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Obesity Action Coalition (OAC)
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December 2013

Obesity Week 2013: We Are The OAC!
In November, the OAC attended “Obesity Week 2013: Where Science and Treatment Meet” in Atlanta. This meeting was hosted by The Obesity Society (TOS) and the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery (ASMBS) and brought together health professionals and policy makers from around the nation. It was an exciting time for the OAC as we presented new research, encouraged others to join the Partnership to Treat Obesity, debuted the new Your Weight Matters Campaign Video Public Service Announcement (PSA), and much more.
Advocacy Leadership Reception 
Even before the official start of Obesity Week, the OAC hosted the Advocacy Leadership Reception to encourage cohesive efforts among key health organizations and health professionals through the Partnership to Treat Obesity (PTO). The mission of the PTO is to encourage federal and state policymakers to recognize that obesity is a serious chronic disease, which deserves to be treated in the same fashion as other chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer and others. The PTO is a joint effort among key organizations to promote equal access to, and coverage of, the continuum of care surrounding the treatment of overweight and obesity. So far, 11 health organizations have joined the PTO to advocate for greater access to obesity treatment options.
Weight Bias in the Workplace
Did you know that while 67 percent of employers set weight-loss goals for their employees, 59 percent don’t provide coverage for access to obesity treatments? The OAC proudly presented the results of a new survey about workplace wellness during Obesity Week. As healthcare costs rise, many companies are implementing workplace wellness policies and it is more important than ever to ensure that these programs are not biased against individuals affected by obesity. To learn more about the OAC’s new research and ways workplace penalties can impact employee health, please CLICK HERE.
New Your Weight Matters Campaign Video PSA
The OAC’s Your Weight Matters Campaign is a National health initiative encouraging Americans to speak with a healthcare provider about their weight and health. The Your Weight Matters Campaign provides individuals who sign-up for the Campaign Challenge with a FREE resource toolkit to help get the conversation started. In order to continue elevating the importance of this conversation, the OAC debuted the Your Weight Matters Campaign Video PSA at Obesity Week. Watch the video which is playing nationwide by CLICKING HERE.
Join the OAC Today!
These highlights from Obesity Week are just a few ways the OAC is representing and supporting the 93 million Americans affected by the disease of obesity. Stay updated on everything we have going on and receive great benefits such as the sought-after Your Weight Matters Magazine, the members-only e-newsletter OAC Members Make a Difference, e-news alerts for weight-related topics, and more--join or renew your membership with the OAC today by CLICKING HERE.   


  • Exercise can be more effective at fighting off that mid-afternoon tiredness than a cup of coffee. Take a few minutes for a brisk walk to wake up.
  • A recent study suggests that if you chew more you will eat less because your body will have more time to recognize fullness.
  • Your healthy diet should include all of the food groups. 
  • Eating foods that are in season can help you save money and get the best health benefits from fresh produce.
  • Among other health concerns, a poor diet can lead to an increased risk for developing gastrointestinal cancers.

Connect with the OAC

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Happy Holidays from the OAC! 
As we move into the holiday season, we want to take this opportunity to wish each of you a healthy and happy holiday. It has been a great year to be part of the OAC as we continue to make progress in advocating for important weight-related legislation, hosted the 2nd Annual Your Weight Matters National Convention, re-launched the Your Weight Matters Campaign, produced the OAC's Educational Webinar Series to provide top-notch education, created new educational materials, and much more. 
We look forward to the new year and all the challenges and triumphs it will bring as we continue to work together to encourage greater access to obesity treatments, challenge and change the public perception of obesity, educate individuals about this disease, and support each other in the journey toward better health.
From our home to yours, best wishes for a happy, healthy holiday season!
Joe Nadglowski,
OAC President/CEO
Understanding Your Weight-loss Options – Order Your FREE Brochure Today! - 
In November, the OAC updated the Understanding Your Weight-loss Options Brochure to reflect the latest information on the newly-available obesity medications. Two new weight-management medications were approved by the FDA in 2012, and this brochure now offers current information about these weight-loss options.
The OAC’s brochure offers a comprehensive, unbiased overview of many popular weight-loss options. By reviewing these approaches to weight-loss, you will find out how much weight you can expect to lose with each option and any possible concerns associated with that approach.
We know that it can be difficult to find a method that works with so many different products, supplements and programs available. With the full spectrum of options, from obesity medications to bariatric surgery, the OAC’s Understanding Your Weight-loss Options Brochure can help you make an educated decision on which option is best suited for you and your needs.
To view the brochure online or order a printed copy for FREE, please CLICK HERE.
The OAC Blog: A Resource for Your Journey with Weight -
A new series on the OAC Blog is exploring the concept of cross-addiction or transfer addictions in bariatric surgery patients. Dr. Nicole Avena, a research neuroscientist/psychologist and expert in the fields of nutrition, diet and addiction, is presenting data and leading the online discussion for this series. If you have witnessed or experienced cross addiction, or are simply interested in the topic, you can view the first post in the new series on the OAC Blog by CLICKING HERE. As always, comments and questions on the posts are both welcomed and encouraged.
Past series on the OAC Blog discuss a variety of weight-related topics such as nutrition, popular diets, exercise, weight bias and more. One recent series covered reasons long-term bariatric surgery patients are not as involved in support groups. Healthcare providers and support group leaders have used these blog posts to help spark a conversation within their support groups and this is just one example of how you can use the OAC Blog as a resource.
To view all the information available on the OAC Blog, please CLICK HERE.
Obesity Action Coalition (OAC) • 4511 N Himes Ave, Suite 250 • Tampa, FL 33614
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