking to reinvent itself for the new year, showcasing original tunes & talent, as well as an instrumental project by the name Dub Station redux.


Dub Station w/Sonbeam - MP3

"Ghetto Youths (dub)"

Biggest Exclusively Reggae Broadcaster Online

 BigUp Radio continues to kick ass!

KRucial Reggae's had a relationship with BigUp Radio for a few years now. We'd like to take this opportunity to big up founder & CEO Raoul Krakowski - he's done an amazing job of keeping so much programming alive and well on the Internet.


CLICK THROUGH TO THE BIGUP RADIO PLAYER (hit the headphone icon to check out the various stations: Roots, Dancehall, Soca, Reggaeton, Dub, Lovers Rock, and Ska).

New Webcast / Radio Station

 KRucial Community Radio Network (KCRN) is born!

After 30 years listening - and 20 years in the business - we've put our headphones on again to make 'mixtapes' for the world. It's harder and harder to hear the classics, and even Marley's legendary tunes get overplayed. So we've reached into the vaults to give you some narrated retrospectives. Soon, however, we'll be transitioning into innovative new concept programs: female artists, US-based artists, songs about Jah, memorable dancehall. AND, we look forward to inviting guest Dj's to make their own submissions to the show. Each is short (and quick to listen through at one sitting): about half an hour, and we're looking to syndicate the show on different stations worldwide.


KRucial Community Radio click-through - HEAR THE SHOW(s) ...another way to support Artists!

New Website to be launched in 2013, now part of KRucial, to break out

It all began in 2000, when we created Reggae4i - but then merged it with (where it's at now) because KRucial Reggae has been an excellent umbrella for all that we do in the Reggae world (for the past 10 years). But come 2013, just as Dub Station is reinventing itself, so too is Reggae4i, to become more of a Fan oriented, listener friendly site - less about the news and views - more about the sounds and the grooves. How that looks and feels is all in the process of development, but in the meantim, you can get previews from our "now EAR this" Global Newsletter (which this is), and by Liking us on Facebook or Following Reggae4i on Twitter.

Newsletter by KRucial Reggae Promotions / ReggaePR

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