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Obesity Action Coalition (OAC)
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November 2013


New Fall Issue of Your Weight Matters Magazine Available Online!
Did you know that the average soft drink contains about 15 teaspoons of sugar? Or that every pound of weight gained puts an extra four pounds of pressure on your knees? Do you want to learn more about the benefits of even small amounts or weight-loss or get advice about late-night food cravings? These are just a few of the topics available in the latest issue of Your Weight Matters Magazine!
Your Weight Matters Magazine is the official publication of the Obesity Action Coalition (OAC). Each quarter, a variety of weight-related articles are provided as an educational resource for individuals at any stage of their journey with weight.  A few of the featured articles in this issue can be found below:
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A printed subscription to the sought-after Your Weight Matters Magazine is just one of the benefits enjoyed by active members of the OAC. Active members also receive the members-only e-newsletter OAC Members Make a Difference, e-news alerts for weight-related topics, and more! When you join the OAC, you are adding your voice to advance the cause of obesity. Join or renew your membership with the OAC by CLICKING HERE.


  • Adding color to your plate can help make sure you are eating nutritious foods! 
  • As you age, cardiovascular fitness becomes one of the most important factors for your health. Be sure to keep track of things like blood pressure and cholesterol to maintain your heart health!
  • Remember that if a weight-loss supplement sounds too good to be true—that’s probably because it is! It’s also very important to share with a healthcare provider if you are taking a supplement. 
  • An important party of a balanced, healthy diet is making sure you are eating the right portions.
  • Storing fresh fruits and vegetables for too long can lower their nutritional value—frozen fruits and vegetables are more nutritious if you need to store your food for longer than three days.

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OAC Proud to Welcome Celebrate Vitamins as a Bronze Level OAC Chairman’s Council Member and Fortris Corporation as a new Patron Chairman’s Council Member This month, we are very proud to welcome two new members to the OAC Chairman’s Council – Celebrate Vitamins and Fortris Corporation. Celebrate Vitamins has been a long-time supporter of the OAC and has recently joined the OAC Chairman’s Council at the Bronze Level. Celebrate Vitamins is dedicated to providing the most effective and complete supplement protocol for surgical weight-loss patients at an affordable price. “ Celebrate Vitamins is a proud member of the OAC Chairman's Council and shares the passion of the OAC in fighting the negative bias and stigmas associated with obesity,” said Vic Giaconia, President of Celebrate Vitamins. Celebrate is not only a member of the Chairman’s Council, but a regular advertiser in Your Weight Matters Magazine and was a National Sponsor of the 2013 OAC National Convention. To learn more about Celebrate Vitamins, please visit
We are also pleased to welcome Fortris Corporation as our newest member of the Chairman’s Council at the Patron level. Fortris Corporation is a Web site design and marketing firm that works with various physicians across the country, many of which have an interest in helping individuals affected by obesity. Fortris has been involved with the OAC for the past year, having joined many of their clients in the OAC Sponsored Membership Program, which allows physicians to join each of their patients in the OAC for a discounted rate. “Fortris is a proud member of the Obesity Action Coalition's Chairman's Council. We look forward to contributing to the OAC's goal of advocacy on behalf of those affected by obesity as we all work toward eliminating this disease through advocacy, education and support,” said Cornell Peters, representative of Fortris Corporation. To learn more about the Fortris Corporation, please visit
The OAC is grateful for the tremendous support our Chairman’s Council members offer in helping to fulfill our mission and bringing others into the fold. If you know an individual or company who would like to support the OAC at the Chairman’s Council Level ($1,000 and up), please encourage them to visit or contact Kristy Kuna, OAC Director of Programs and Membership, at
Spreading the Word about Weight and Health - In October, the OAC released a new public service announcement (PSA) for the Your Weight Matters Campaign. The Your Weight Matters Campaign is a National awareness initiative encouraging all Americans to speak with a healthcare provider about their weight and health. If you haven’t seen the new Campaign PSA, please CLICK HERE to watch.  
The new PSA has started to gain attention in several states, and we want to know if you see it. If you find the Your Weight Matters Campaign PSA playing on your local network, please take a photo of the TV and send it to us by emailing We also want to encourage everyone to help share the important message that Your Weight Matters – For Your Health! Spread the word by posting the video on your personal social media, playing it in your practice, or sharing it with friends and family who could benefit from the FREE resources provided as part of the Campaign Toolkit. Learn more about the Your Weight Matters Campaign by CLICKING HERE!
Watch the OAC’s Educational Webinar Series Videos - Throughout the month of October, the OAC brought the same renowned experts who joined us for the 2nd Annual Your Weight Matters National Convention to an online setting in a four-part educational webinar series. These live broadcasts provided a snippet of the fantastic education found only at the OAC’s National Convention and covered topics such as the science behind willpower, deciphering popular weight-loss trends, improving self-perception, and practical tactics for good nutrition. Recorded videos of these great educational presentations are available to watch by CLICKING HERE.
Obesity Action Coalition (OAC) • 4511 N Himes Ave, Suite 250 • Tampa, FL 33614
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