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Selectors Choice (new Reggae update for DJ's)

FREE MP3 downloads for Reggae-oriented club, radio, and internet spinners

Kingly T

Originally from Jamaica, Kingly T has settled in the U.S. - playing different genres as a guitarist - and touring with various acts. His own style - resulting in 2 solo albums thus far: Unity & Rock it With Me (on iTunes), is paving the way for his planned moves on the West Coast. Kingly T has also matched visuals to his music with a number of YouTube videos. We give you here his latest single "More Love." Enjoy!


Kingly T's

More Love MP3

Delly Ranx

Delly Ranx is the type of Artist that has made his name not only on stage, but from the studio, as producer of the monster rhythms: "Red Bull & Guiness" & "Saudi Arabia" (2 examples). He also produced the song "Ganja Breed" by Sean Paul, who's "Dutty Rock" album went Platinum and got a Grammy. We give you here the title track from his own, new CD, which forges a new direction, increasingly towards Culture tunes.

Delly Ranx's

The Next Chapter



Sahra Indio

Olumeye Records (HI) & Roots Lab Int'tl Records (UK) announce the release of Sahra Indio's new album "Tru I," representing the contributions of various musicians & engineers the world over "all adding their own spice to the blend...I would be bold enough to state that she has probably the strongest and - in contrast - the smoothest singing voice in the current arena." (Gibsy Rhodes, Spring Line Jamaica)




I'm Not the Only One MP3

Hidden Kulcha

The Artist Keelan, aka Hidden Kulcha has toured as guitarist for the legendary Itals, Easy Star All-Stars, and with the English Beat.


He's since been forming his own band, and is developing his own musical selections.


"This Southern Cali Kid gets around...this tune is something about SoCal life that a lot of people can relate to..."




Cruisin' MP3

Rankin Scroo

Rankin Scroo came up in Kingston - moved to New York then Hawaii - where he met longtime musical partner Ginger.


Settling in Oakland, the Crucial Youth Promotion studio has worked with a host of traditional & emerging Reggae & Hip Hop artists.


Visit the Rankin Scroo main site.


Rankin Scroo



Junior Toots

Junior Toots has recently returned to California after a successful London Festival appearance & East Coast Tour with the Awakening band. He's working on some new singles. Upcoming shows include a short Southern Cali run (end of October) and working with Luciano at The New Parish in Oakland (CA, 11/9).


Junior Toots home site

& new album link


Junior Toots

Let's Get Together


Re-Branding Spotlight: Reggae4i has been online for over a decade, but it's currently merged with Hopefully by the new year, it will be it's own, free-standing site, geared towards Fans & DJ's...enabling you to download songs directly from the site. Until such time, we've launched the brand on Twitter and Facebook through the links below.


Glimpse the 'old' site before it changes:


Also, in addition to reaching 1200+ selectors worldwide,

through this "Selectors Choice" newsletter - our Global "now EAR this"

update reaches 10 times as many people.

Between our Email lists & Social Networking assets, we can reach 30K+ people.

Facebook Presence

Includes the original KRucialReggae Profile, Fan Page, and now the ReggaePR Fan Page. These are now joined by the Reggae4i, or R4i Fan Page.

Our Twitter Presence far includes KRucialReggae updates, ReggaePR, the all genre musicPRmanagement feed, with helpful tips and ideas. Currently, you can connect with @Reggae4i.

AirPlayDirect: leader in Radio

music delivery - all digital,

with 7000 stations registered.

Get on board now, sign up is free

(nearly 500 Reggae Artists featured)


What's ReggaePR?

KRucial Reggae is the parent company, with its own label & artists...but ReggaePR is available for any and all to approach in getting their music out there. Reply for info.

KRucial iTunes catalog

Check out the KRucial Reggae (iTunes) catalog. Reply to get any CD's or MP3s sent to you. Flagship band Dub Station is turning 20...more info to come!

Deejays / Selectors: club, radio, and online...

let us know how best to get you new music: by newsletter (like this), email,

or with physical hard-copies...give us your mailing address,

feedback, recommendations (and tell Artists about us!)

Reply to or call direct to 617-771-5119

KRucial Arts • PO Box 440263 • Somerville, MA 02144
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