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Obesity Action Coalition (OAC)
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March 2014
Get Ready: Registration for the
2014 Your Weight Matters National Convention Opens April 7!
The Obesity Action Coalition (OAC) is excited to announce that registration for the 2014 Your Weight Matters National Convention will open on April 7! Regardless of where you are in your journey toward improved health, the Your Weight Matters Convention has something to offer you. For three full days, the OAC secures leaders in the healthcare field from all across the country to offer you evidence-based strategies for weight management.
This year, we are hosting the Convention from September 25-28 in Orlando, Fla. Described by so many past attendees as "life-changing," the OAC's Your Weight Matters Convention is the PREMIER event for a variety of topics, such as weight, health, nutrition, exercise, emotional issues, weight bias and more!
Don't miss your chance to benefit from the unparalleled education offered only at the Your Weight Matters National Convention: mark your calendar and be ready to register on the official opening day of April 7! The OAC provides discounted early-bird pricing, so be sure to take advantage for these great options:
  • $95 for a Full Convention Registration, which also includes your meals (except lunch) and fun social events for the weekend
  • One-day Registration price of only $30, which gives you access to the renowned experts speaking that day at YWM2014
You can view all available pricing options for YWM2014 by CLICKING HERE!
Together We SHINE!
We are also excited to share with you the official theme and logo for YWM2014! This year, “Together We SHINE” as we take part in all that the OAC Convention has to offer. At the 2014 Your Weight Matters National Convention, attendees will experience Support, Health, Inspiration, Networking, and Education (SHINE). To learn more about how “Together We SHINE” at the OAC Convention and see the theme come to life, watch the reveal video by CLICKING HERE!
Want to Know More about YWM2014?
If you want to stay in-the-know about YWM2014 as details are released, the best way to get all the information is to sign-up for the 2014 OAC Convention E-news Alerts. Whenever we have new information available, we send out an alert to let everyone know. You can sign-up to receive these alerts by CLICKING HERE! You can also join the YWM2014 Facebook Event Page to receive updates and start getting to know the other attendees by CLICKING HERE
  • A study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed that those who ate fat-free dressing absorbed less nutrients than those who used regular salad dressing. 
  • Swapping out ingredients for healthier substitutes can help you make food that not only tastes delicious, but is healthy for your body!
  • A new study suggests that there are cycles to gaining and losing weight during a week - so don't worry if you gain a bit on the weekends.
  • Whole grains are an important part of a healthy diet – a recent article suggests most people aren’t eating enough of these for good nutrition.
  • Probiotics are commonly found in foods like yogurt, and new research suggests certain probiotics could help women with weight-loss.
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What’s New on the OAC Blog One focus of the OAC’s overall mission is to provide relevant education for individuals affected by the disease of obesity, and the OAC Blog is a way that we provide timely education on a variety of weight-related topics. 
Bariatric Surgery-A Tool for You? 
A recent blog series featured “The Bariatric Surgery Journey” by Stephen Boyce, MD, a long-time OAC member and one of the first bariatric surgeons to join the OAC's Sponsored Membership Program where he purchases memberships for each of his patients. This three-part series discusses healthy lifestyle changes before, during and after bariatric surgery as well as how to experience success after surgery and the long-term challenges some post-surgery patients may face. It is a must-read series for anyone who is considering bariatric surgery. To view the first post in this series, please CLICK HERE.
Bariatric-Friendly Cooking 
Also brand new on the OAC Blog, we are starting a new topic featuring healthy cooking ideas for bariatric patients! Written by Sarah Muntel, RD, a frequent author for Your Weight Matters Magazine, this new series features great healthy substitutes, tips for making your meals both delicious and nutritious – even how to balance your new diet in a way that the whole family can appreciate. This new series has only just begun, so stay tuned to the OAC Blog for a new way to look at cooking! You can view the first post on “Bariatric Cooking – Where to Start” by CLICKING HERE!
OAC Thanks the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery and ReShape Medical for Renewing Membership in the OAC Chairman’s Council - This month, we are pleased to recognize two OAC supporters who recently renewed their commitment through the OAC Chairman’s Council – the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery (ASMBS) and ReShape Medical.
The ASMBS and their leadership were an integral part in the formation of the OAC back in 2005 and have continued to support our initiatives through their partnership and membership in the Council. The ASMBS is the largest society for the specialty of bariatrics in the world. The society remains dedicated to advance the art and science of metabolic and bariatric surgery by continually improving the quality and safety of care and treatment of people with obesity and related diseases. Aside from their membership in the Chairman’s Council, the ASMBS remains one of the OAC’s strongest allies in the fight against obesity, and we are grateful for their continued support of our efforts and patients.
The OAC would also like to recognize ReShape Medical for their continued support through the Chairman’s Council. ReShape Medical specializes in a dual-intragastric balloon for weight-loss to be used as an aid in the treatment of individuals affected by excess weight and obesity. This emerging treatment is a non-surgical alternative designed for individuals who have exhausted their efforts with diet alone and are looking for non-surgical options to treat obesity. This device is currently being evaluated in a U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) clinical study. To learn more about ReShape Medical, you can visit their Web site at
The OAC appreciates the generous support of all its Chairman’s Council Members and welcomes any individual, company or organization interested in making a difference in the lives of patients. The minimum annual contribution for membership in the Council is $1,000, which includes a variety of valuable benefits to help showcase support. To view a current list of the prestigious OAC Chairman’s Council members, please CLICK HERE.
Obesity Action Coalition (OAC) • 4511 N Himes Ave, Suite 250 • Tampa, FL 33614
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