Avoiding Spam Traps

25 Sep 2014Melissa

Spam traps are a terrible fate for an email newsletter.  This article will explore what they are, why they exist and what can be done to avoid them.

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Evaluating Campaign Efficacy: Reading the Numbers

22 Sep 2014AJ

Send long and prosper! In part two of our Evaluating Campaign Efficacy series, we’re taking a closer look at interpreting key metrics over the course of an extended period. Get all the hot info you’ll need to better understand the effects of each email marketing decision you make.

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Marketing Round-Up September Edition

12 Sep 2014Melissa

Here are five great articles you won’t want to miss from great marketing minds! In other words, here’s the best that the Internet has to offer, in your inbox!

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Evaluating Campaign Efficacy: Think Globally

08 Sep 2014AJ

How do you measure success? Evaluating the impact of an email marketing campaign can be tricky, particularly when it comes to those that run for months or years. In part one of this series, we’re taking a look at how you can organize and track data to better measure the effect of each marketing decision you make.

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Do Not Make me Call the FCC- A Tale of CAN-SPAM Compliance

29 Aug 2014Melissa

I’d like to talk about the CAN-SPAM act for a bit. First, however, let me tell you why I’ve recently read the FCC’s updated version in all its glory. A recent encounter with compliance issues had me all riled up when they violated several of the precepts of anti-spam laws (and yes, I did threaten to call the FCC).  Even though the situation resolved itself nicely, it did get me to thinking though: this is a legit company doing business online. And, if they are so very out of touch with what’s happening that this could occur, who else is out there in the dark?  And so, it’s time. It’s time to rehash the glorious conversation of spam and the laws against it.

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