July 2004

The OrionWisdom Newsletter

Greetings from Elisabeth

Welcome once again to Expansion.April brought a special change to my life.My partner Dennis and I got married in a very simple private ceremony.In May we had a wonderful housewarming and marriage celebration.It was a most interesting gathering of many aspects of our lives.Many old friends and Orion friends came down from the DC area, which created its very own reunion. As we sat quietly late at the end of the evening, after cleaning up and our houseguests had gone to bed, I said to Dennis that I felt 'our marriage was most celebrated and our house well warmed.'A perfect summing up of a wonderful time.

This is a full issue with Orion, interesting queries � including two questions from an Empath perspective [for more details on what that is, see Questions for Orion] and a full plate of Quotes, Books and Links, including profiles on my favorite astrologers.

The Orion work has always been oriented towards self-awareness with the underlying root towards expanding individual awareness contributing to the whole � to the Collective that we truly are.I embrace the principle of the 100th Monkey tale � where when the 100th monkey learned the new thing - a critical mass of awareness, energy, what have you � was reached and in that moment monkeys everywhere, 'round the world 'recognized' the new task and began doing it.

If this tale is true or if this description is fully accurate is not the point, rather the ideathat we are somehow always impacting each other by living our own lives feels most true to me and is an aspect of the perspective Orion shares.Many traditions and religions hold the principle that our lives contribute to the whole, to the All, in ways we cannot fathom.And each of us has surely seen this in some way in our personal lives, both positively and at times, negatively.We look to the truth in ourselves not just to be happy and at ease, but in fact, to be able to recognize ease within whatever is truly present.

In this issue Orion speaks on Friendship and Change and what can come up in even our closest friendships, as we grow and change, and how at times we have not yet realized we are changing.At the time this session occurred, several other sessions also included facets of this same dilemma.I have often noted this synchronicity of core topics showing up in a flow of sessions.I see this as another aspect of the Collective.Perhaps we discover and resonate with a field of emotion, thought, energy that brings us all into alignment at a similar time, even though we do not know each other in any other way.Again, I do not really know the mechanisms of such connections and doubt the 'cause and effect' I can see, is the whole understanding, but I do clearly know that such expressions of connection can be seen again and again.

You will find two new archive articles on the OrionWisdom website � a piece on Time and Cycles and Orion on Working With the Immune System � this piece was compiled as part of a presentation at The Monroe Institute, when I was a contributor to the development of their, then called, Positive Immunity tape series.www.orionwisdom.us

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And in closing � the US Post Office now has a new system where specialty stamps can earn money for worthy causes.There is a new stamp that will benefit breast cancer research and it is a beautiful stamp design as well.The cost is 45 cents per stamp, $9.00 for a sheet of 20.An easy, attractive way to contribute and send the message on each letter. To date the stamp has raised $38 million!� You can see it at www.usps.com

Orion on Change and Friendship

Speaker:I have been really struggling with the relationship between me and my 'best friend' who I have known since childhood. I want to connect with her, but buttons get pushed and we push off of each other. And this has happened the last few times we have seen each other. But this relationship is very valuable to me and I want to understand what is happening with us.

In the last couple years, as you have each come to a certain kind of differentiation within yourselves, you have not felt as readily simpatico.You can get to the feeling by focusing on all that you have shared.But energetically what arises first is the recognition that you are now different.Difference then becomes identified or labeled as difficult and challenging, not just 'other' or not as before.have shared.

What is really occurring is that you are both in an unrecognized changing place.We see, for instance, that you have become more accustomed to working with alignment; with waiting for what arises to lead your action. You are more consistently living with alignment first, mind as second. And we see this very attitude as the place of what we call the spiritually mature person.We see the 'mind' most useful as the manager, not as the initiator or determiner.We see mind as the follower; the cohort that interacts with the alignment we are expressions of.� And this spiritual maturity is a place of awareness that may occur at any age.

You both have individual evolving change and naturally, the outer form of how you relate is becoming different as well.Yet, neither of you has stopped enough, paused enough to say 'It is different.We are different.'And further, some of these changes are not yet seen or recognized within yourselves. This is akin to what occurs when a young person grows.They don't really know they are growing physically until the shoes are too small or the sweater doesn't quite fit.And they'll keep putting on their clothes, until one day, they say 'Oh goodness, I really can't wear this anymore.'There is the in-between place where they put it on, take it off and don't�yet notice the changes.

Here you keep putting on your same 'oldest-best-friend' clothes and are�not truly seeing�how your way of relating is changing. You are both different in ways you do not fully know.So your patterns of relating do not 'add up' as they used to and you have interpreted the feeling as being uncomfortable and awkward; disconnected, drained and exhausted.The question to ask now is 'How does this moment's me be with this moment's her. Can we meet afresh and anew?'

The familiar pattern always speaks first and it takes us some time to realize the usual response is not coming in.Again, we can grow and change and not recognize it. And naturally, especially with old friend or familial situations, we want to go back to the familiar. Our shared history can, of course, enhance our connections.But often we relate not from the present as well, but from the past only - what we have done, how we were.This serves in some ways and is a hindrance in others.

The real issue at play is that we do not have a strong model for understanding that we do change and that we are changing.Thus, all evolving change is experienced unconsciously as something to be concerned about, as danger, as undoing that which was.We see this as a break in or damage to our relationship.Can we see change as another growth cycle, another period of spiritual latency in a continuing maturing?By understanding the principle of a process of growth, we can allow the differences.Again, when we are deep within evolving we do not yet clearly see or recognize how we have grown.

As you grow from within the frame of spiritual maturity, you discover that some key relationships feel at sea � a choppy sea at that.But that is actually what it is � only a choppy sea.The depth of the ocean is ever present.And this depth is what both of you respond to each time you say 'Yes, let's get together.Yes, come on over."This is your acknowledgement that there is always the ocean even though there are choppy seas.By seeing that you are both tender, and new and you don't yet know yourself, you can allow your awkwardness to be just that and nothing more.We see a metaphor in physical change.If we cut our nails back and we're not used to dealing with our fingers when some of the tissue shows through, we are sensitive and awkward, but we do not fear that our hands have changed irrevocably.

Change of all kind requires our attention.It is very challenging for people to consciously pay attention to themselves. As we age, for instance, we have to acknowledge the real limitations of our body, our energy and how we manage.For most of our lives we sort of go along and if the body is supporting us we are happy with that.But as the body ages or sustains illness or injury, it requires focus and a very consistent alignment.Most people do not live with consistent alignment. They have peaks and valleys.They soar and crash.But as we age or come through illness or injury we lose stamina more easily.Maintaining endurance becomes much more our focus.And we can enhance our endurance by consistently examining our alignments.You need to eat this and that then.You need to rest after this � whatever it is.And the people who push through it or ignore it, find eventually that they cannot do it.And it is simply because the body now requires another focus.

There is a corollary to this need for consistent attention for people who are doing what we call awareness work - trying to look at themselves and recognize their alignments.Thus, the spiritually mature person feels much more off-balance and more easily depleted, when one doesn't listen and follow one's own alignment.Reverting to old emotional, psychological patterns is more upsetting, difficult, and costly.The older patterns no longerwork and the more consistently you come into alignment, the more you 'stub your toe' when you do not pay attention.You recognize, 'Now I'm really out of alignment!'The mature spiritually aware person requires in their energetic maturity, more consistent attention - consistent attention to which alignments are present now.

Be aware that you can only comprehend the principle that there is alignment and you can then notice where alignments are present now or called for now.You cannot learn the 'rules' as in, 'When I talk to him, I will always act like this.'When I deal with her, it will always be like that.'None of that works because we are dealing with the vitality of life, which mostly asks of us to listen deeply.And further, to listen from within what we call awareness, not with personality mind; the psycho/emotional/social construct that we call ourselves.

This principle of alignment and listening also asks that we understand that we are indeed a psycho/emotional/social construct.Essence operates in this dance of life through these lovely personalities.But the 'personalities' are not static, inherent energies.They grow and evolve and the more we allow integration - embracing what is called 'True Nature' with how the 'construct' operates - the more we find ourselves required to let, in fact, True Nature be the leader in our lives.This is living in alignment.

And in our movement to discovering, recognizing and allowing alignment, we may find we can't do or like what we did before.��In each moment we have to see what is really here, this time, just now.No matter how pleasurable it was before or no matter as challenging as it was before, we have to see what is here now. Changes occur and new alignments evolve.At the same time, the lovely pleasure of something we've done all our lives feels hollow. We need to allow the recognition of change and any sadness that may also arise. Because when we try to do what we did, if it is not aligned, it will be problematic.And in acknowledging the change, you often find the sadness or the desire totally floats away.Or you might find there is a new or other way that you merges with and replaces your old familiar pattern with an essence of the original pattern, but matches today's alignment.When we comprehend these concepts of growth and alignment, we can relax into where we find ourselves.

One of the challenges of living with alignment and allowing action to follow alignment, is this is often contrary to the conventional patterns.We findthe outside world does immediately support our growth.The outside world asks us to believe, 'You are doing life.You have a solid core.Your mind is making all happen. You can control your world.'Culture pretends these constructs are actual and definite.And what the mature spiritual person begins to discover more and more as we look towards the truth, is how so much of life is constructed.It is not permanent � as so many the teachings remind us.

Yet our dance in life is to interact in the world, this whole social construct, as it is � allowing awareness that life is not quite as described and being conscious of how you choose to operate within this that others perceive of as definite and solid.

We can understand this dance more clearly when we think ofhands-on energy work.When you have your hands over someone or you are holding them in your mind � it easily looks to the outer world that nothing is there.'What could they be seeing?What could they be feeling?There is nothing there.'And yet, there is palpably something there. There is a vast web of There.And anyone who has ever extended a hand know this.Anyone who has ever 'felt into' another � intuitively, emotionally, in any way - knows this incredible world upon world of There.It is not seen or felt by the conventional picture.And once you feel it, you know it's true.It is just there.And one can even study modalities to attune your perception of that which 'is not there'.

Find your own direct experience model of knowing things are not all they at first seem.Remember to wear 'yourself' more lightly.And remember that society and the way things are is also a construct.Remember this so you can remember to say, 'Let me pause and feel into the field of the moment and discover what is aligned for me just now.'� Sometimes when we are swimming in the sea of change, we can't see the whole lay of it.But with a further perspective, it is as if you are now standing on the cliff and you can look out and see all how the bay fits together.

Speaker: This brings up a very poignant feeling for me. I feel seeing how else things can be understood is exciting on one level and on another level, I feel so alone and separate from others.

A teacher described his enlightenment state as being an 'orphan' and we see this as a metaphor for a stage of recognition that has to be experienced and borne.�� A sense of aloneness arises when you question convention and have experiences which others do not share.�This tender orphan state is beautiful in it's own way, because you are connected to the world, but conventional connections are no longer unquestionably solid to you. Actual orphans know they came from parents; that the original connection was there, but their family was taken from them. And in the spiritual work, as you inquire into life, the experience is often as if the life you knew was taken from you.

Each of us has a moment when we truly 'see' and we know then we can never give up this seeing. We can never deny it.You can never say, 'Well, none of that is really true.'In fact, you find it is true more and more in many other ways.This has impacted everything.And as we expand our perceptions it is exciting, but will have it's concurrent difficulties.We feel you canlook toward the bigger construct � the conventional, social, cultural construct and consider that it is indeed a construct that we operate within. And as you begin to see it, as that awareness grows, it will shift and change and reveal itself and in that, will be exhilaration and at the same time, again, much has to be laid down � ideals, patterns, 'old times sake'.

We will have to relate to this world anew and differently.When we try to operate from the automatic, learned pattern � even if it is to match our oldest best friend - it will be challenging.We must also embrace that we only understand what we can comprehend or consider about our capacities.We are reminded to wear our understandings, our captured conceptualizations, lightly and open to still another question. Simply be at ease stating, 'There is still that which I do not yet see.'

This is the course of living.We do not get 'done'.We do not see all.� Life is always here to continue to be expanded.A very exciting life, really.And yet, a sort of calm life, again akin to the ocean.We are led in the dance of response with calmness available in alignment.Even when people are in great shock, they often share that a calm element arises � the abiding calmness that come through us in the midst of the great storms.And every person has experience of this one way or another.In subtle ways or dramatic ways.Through delight, through birth, through death, through excitement, through loss -of many things.We are not yet taught to really recognize, appreciate and operate from this flow that we are.And perhaps such awareness is growing.

Speaker:It would be so wonderful if we could always operate from that place, wouldn't it?

Yes, but this will require great change and there will be times we feel conflict with the expected convention.Such conflict is also a stage of development. Real alignment is not in opposition to the convention. Opposition may happen, but genuine alignment flows with that very opposition.There is an image that the whole world would fall down if people didn't do what they were supposed to do.In our view, in acting from true alignment, people would very much do what they were supposed to do because they would recognize the needful alignment of their tasks, their jobs, etc.But as we learn this way of relating, there will be periods where following alignment feels in conflict.It will come up�as 'It is not aligned for me to go to this meeting.It is not aligned for me to do this or that' and we see people become frightened that they will be not able to operate within society.As one floats with the fear and conflict or even feels beset by it, you will evolve ways to operate that are not those of conflict and pushing off.

Choice arises and�lead us.Alignment is not mental. You are not going to 'decide'.Alignment is akin to listening.Pause and ask: ''What am I doing?I don't know what I am doing, so let me listen.'� A most useful axiom is Allow and Permit � which becomes the mantra that supports us. 'I am going to allow and permit seeing, hearing, moving, comprehending.' Allow receptivity in the fullest.All the actions will come afterwards � initiation, determination, deciding, differentiation.All of that will flow from the willingness to allow and permit and consider what has come present � be it a thought, a choice, a consideration, a discernment.All we have to 'do' is allow.And when we don't, we are going to feel 'out of joint' and we'll surely get another opportunity to choose allowing and permitting and alignment again.And so it goes.

Questions for Orion

This�issue two of our questions address situations from an Empath's perspective.Our third question touches on aging and seeing death from a different perspective.

Many years ago Orion began using the term 'empath' to describe individuals with a strong sensitive, receptivity that is beyond intuitive and empathy.They described this capacity as a kind of 'spiritual genetics', akin to 'spiritual DNA' � an energetic capacity that is almost 'physical' in it's embeddedness within the personality. Considering that you may truly see through this capacity offers ways to more fully understand what draws you and motivate your responses, actions and choices.You can read more at the www.orionwisdom.us in the archive section � Orion on� You can also email requesting other Empath articles.These questions were edited from personal sessions and emails. We invite you to email with your own questions.

QUERY:���� Often I just find myself�ping-ponging between people and it seems they often have a very different idea from me of what is going on or what I am doing with them.�

One of the situations we see arise for empaths is the role of the Pawn.This is because empaths have less defined boundaries between people.In the conventional way, people think you have no boundaries or that you could be taken advantage of or that you can be manipulated.What they don't understand is that you are fully in-sync with allowing people to be the way they are.

In the old adage 'You cannot recognize what you don't really know', the empath has to learn, often awkwardly, how other people don't have that same openness, and will make their own definitions of your actions.� Empaths often become the pawn between people as their openness is used by another to hurt the third party.And it is often a struggle for the empath to finally see people, not through the empath's eyes, but exactly from the other�person's perspective.This is where the maturing of the empath asks them to learn to say, 'Is what I see also happening for the other?'Again, this is why it is helpful for empaths to have someconcept of the empathic nature to see that others simply do not see and perceive as they do.

Again it is useful for the empath is to ask, 'Let me see this not only through empath eyes.'� All you need to do is add this question to whatever your are querying about and the further awareness will'click'.An empath always has difficulty with differentiation, because they have a different sensing capacity and it's harder for them to discern what they see and the other does not.

It's as if you see color in a color-blind world and you just keep forgetting the other's don't.The clue to question arises when people don't seem to understand where you are coming from.You can then say, 'Ah, what does this look like not as an empath?How else can I see that?'You need to put on a different lens to truly understand what you are operating in.

Empaths often operate on what they sense with someone.The catch is that the other person does not sense it.So you are giving them something they do not recognize. They say, 'I don't feel that way.I don't know why you said that.'You feel what you see is totally transparent and don't understand their defensiveness. Again, pause and say to yourself, 'How else can I see this?'And what you might find when you actually step back from your own empath nature is a way to truly communicate, not just tell, what you are sensing.If you see as others see, you may be able to say, 'Yes, I see what you mean.It's this and that�' and they will say, 'Yes, yes.' And then � because 'yes' opens the door � you can then say, 'I agree with you but I sense this other dynamic under there.'In pausing to see fully and then acknowledging what the other sees, you can then add what else you see.

Embrace the responsibility of consciously realizing the distinction between the empath's view and the non-empaths view.This supports your capacity to share with another.Otherwise, they simply won't hear you and may find what you say or even you yourself, as uncomfortable or even scary.People often feel probed instead of sensed because they cannot see it themselves. Your comments may feel invasive. Sometimes people do recognize what you share, but other times they just close down and go away, saying, 'That was really weird.I don't know what went on there.'And no longer question the situation or themselves. Embrace as well the responsibility to acknowledge that what you sense my be not the whole truth or unclear or even inaccurate.By knowing yourself more clearly, you may be able to help another come to know their own self better.

QUERY: ���I met this woman and just felt her and wanted to help her release the anger, yet I didn't feel there was anything I could do in-person then.I have thought of doing distance-healing, but I don't seem to. I have been feeling isn't really productive and questioning whether it is just my ego doing it and doubting the work.

The missed question here is 'Is it useful to do this work when the movement to do so hasn't actually arisen?', rather than your doubt of the validity of the work. The question is should one do such work just because one can.Many people offer distant work to others on a regular basis, and for them, this is a natural alignment. So a further question for you is, 'Is this way aligned to me and in this moment?.' It seems you are in conflict not about the work itself, but your model of the work. You find a genuine pleasure in doing work with people directly.This need not be judged as egoic. There is pleasure because there is actually a direct exchange.Long-distance work is not exchange in a direct way.Yet, it is actually an exchange. And you may see once you put aside the 'rules' of doing it, that when you tune in to that person, you will find exchange.There may not bring external confirmation, but as you allow the relationship we feel you will experience confirmation.

Put aside the structures you have learned and give yourself permission to respond when and how the alignment arises. Again, the more we work in the way of alignment, the truth of the situations in life become more and more apparent to us.If we don't really get a 'yes', then we don't do it just because the mind knows a pattern that says to do it.We wait.We wait, really, for alignment.And then when we move on that, the aliveness will be totally palpable and present.

So in this way, when you offer healing work that naturally arises, that may not be known by others and may not be reflected back concretely, you may find the experience as real and solid and true as solid wood.And it will be so.

QUERY:My father died awhile ago and my mother is approaching 70 and seems reticent about�this birthday, �even though she is healthy and doing many interesting things in her lifeShould I engage her in talking about this and how should I approach it?

We are always involved in change in our life, but when we are younger we often move more unconsciously with the deaths and rebirths in life.As we reach the later years in our span, we come to clearly recognize that along with our growth and the open doors to another part of our lives, the open door to closure is very present as well.So her 70th anniversary coming up is filled growth and yet the door to closure is open.We all know this door is at the end of the tunnel eventually.It could quickly emerge at any time.But when you get to certain markers, that door is there in most definite probability and you can no longer put your awareness on the back burner.Yet, if you are healthy you feel yourself in an interesting limbo because you don't have the same unconscious expectation of how long you may live as a young person might, but you know you are not yet dying.��

Here life asks you to be present in a more concrete way for the future is not way ahead in a shrouded mist.For most people, having the door to death visible is very challenging at first.We may feel�a not-this-not-that limbo state because we now know we will move to the conclusion, but most of our lives are lived with this knowing kept in the far future.

We feel should you share these ideas with your mother and expect�she will quickly recognize it and may find it gives words to her feelings.In the end, all we can choose is to embrace the truth of where we are and allow and permit ourselves to rest there � sometimes easily, sometimes with difficulty, whatever comes present.

Books, Quotes, Links and ...

Desiderata � Words for Life by MaxEhrmann with photographs by MarcTauss.I remember first coming across the wonderful Desiderata in the late 60's.It was actually written in 1927 and today, the poem's simplicity and affirmation of life resonates; offering us a gentle reminderto live our lives with dignity, compassion, and spirit.� Marc Tauss's wonderful photographs add a vivid aliveness to the words.This has been a favorite gift book of mine, appropriate for every stage and season of life or just to send a bit of love.�

Dharma Punx: A Memoir by NoahLevine.Dennis and I were really engaged by this book. It was an intriguing window into a very different spiritual journey.SanFrancisco.com summed it up best: 'The hard-rock punk life meets Buddhist teachings in this world-bridging memoir told with conversational ease by Noah Levine, a local San Francisco author and son of the esteemed Buddhist teacher and author, Steven Levine. Dharma Punx assuages the spiritually lost, restless and hard-rocking sons and daughters of Vietnam Vets and Baby Boomers by reconciling the vital energy of punk rock with the teachings of Eastern thought.'� A favorite bit is a meeting of Noah's tattoos and the Dali Lama.� Check it out!

Enlightenment � It's the Damnedest Thing and Spiritually Incorrect Enlightenment by JedMcKenna. I found these two books your basic 'kickers'.Dennis is on his second read.The first book came into me as very compelling and really spoke to me and moved me.I have read, heard, known many of the principles he talks about, but somehow, his sharing let me receive some of these principles in a way that had not resonated before.I think it's his sort of no-nonsense, no-big-deal, down-to-earth way of relating to 'enlightenment', himself, you and us that really appealed to me and supported my 'letting in' the message. Now others found him arrogant and flip, so be warned.Probably, you'll connect or not.Spiritually Incorrect Enlightenmentis his follow-up book and although I found it interesting and well worth it, it did not engage me with the intensity of the first one.There is a bit of mystery about him and some comments on the web say he may or may not exist just as he describes, but even if it's all allegorical, it's a good, resonating tale. Thanks to Sharon for letting us know about these books. www.wisefoolspress.com

And just in....�� Shattered Love�A Memoir by RichardChamberlainThis issue of Expansion was complete when I picked up this book, but it was so engaging and well spoken, I had to share it with you.This, too, is a spiritual memoir.RichardChamberlainyes �Dr. Kildare, The Thornbirds, etc - shares his life and spiritual journey with great candidness. He shares his spiritual perspective in a most personal, conversational and wonderfully articulated way.It is especially interesting to be invited into the undoing of the ego of a famous person in the most egoic world of Hollywood.He takes the title from the idea that the 'Big Bang' was the shattering of God's love into form and we are all aspects of that shattered love.��

Masked and Anonymous � Bob Dylan, DVDThis is a strange and wonderful film, with enough asides, comments, messages and side-long-glances to definitely include it as a speaking to the spiritual experience.Believe me, if your perspective is on the 'spiritual' side, you'll enjoy bit after bit.It's also great as a film, with an incredible cast, many cameos, great shots and set-ups and good music.But, again, it is a strange, arty film, so if you like your movies straightforward, this may not appeal.Dylan himself is the next version of his enigmatic self but he seems very comfortable in his skin here.Maybe the exposure of the spiritual supports his ease.Of course, there are websites exploring every nuance and metaphor, but just enjoy and start with your own metaphoric associations.��

And as we ponder changes and friendship, this quote arrived:

'In every relationship, the heart of Spirit fills my heart with loving grace. I count my friendships as valued jewels. The hearts of my friends are my diamonds, emeralds, rubies, sapphires, and pearls. The unique gems of their personalities are their own divine spark.I cherish each for its beauty and richness.'
���� Julie
Cameron from the Heron Dance weekly email

'I am in between stories.The old one is gone and the new one is just beginning to take shape�A clear story about who we are makes it hard to wait and let our actions arise from the deep and open emptiness of experiencing who we are right now, makes it difficult to allow actions to rise that may be inconsistent with how our story says we should move.'���������
���� Oriah
MountainDreamer from The Call���more at�www.oriahmountaindreamer.com����������

'Suffering is part of how it is on earth� "It is an inherent part of the fabric of existence. And if we are lucky, it will break our hearts open.'
���� Roger Housden, from his introduction to Risking Everything � 110 Poems of Love and Revelation

'At long last I can just be. As long as I keep open and aware of what is, right now in the present, I can be a human among by fellow humans, with no reason to close my heart to love.Well into my sixties, I have finally made friends with life.'
����� RichardChamberlain from his autobiography, Shattered Love

One of my favorite websites, Great Path Publishing atwww.greatpath.com offers fabulous e-cards [many of you have received them from me!], cards, posters and journals of mystical art.They also have a wonder weekly newsletter with a poem or pithy quote.They don't actually solicit newsletter subscriptions on their website. To subscribe, email them at info@greatpath.comor at their site email from the contact link.

and finally, a bumper sticker from Delores

��� Support your local universe

Astrological Friends

Your inner sense is attuned to much more than you know� ��
to the moon, the sun, the earth � to everything.

������� Orion


With the advent of my recent wedding, my astrologer friends gave me a bit of insight and guidance about qualities associated with certain dates we were considering, so all that conversation made me decided to share the wealth of these people with you.�

I see astrology as still another tool for expanding your awareness of yourself, particularly in seeing more clearly the patterns that we appear to come into life with. Akin to how I have been working with the Enneagram, we can use our astrology as still another way to learn more of the fixed elements operating within this personality.� These days I am�not as interested in being more of or a better 'me', but in really understanding what pushes and pulls me, so I can step back, pause and see what comes up when 'me' does not have the keys to the car.

All of these astrologers work at distance as well as in-person and will provide you with a copy of your chart, a written report and a cassette tape of your reading.Naturally, each person brings their own distinct flavor and texture to sharing the core elements of your chart.If you email them, it will be helpful if you enterOrionwisdom newsletter in the subject line of your first email.

WendyAshley has specialized in the area of mythic astrology.This is a focus that finds certain world myths are linked with and congruent to certain astrological aspects.The idea is that these mythos are operating within what moves you in the world and that by understanding and exploring the 'myth' present in your chart, you can understand even more clearly and deeply what attracts, repels and motivates you.Some of the correlations that showed up in my chart were quite extraordinary, including many 'Orion" aspects.When Wendy first did my chart, she did not know of my work with Orion, yet allusions to it were all within her interpretation.She is one of 12 contributors to the recently published Under One Sky, by RafaelNasser.�� Each astrologer was asked by him to 'blind read' the chart of the same woman, i.e.�without�meeting her or knowing anything at all about her. Each astrologer comes from�a different viewpoint, so readers can get a feel for�their method.� MichaelLutin, NY City's consummate �astrologer for "Vanity Fair�" reviews it saying 'This book shows... that despite our differences we are all traveling the same road to enlightenment along different paths.'You can reach�Wendy at skymyth@maine.rr.com.Under One Sky can be found at www.sevenpawspress.com.

LynnKoiner has been my personal astrologer, along with my sister Jaqui, for almost 20 years.She has also worked with Orion individually and in classes and workshops for that length of time.She is a stalwart of the WashingtonDC area astrological community and has been involved in various astrological organizations.Years ago, she discovered a deep connection with Eastern Europe and has brought her own vitality-filled, sharing of astrology to the area, returning year after year. She has a regular astrology column and e-newsletter and writes many articles, always sharing from the personal, insight awareness perspective.She too can be a good guide for using your astrology to support your awareness of 'who you are not', as you delve more deeply into what influences who and how you are.Reach Lynn at Koiner@starpower.net.Lynn has articles posted at www.astralis.it/farticles and www.astralis.it/news, an Italian English-language website.She spoke before the group in 2003.

JacquiMenkes is my sister and has been involved with astrology since she was a young teenager.In later years, she has been exploring Vedic [Indian] astrology as well and just recently has begun formal studies for a BA in Astrology through KeplerCollege in Seattle.�� Jacqui brings as well a strong background and personal exploration of personal growth, awareness work and insight processing.She is a good guide for individuals who want to use their astrology awareness to better support creating 'distance' from the pull of the personality.You can learn more and reach her through her website www.jacquimenkes.com.

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