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Obesity Action Coalition (OAC)
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October 2013


Benefit from Expert Education with the OAC’s Educational Webinar Series: Because
Your Weight Matters – For Your Health!
The OAC is proud to announce a new educational webinar series that will take place on the next four Tuesday nights in October, beginning October 8. A variety of topics are included in the OAC’s Educational Webinar Series including popular weight-loss trends, improving self-perception, the science behind willpower, and practical tactics for good nutrition. While many of the topics were presented in-person at the OAC’s 2nd Annual Your Weight Matters National Convention, this evidence-based webinar series will bring education to an online setting and will even present new information for previous Convention attendees and all individuals watching. View the full schedule of the OAC’s Educational Webinar Series below:
The OAC’s Educational Webinar Series features experts in the field of weight and health, so please be ready to ask questions during the webinars! While you do not need a Google account to watch the educational webinars, in order to leave comments and ask questions, you will need to sign-in through Google. If you do not have a Google account, it is easy to sign-up and can be accomplished by CLICKING HERE!
This is your chance to experience a snippet of what is offered at the OAC’s Your Weight Matters National Convention and to benefit from the OAC’s unparalleled education. The first webinar “Does that Really Work? Deciphering Popular Weight-loss Trends” will air next Tuesday, October 8, at 8 PM EST. The OAC will send reminders and further information on the series to everyone who submits an RSVP. While an RSVP is not required to watch the webinars, we encourage everyone who is interested in participating in this series to RSVP by CLICKING HERE. We can’t wait to share this great information with all of you!


  • People tend to underestimate the number of calories they eat in a fast food meal, with more than 25 percent off by at least 500 calories. 
  • Only one in five adults gets the recommended amount of weekly exercise. Are you making fitness a priority in your healthy lifestyle?
  • Your bones are approximately 75 percent water; drink lots of water to keep your bones in top shape!
  • If you are exercising for weight-loss, it’s best to stick with water to stay hydrated.
  • People tend to eat more of foods that are healthier, but even healthy snacks can contribute to weight gain.

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OAC’s Advocacy in Action: 2013 Day on the Hill On September 16, the OAC brought more than 30 trained advocates, along with members of supporting organizations, to Washington, DC, for a Day on the Hill to secure support for the Treat and Reduce Obesity Act.
This important piece of legislation would provide Medicare recipients and their healthcare providers with meaningful tools to treat and reduce obesity by improving access to obesity screening and counseling services, and new prescription drugs for chronic weight management.
Six teams of OAC Advocates visited more than 85 offices in both the Senate and House of Representatives throughout the day to encourage additional co-sponsors. Since September 16, 16 more members of Congress have co-sponsored the bill and we are proud to see the OAC’s advocacy in action resulting in such interest in this legislation.
To find out more about the Treat and Reduce Obesity Act, please click here.
New Brochures on the Impact of Weight on Joints - 
Did you know that one pound of weight-loss is equivalent to four pounds of relief for your knees? In conjunction with the Osteoarthritis Action Alliance, the OAC has produced two new educational brochures about weight and its impact on joints.
The new brochures available are:
These great resources are filled with information about how excess weight and obesity may lead to health complications in the joints. Find resources for losing weight to improve joint health and create an action plan using the new brochures!
These brochures and many others are available to view online by clicking here.
Get the 411 on Popular Diets with the New OAC Blog Series - This month, the OAC is excited to host a brand-new series that explores different kinds of dieting and how it can impact your health. This series features nutrition expert and OAC National Board Member Jacqueline Jacques, ND, who will take us through several popular diet choices, explaining the basics of what each entails, how it became popular, health implications, and more.
The “What’s in a Diet?” series is a great educational tool for anyone who has ever wondered if a diet is actually the healthier option. Dr. Jacques is taking questions and comments, so if there is a particular diet question or popular diet choice you would like to have explained in this series, be sure to comment on the post.
Read the first post on low-fat diets and comment with your questions by
OAC Members Make a Difference - Are you a member of the OAC? Active OAC members receive many great benefits such as a printed subscription to the sought-after Your Weight Matters Magazine, e-news alerts on weight-related topics, the members-only e-newsletter OAC Members Make a Difference, and much more! 
Joining the OAC is one simple way to add your voice to advancing the cause of obesity. Every member of the OAC is invaluable to our efforts, such as the recent Day on the Hill. 
To join or renew your membership today, please click here
Obesity Action Coalition (OAC) • 4511 N Himes Ave, Suite 250 • Tampa, FL 33614
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