I just wanted to let you know that we followed the advice on a recent MyNewletterBuilder Newsletter about sending an email for Cyber Monday. Funny, even though we always send out a Holiday newsletter, it never occurred to us to participate in Black Monday/Cyber Monday before.

We deliberated on what to offer, and finally decided on a simple sale from Saturday through Monday. We gave only 5 to 10% off of orders, depending on the dollar total, and free shipping over $50, which we've been doing for a while now. It turned into the most successful two days and month we've ever had. And we need it, because sales have been way off this year.

We had 56 online orders through the shopping cart in two days, when we usually only get a few online orders per day. We sold more in two days than we had all month of November so far (25 days). We also had quite a few call-in orders, one of which was a sign-up for a retreat with us.

And the orders didn't stop. They kept coming after the sale. We ended up selling about 24% more in November than any month ever, since we got our shopping cart service in 2004.

Just thought you'd like to know. Special thanks to whoever was responsible for that Cyber Monday newsletter! You can bet we're going to participate in Black Friday/Cyber Monday next year. And thank you for your continual support.
Joey & Jill Korn
(Regarding the Genie Newsletter Template Editor) You definitely convinced me I had a workable tool. I was a graphic designer for 20+ years, but don't understand this new world of designing without paper. I even taught the old way to vocationally train designers - before computer design. so I see the GENIE is very easy to be a tool for creativity. That was my frustration with the template - I knew what i wanted, but couldn't get there. GOOD JOB!
Kat Cunningham, Owner
KatStyle Designs
It was great talking with you the other day! Thanks for all this information you sent me! I was able to create my welcome newsletter, get my contacts over from Aweber and create a new sign in box on my site! I must say your service is much more user friendly than aweber (and a lot more fun!). I'm looking forward to using it more for my business and my clients! Shine On!
Melissa H Dery
The Golden Rule Virtual Assistant
I know that I was skeptical that MyNewsletterBuilder was any better than the other 2 Email Marketing Services I have used....I have sent 2 Newsletters. It used to be so labor intensive that I was lucky to get a Newsletter out every month. It is quick and easy in comparison to the others I've used, so I am now sending them weekly. I am glad that I gave them a chance....also, support has been excellent. I have used their online chat when I had a question and they have been extremely helpful. Thanks for organizing this. Now that I have this up and running, I am going to turn my attention to the mobile marketing piece in the coming weeks. Thanks!
Doreen Sisley
A thank you for creating the new way to design a banner. The other way was very time consuming with having to photoshop an image and guess how it fit into your template. GOOD JOB! I am interested in more advanced information as well. I have bee sending out my newsletter for almost a year. I had to stop when I lost my tech. I see now I can resume on my own easily.
Kat Cunningham, Owner
KatStyle Designs
Just wanted to pass along a compliment. I tried several different email marketing sites, and I found yours to be the best for what I was searching for. Although I do not know HTML, I am fairly computer savvy, and I wanted a site that I could customize a template. I could not find that in most of the other sites. Thanks!
Tina Tuszynski, Fitness Trainer
FitLife Training & Wellness
Thank you for your lightnin’-flash response. I’m always delighted by the great customer service I get from you and your colleagues at MyNewsletterBuilder.com.
Janis Allen, Founder
Performance Leadership Consulting
I have been using JukeboxAlive & MyNewsletterBuilder for the past month to promote both of our Web sites. The software is easy to use and has helped me create a sleek well designed newsletter. I constantly get compliments about the look and feel of our weekly newsletter. The ability to track who has viewed our newsletter gives me confidence in my ability as a marketer that my product is being seen. Visibility is extremely important to me and my business. The products and services provided by JukeboxAlive have given my Web sites the upper hand. I will gladly recommend your services to all of my clients & associates. Keep up the good work!
Richard D. Brendel, Promoter
Charleston Crystal Ball
By the way, I love the product – it’s by far the easiest system I’ve used! I’ve tried a few others but they were way too confusing (Vertical Response and Chimp Mail).
Doug Groff, Promoter
Rock and a Hard Place Radio
I am a current subscriber to your e-mail service. I tried several, and yours is fantastic! — By far, the easiest to use and to manage. I love it!
Vally Mulford, Agent
Farm Bureau Insurance
Thank you for taking the time to follow up. I appreciate it very much! There are not a lot of companies left that offer good customer service, but you have shown me there are still companies that care about their own customers!
Kimberly McCormick
Bloomington, IL
I’m very excited about the potential that the program offers me and the positive impact that this tool will have on my business. Thank you for being so helpful and considerate regarding my concerns and questions. I am more than pleased with the quality of the newsletter and the professionalism that you and your staff have demonstrated. I will, without hesitation, encourage others to use your services. Thank you for providing wonderful value and service.
Phyllis Nasiopulos, Independent Consultant
Arbonne International
I would like to congratulate your company on your customer service. It is outstanding! I went twice in the chat room to get technical support and it was given to me immediately, competently and easy to understand.
Andrea Kuffner
Black Forest Restaurant
Thanks for your help in setting up and sending my first newsletter. I’m am not sure what you consider a success, but as of this morning, 2022 recipients of the 8252 I sent to (25%) have opened the e-mail. No bounce backs so far and only 1% have unsubscribed. 7% of the recipients have clicked through to the slide show and my personal web site. I have added people to my network as well. Several people asked me about the source of the newsletter and I have sent them your contact information. It was a great way for me to get my message out to a specific group of my peers nationwide. I’m already planning on making this a permanent part of my marketing.
Russ May, Broker, CRS, GRI, ABR
Coldwell Banker Sea Coast Realty
I have to say that, hands down, the support at MyNewsletterBuilder far exceeds that of Constant Contact. Pass this on…and keep it up! I’m just overjoyed that I get such quick and helpful support.
Christiane Schull
Pacific Palisades, CA
We recently used one of your stock templates as the first edition of our newsletter …sent to our established client base of 335 people. The report feature is just too cool…and very addictive. We are so pleased!
A. Carlino
Yoga Matters, LLC
We spent $14 to send out the initial 300 newsletters… $14 ended up turning into $850 in sales. And that's just one customer. I’m sure as we continue to send out communication, we will continue to grow our email marketing business.
Dee Dee and DeWayne Gibson
St. Johns Pure Air Specialists Inc.
I would like to take this time to thank your company…for all their hard work in making our newsletter a great success! We started this program in hopes of reaching out to our clients on a monthly basis to share news and trends in our business, as well as providing our clients with tips, advice, personal greetings from our team and even a sweet recipe treat for them to look forward to every month. The success and feedback of the newsletter has far exceeded our expectations. The service that we have been provided on a monthly basis is very personable, convenient and most of all time-efficient. To have a product that we can spend very little time and worry on and yet, month after month, it is sent out with great praise from our clients, that is a must for any company. We have been able to push our brand through this newsletter. When our clients get our letter, they are reminded of our mission, website, listings & contact information. This new wave of using technology in the workplace to reach out to your clients with ease is great – everyone should be doing it. I would strongly suggest to anyone in any line of business to consider using My Newsletter Builder, you won’t be disappointed! The little cost that you pay for this wonderful service is so worth the positive feedback that you will get in the end. Thank you My Newsletter Builder for helping us to deliver such a great and useful tool to our clients every month!
Heather C., Real Estate Manager
The Laura B Team
I’m blown away by the functionality of your website – it’s awesome. You guys must have some incredible web developers because your site has better functionality and features than most heavy hitters out there. Also, my account rep was extremely helpful. You guys deserve a huge pat on the back. It’s so nice to feel like you really are getting what you paid for.
Laura Kohn, LMHC, CHt
Fort Lauderdale, FL
The great news is, by using MyNewsletterBuilder, we were able to raise an unsurpassed amount of funds to provide an urgent $2,500 surgery for a dog whose leg was smashed by an abuser. I have NEVER seen such a response to a fundraising response and I can only think that it must be the newsletter!
Melissa Sanders, Fundraiser
South Carolina Pit Bull Rescue
Thanks for being so patient with us and for being so responsive. You made this very easy – and fun! It’s been a pleasure working with you and we will definitely keep you in mind should we need anything else.
Amy Isbell, Vice President
Universal Music Group
You have the most helpful customer support staff I have ever worked with! Not only did they answer all my questions, they took extra time to make sure my newsletter was exactly what I wanted. When I sent out my newsletter, the response was almost immediate and amazing! I had over 40 orders within the first day, and the orders just keep coming in. Several customers emailed to say how beautiful my newsletter is and how much they enjoyed being able to listen to one of the tracks from my new release while reading my articles. I am extremely grateful to your company.
Marina Raye
“The Feminine Voice of the Native Flute”
I thought I would let you know how happy we are with www.mynewsletterbuilder.com. I would like to thank you and everyone at JBA for all of your helping getting us started with My Newsletter! You delivered on all of your promises, and produced a high-quality newsletter template that we are proud to send to our thousands of recipients. Feedback has been very positive! Regarding service, Jeff, Kim, and everyone I spoke to was professional, knowledgeable, and responsive to all of our needs, all the time!
Art Petrosian
Mentor College
I just wanted to let you know that I couldn’t be more pleased with my new newsletter. I have opted to build my own which is a learning process and I still have a long way to go but your company’s help and support has been great. I have been sending out a newsletter for over a year but now my subscribers are growing and actually interacting with my newsletter. I only wish that I had taken the time to begin using MyNewsletterBuilder a year ago when I first heard of you.
Jim Allen, Publisher
Arizona Boating & Watersports News
I’m just starting to develop my systematic follow-up process, and MyNewsletterBuilder is a great resource. I did “test drive” a couple of your competitors’ products, and I also reviewed info on several others. So far, I’m very pleased with your product and also with the rapid response of your tech team.
Susan Krancer, REALTOR ®
Liz Moore & Associates