Recorded and Edited Webinars

Getting Started with MNB

  • 30 min.

Covers navigating the website, creating a newsletter with Genie, adding subscribers, sending a newsletter, and checking your reports.


How to Avoid Spam Filters

  • 8 min.

Make sure your emails reach your recipients' inboxes. This humorous video will show you how to design emails that will bypass any spam filter.


Social Media Integration

  • 11 min.

Learn how to use the social media tools in your account to share your newsletters and promote your business across all your social media networks.


Creating Mobile Friendly Newsletters

  • 15 min.

Learn how to design an email newsletter for tablets and smartphone users. This webinar covers: how to identify your mobile audience, ideal dimensions and layouts, subject lines, critical element placement, design elements like fonts size and image placement, link placement, and overall length.


Making Reports Work for You

  • 15 min.

How to interpret your email campaign reports, analyze trends, and improve your future newsletter campaigns.


Managing Your Contact Lists

  • 10 min.

Covers uploading contacts, acquiring new contacts through a sign-up box, and how to attract new subscribers.


Building Gorgeous Email Newsletters

  • 29 min.

Learn how to select the right layout and theme, edit a theme, tweak images, match colors, and enhance other aesthetic details.


Designing Newsletters: Editing Images

  • 15 min.

Learn how to use the free image editing tools included with MNB's newsletter editor to easily design professional and compelling email campaigns including Pixlr, PicMonkey, and Banner Maker.


MNB for Shaklee Representatives

  • 17 min.

Covers how to customize your ready-made Shaklee newsletters and templates, tools to build your subscriber base, and setting up an automated series of newsletters.


MNB for Anytime Fitness Representatives

  • 16 min.

Learn how to customize the ready-made newsletters, templates, and content included in your account and how to build your brand using MNB's tools.



Do I need a GoToWebinar account to attend a webinar?

No, you do not need a GoToWebinar account to attend a GoToWebinar session. You attend as a guest of the webinar organizer, and there is no obligation to buy or sign up for a free trial.

What are the system requirements for attending a webinar on a PC?

Participants wishing to connect to audio using VoIP will need a fast Internet connection, a microphone and speakers. (A USB headset is recommended.)

What are the system requirements for attending a webinar on a Mac®

Participants wishing to connect to audio using VoIP will need a fast Internet connection, a microphone and speakers (A USB headset is recommended).

Can I view presentations in full-screen format?

Yes. On the top of the Attendee Control Panel, click the View Menu button and select the Full Screen option. Or, on the Attendee Grab Tab on the side of the Control Panel you can click the View button to toggle between Full Screen and Window viewing.

Is the GoToWebinar software connection secure?

Yes, your online webinar session is completely private and secure. featuring an end-to-end Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and 128-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption. No unencrypted information is ever stored on our system.

How does GoToWebinar work with firewalls?

GoToWebinar uses HTTP outbound connections to transparently enable screen-sharing sessions even with corporate firewalls in place. In most cases, organizers and attendees can connect to Citrix Online's servers without re-configuring firewall settings.