The OrionWisdom Newsletter November 2004

Greetings from Elisabeth

I am writing this on November 3rd.October 30th found us in the Washington, DC area for a one-day Intensive with Orion.Synchronicity gave us the date � the only opening available at the Takoma Park Chapel, where the gathering was to be held.Only well after all was in motion, did we realize we would be in DC right before the election.As it turned the DC area was abuzz with people holding meditations, rituals, vigils etc.So we found ourselves part of a larger gathering of those holding an intent for what felt like needful change.Naturally, the election question came up during the workshop.Orion reminded us again of the need to be with the 'what is' in life and of our capacity to do so.They began the day sharing their articulation on the nature of reality � the Unity and the Paradox within it. Orion speaks to this consistently in all their work and I felt that particularly now, we can use this reminder and thus, I have chosen this as the theme for this edition of Expansion

I take support from the idea that we are part of an evolution of consciousness.Twice now people in our country have expressed an almost equal place of what I call, moving forward and staying as is.Yes, the 'as is' have held sway, but the narrowness of that choice gives me the taste of hope.Perhaps we need a clearer speaker for interconnection and change.Perhaps a stronger vision can emerge, an articulation that will speak to the hearts of all of us, to the place where we are connected.And in that, perhaps the 'minds' so comfortable with that which is already known, can open to the next place of possibility. We also can remember that we can continue to put our efforts into galvanizing our representatives, our lobbyists, our groups to work towards the ideals we hold. Let's not linger in our own feelings of disconnection. Let our voices speak loudly that there was no mandate, just a few percentage points of majority.

In any event, we find ourselves where we are.If we cannot have impact directly, the door is still open for us to live our own lives as an expression of interconnection, with caring, thoughtfulness and all the other qualities that arise naturally from seeing life from a Unity perspective.In our frustration, let us lead by demonstration, by walking our talk, by living in the integrity we look forward to one day being expressed in the larger scenes of culture.In the end, that option and choice isavailable to us and in the very least, we and those in our own life, will benefit from it.

And for inspiration, scroll down to Books, Quotes & Links etc for some evocative reading, good films and this month, featured artists at Art As Exploration.

By the way, I sent e-flyers on the Intensive primarily to the DC area.� I was reminded by one participant to include everyone�on our newsletter list for future events,�since travel is possible. Ravile lives in
New Mexico but was�able to attend because her husband changed a�business trip to DC to�include the date for the workshop -�� A great example of logic, ie., targeting the local area, precluding possibility!�

Orion on Remembering Unity & Paradox

Let us see if we can share how we see all of you today.First there is just openness.You are all so permeable.There is just movement.First all the movement comes towards us. Then the movement begins to come between each other.The circle is forming.This is what is so wonderful when we allow ourselves to come to a group, to come present for some kind of spiritual intent.Of course, this connection happens whenwe come together to celebrate, for joy, for a wedding, for a birth � but here we add another element of openness.We have come together because we are willing to explore; we are willing to consider that which we have not yet considered.We are willing to discover that which we have not yet discovered.We are willing to remember that which we have forgotten.And in all of that we are also open, not just to what may come from a sharer such as us, but what will come and arise from ourselves, from within ourselves, from the self that is not a self.

Coming together is such a special, valuable capacity.
Especially in a time when it is forgotten; in a time when divisiveness is at the forefront � it is really essential that in our individual lives, our personal lives, our everyday lives, we remember and we move towards coming together.Those who remember to come together in group are themselves teaching - are holding an energy, are holding a note that perhaps will be felt, will resonate, will be recognized and may have impact - if not in this present, in time it will have effect, as the ripples in the water do.

We find at this time that we have been sharing again and again the root principle we began speaking to twenty-something years ago � Unity.In the very beginning we found this wonderful friend, Elisabeth, who was willing to explore and have no idea what it would be like.Who gathered in her friends who were willing to also have no idea what they were going to do.And that is what we asked of them � 'Are you willing to do this and not know what it will be and not know where it will go?'And they were.And some of you � you would have said 'yes' too, and you are saying yes now.And this is the path of the mystic, the opening to spiritual awareness.Dancing in not knowing.

The root of that moment is the root and we begin today by reminding us all of it.This root is very simple, you all know it and it is in all teachings.And it is � that this � all that is - is one thing.It is all interconnected.It is the Unity.It is the All.And we are, all of us,expressions of that radiant intelligence, consciousness; that which does not have language, that we sense, that we recognize, that we know.That which we know in the depths because we are of it; we are it.And we are each an expression of it. And this chair is an expression of and that table is an expression of and the tree is and on and on.

On one level language itself is a concept; a capturing, a pointing towards that simple statement of Unity.On another level, we use language and conscious mind to keep in the forefront what we sense and comprehend in so many other ways.There is the conscious mind and there is, what can be called, sensing-awareness.We like these mutable words.There is a device in using a mutable word.It cannot be encapsulated definitely, so it leaves an openness for the word to mean one thing and then possibly something else.It is essential to remember that none of this is definite.None of this is the whole truth.None of this actuality is how we sum it up � let us put it this way � it is only how we sum it up, only how we describe it, only how we understand it. We can see this is so. We know in our lives how our understanding changes - as we mature, as we have other experiences, as we learn.

Yet, our brain and culture come together very consistently - in fact more consistently than open wonder - to say, This is.We declare 'That is.I know.This is the way.This is what we believe.This is true.'It is fascinating.History has shown over and over again in so many ways that what was believed once, is not true now.Tomatoes are not poisonous.We do not get sick from 'ill humors'. But what we do?The orientation again and again is to forget that and to say, 'Yes.This is so.That's what happened.That is what she meant.'If there is anything you could take away from this whole day � you could leave now if you take this with you � it is to wear it all lightly.Wear life with the open question � even when it seems totally definite, totally apparent, totally solid.Right in that solidness, which may be what you have to act upon, which may be what you base your knowledge upon � can we leave a little opening, a little movement, a little permeability that says, 'Perhaps this is still more to see.'

It is not doubt that we ask you to embrace. It is, rather, the recognition that your comprehension is oriented by form - by these eyes and the way these brains operate, by our own enculturation, the mass enculturation, the species enculturation, Hold the reminder to leave open the possibility that even when definite - 'I can see.I can sense.I can come to know something else.' ��

And by allowing openness you create an open door.There are no walls.There are no solid barriers.You are leading with your intent and your language as an open door.And in that open door is an invitation for awareness that is not already known, that is not filed in memory, that is not in the conscious mind.Awareness that is perhaps not in the consciousness as you know it or the mass consciousness.And in that, what can come present, which is literally the movement � it comes present � and it is a present � a gift that presents itself.And we've all had this in our own lives � the moment we know.We know an action.We know a feeling.We know a resolution.We know a truth.We know what action to not take.We know to be cautious.We know to be adventurous.We know to move towards.We know to move back.We know.

This is not the knowing our learning.This is not the knowing of our minds.This is not the knowing even of the physical, although it may operate and will operate through it.As you are of the All, the All is available to you.And when we simply leave openness in our considerations, the All can come present and support you and guide you and shed light and show the way.Just like all the teachings speak.All speaking truth.

And can you feel the ease within you knowing this.Life is not only up to you � this personality with that name, that mind, that learning, that education, that class, that money, that status.That is not really all that operates with you.These things add to, are part of, but it is not all.If you are drawn to be here, if you are drawn to even consider one moment of the spiritual perspective, that is because you already carry a vibration of recognition that has taken the conscious personality self to be exposed to expanded concepts, ideas, awareness and knowledge.It is as if the core essence of you, that place where essence flows from � which we picture like a core � is pulling you and says, 'We can bring this even more in attentiveness in our presence and present by placing us in situations where we gather in reminders of who we are and what we are of.'And so we each using teachings, concepts, bywords to remind us, to keep this moveable, mutable experience of our nature � for it is here that our capacity to stay aware has mutability.

Life requires mutability, which leads us to our second point we came to speak of 20 years ago.And that is the reminder that this reality, in our terms, is in it's nature, paradoxical.Life is a dance with paradox.It is seemingly opposite things that occur at the same time.Now the que words in quantum physics, you could say, are 'it is a particle and a wave' and they are dancing together.There is a pull for humankind to say this is not so.We want to make things solid.We want to make things set.We want to really believe in the Rule of Law.Not legal law, but that 'this is so'.And we create over and over again systems that say 'This is So'.From commandments to charkas to polarities to religious wars.What if it is All?It is All.This does not mean that everything in experience is of equal weight. There is option and choice with discernment, but there is no singularity.It is moving.And it is moving in response to that which we simply cannot truly see or delineate the all of it.Not in this reality or another. And it is not needed for usto delineate.

Again, our open hearts, our permeability, allows us to recognize and understand and comprehend that which we cannot think about, conceptualize about, capture.And we all know that.As we explore today, as all of you come into this time that seems to be a very pivotal change or not change period in your culture, we want to keep all of this in our forefront.The Unity.The All.The paradox.The openness that says as much as we understand there can be another understanding, a further understanding, a different understanding.Reminding us that growth and expansion and deepening can come in our personal lives and in our cultural, expanded lives from all sides of the story.

ChristopherReeve was a wonderful actor and became a symbol of Superman.But a sad and challenging and painful incident occurred in his life and his life became a whole other expression of Superman. We are not saying the accident happened to create that vehicle of expression, but it did occur, it came present � and in there he had an option.It was there he had the choice.And in his case, many a choice.He had the option to go, to die or to live.He had the option next to live at this level of limitation or to try for that level.We hold dear these stories of people making the best of challenging moments because they remind us that such choice is our true option.Our options are not to always wear your riding helmet and you'll never have an accident.You can do that, but you cannot control the outcome.Control is not really your option, except to a rather minor degree.

Your true option when something occurs and you find yourself in a situation is 'Here I am.How shall I be with this?' And you will be given many options within that.And you may take all of them.You may take despair and move from the despair to another place and find that you, in fact, return to despair still another time.It is this degree of option.That is the paradox.And that is our option � to be with that which occurs. Our option is not to prevent everything nor to create everything.

There is the possibility of co-creation; of putting your energy and your intent and your love into the world � of holding an image that you want to bring forth.Yet, there are questions within that intent.Which 'you' wants to bring something?And how is you affecting another?So we have to remember that.All we have to do to balance it � and we spoke of this just the other night in the midst of this beautiful art work that was filled with affirmation � the only balance we need, but we feel we do need this balance, is to always be willing to release the outcome. We ask you to hold that willingness so that you are more aligned with the way energy moves and can allow beyond your own knowing, beyond that self that pictures this and that.Allow the invitation of Life, Presence, Energy, Spirit, Consciousness, God, All � to move you.

We see what we can see.We say we would like it to be like this. We hold these intentions.We hold them, as many say, for the Highest Good.We can be disappointed when that 'good' doesn't match up to our idea.And that's all right because what we really want is to move with the truth needed.And often the true alignments, which only reveal themselves later, in retrospect; and are not what we thought we wanted. The truth arises from situations we did not want to happen, we would not have invited in � and yet when it is present, whatever it is, here we have the true option of 'I shall allow the consideration of moving with this.'You notice we say, 'allow the consideration' because there is option and choice.Of course, we can fight everything . We can hold ourselves in resistance of our lives and then the energy becomes contracted and burdensome.

We remind you is there is a reason it is called Great Mystery.There is a reason spirituality is said to be 'esoteric'.And it is not esoteric in the meaning that teachings are secret, hidden from others.The meaning is that there is the unknowable - that which cannot be captured in what we call knowing and language.And it is that unexpressable wonder that leads us beyond our minds, our knowledge and our imagination.Our observation is that most 'imagination' is still based in the known.It is still 'history' seen more expansively.But Presence can bring you that which you truly had not imagined.And it is here that we make leaps in our lives.

Sometimes we see external leaps � like 'Who would have pictured me in that job?''Who would have pictured me becoming an interfaith minister?Who would have pictured me becoming an artist?Who would have pictured me moving here. Who would have pictured this me?' Other times we leap in inner ways. 'Oh, I never saw that about myself.I didn't know that about my father.Oh, I see this all in another way.'In inter-personal ways.'I always thought you felt this way about me.I never liked that kind of person until I was thrown together with you. I understand you so differently now."

Such phrases are common language all expressing the same thing � that we can be open to that which we have not known, have not experienced and didn't believe in.The place of openness allows us to move, to go beyond where we have been, where we have come from, where our family has been, our country has been, on and on.Invite this in.And when you hear yourself speaking definitely � 'I can'.tI won't.I never will' - laugh at yourself.Laughter is a wonderful way.Wear it lightly.Lighten up.Laughter is a wonderful reminder that you can let down the burden of 'I must know all. I have to figure everything out. I am responsible. It's all up to me.'

We are reminding you that you do not want to be the only creator of your world. We are not saying you cannot put your intentions in the world and follow your imaginings.Simply remember there is a vaster world available than that which you can know and that vastness is happy to move with you, express through you, lead you and support you.Let us invite today our unknown, our open place.Invite Presence to move through us and show us the question, the idea, the way that is most needful today.Let's see what else can come present that we 'have not yet thought' about. Let us step consciously into the delight of living in wonder and exploration.��Let us not know for a moment today to discover what we can know.

The lovely image featured here is Orion 2 by ChrisDarcey, a Canadian artist who expresses her own connection to a source called Orion in her paintings.� We had a correspondence years ago and recently I came across this small painting she sent me.

Books, Quotes, Links and More...

Visionary films are always a delight to discover in the marketplace.Unfortunately, the reviews for such films often do not capture at all the essence of them.So in case you've read otherwise, these two films get my heartiest recommendation.

What the **Bleep** Do We Know�� The review in the Charlottesville free 'alternative' newspaper, The Hook, was so off the mark, I was moved to write a response.I began with 'SteveWarren's review�ironically proved one of the premises the film asks us to consider:that we limit our experience of reality by being unable to see what we do not yet know or accept.Warren doesn't know about or agree with what he saw, so he is unable to see any value at all."This is a creative film, offering complex ideas for consideration and exploration.I found it clever, filled with incredible images and visuals, humor and even great music, plus a personal journey many may identify with. Naturally, you may find comments you don't agree with or feel are overstated or simplified, but on the whole, it's great that it's out there.It will definitely be part of my personal DVD collection.And be sure to stay for the 'monk spot' � this is a final bit of film that shows up at the very end of the credits � hence you are patient as a monk to see it.This is an independent film and you can explore more at their website

I ♥ Huckabees is also a delight.This is a mainstream film � although DavidRussell is known as a quirky director, more off-beam than mainstream � with an outstanding cast.DustinHoffman and LilyTomlin plays 'existential detectives' � who help people explore the questions in their lives.Hoffman's moment with a blanket and the idea of the interconnectedness of all things is funny, eloquent and will stay with you. JudeLaw, JasonSchwartzman, NaomiWatts, MarkWahlberg and others discover the true question within their questions. An engaging, funny and pithy film.

Songs from the Gorilla Nation � My Journey Through Autism by DawnPrince-Hughes, Ph.D.This book is not described as a spiritual biography but it can be no other.Dr. Francine Paterson writes "In this beautifully written and vivid memoir�Dawn does more than reveal the trials of someone living within the confining walls of Asperger's Syndrome.Finding a way out, she takes us to the heart of what it means to be connected to all the inhabitants of this great and varied world we live in.."Dawn is undiagnosed until she is in her 30's and describes the difficult journey of making sense of the world when your input and experience of the that very world is radically different from most people.It is when she connects with the 'Gorilla Nation' in the Seattle Zoo that she experiences of model of 'being' in the world that supports her in understanding herself and finding her own way, her own peace.Many of us struggle to unweave the psycho/social conditioning of our lives.Dawn struggles with that very thing, further amplified by brain patterns that apparently work radically different than the usual.Her poems especially touched me and in that, she shares that many autistic people � while having challenge with conventional writing � can express themselves through poetry. The poetic articulateness she brings enhances the moving power of this book.

Into the SilentLand- Travels in Neuropsychology by PaulBroks�� PaulBroks is described as the 'new Oliver Sacks�knife-edge sharp�brilliantly unsettling' and so he is.This books explores the question of how does the brain construct a 'self', the essence of who we are as individuals and how does the 'self' respond to the deconstruction of its brain.Written in narrative chapters, exploring the inner lives of patients, shifts of intellectual fancy and overall leading us into further understandings of how we define who we are.But in the end, raising more questions than answered.A highly readable, evocative and at times, discomfitingjourney

Death of the Mythic God By JimMarion.���� JimMarion is a friend and Orion client.In his second book, he shares a full overview of the movement from the ideas of an 'actual', ie, mythic God to the comprehension and experience of god as consciousness.He shares his synthesis of 'spiral dynamics' � a system of comprehending arenas of consciousness that the spiritual philosopher KenWilber has been speaking to for many years - to demonstrate this evolution. This book would especially be useful for someone who finds their experience of the spiritual is more expansive than their religious practice may be and are trying to understand what is changing for them. Jim is a former priest�whose life has led him to explore the�essence of spirit and�consider religion in its broadest perspective.� He is also a contributor to�Wilber's Integral Institute.��You can see more about that work at� A succinct overview of Spiral Dynamics can be found at the What Is Enlightenment? Magazine, search onSpiral Dynamics and I recommend the 2nd article: Spiral Dynamics:� Evolutionary Theory of Culture and Consciousness presented by WIE.

And just for fun - Visionary fiction within the mystery genre��
Cree Black Mysteries � Land of Masks and Land of Echoes, by DanielHecht���
Cree [Lucretia] Black is a Harvard-educated psychologist, who through personal experience, evolves into an empathic, parapsychologist who clears ghosts, possessions and engages in other vaster-world experiences.What is absolutely wonderful here is the grounded, expansive world-view expressed in this books.An intelligent, articulate sharing of complex principles.In addition, the stories themselves are well written, tight, taut and filled with enough twists andthings not yet seen [pun intended] to really capture you.

QUOTES & Comments�

Thomas Jefferson, from a letter he sent in 1798 after passage of the Sedition Act:
"A little patience, and we shall see the reign of witches pass over, their spells dissolve, and the people, resoving their true sight, restore their government to its true principles.It is true that in the meantime we are suggering deeply in spirit and incurring the horrors of a war and long oppressions of enormous public debt�If the game run sometimes against us at home we must have the patience till luck turns, and then we shall have an opportunity of winning back the principles we have lost, for this is a game where principles are at stake."sent to me by Tom in Califiornia

On Growth:��� �'I've been talking to people here about 'the long haul''.May be all keep flourishing no matter what and may we discover that even our opposition are of the Unity. I've always appreciated Orion's use of the image of blossoming for spiritual growth, rather than mountain-climbing.It helps me feel less competitive.It feels more sustainable and more supportive.Also in my 50's it makes me less tired!'��� Jane, Silver Spring, MD

Finally,from across the Web:������
'I really enjoy reading what other channellers receive, and I think it's clear that our loose connections are creating synergy in ways that go well beyond what we can perceive.JOY and all the best.'��Kayla from Switzerland in an email correspondence

Art As Exploration - Frances Smokowski

Art can be such an exploration and expression of our inner work, our outer frustrations, discovering, capturing and expressing our dreams, insights and desires as well.

Florence Smokowski is an extraordinary collage artist, an art therapist by profession and a unique guide to the inner worlds of others through image and guidance.Her most recent work is a process she calls Dromena � personalized images for healing.Dromena refers to creative actions performed as a sacred, healing ritual.Florence guides individuals in intuitively selecting images to represent their innermost energy, their ideals, their intents.She then creates incredible collages integrating these images.I was present at a unique showing of these works at the Takoma Park Chapel in Silver Spring, MD, in which a group of individuals who created such works with Florence came together and participated in a lovely ritual led by her to accept their expressions on inner levels and release their intents into the All.You can reach her at or by phone at 301-562-9013.

Art As Exploration - Terri Urban

TerriUrban����'Unwrapping her hands from around her heart, she offered her all.' is the header on TerriUrban's website ~ bone sigh art. I first came across her lovely drawings, cards & journals at the Oasis Gallery in Harrisonburg.� Finding her on the Web, her artist's statement really spoke to me about the true options and choices we have with being in life.Terri�writes'�in making the decision to feel all the pain during the hardest time of my life,�I�stumbled onto something amazing. In deciding to do nothing to numb my feelings but instead to walk thru them and try to understand what it was that was going on inside of me, bone sighs were born�you can walk thru whatever it is in front of you�struggle can be your greatest teacher. there's a whole world of people who understand and know what you are feeling.'� Terri lives in Maryland and you can explore her work further at�

Art As Exploration - Holly Sigler

HollySigler��� � �'The whole life of the individual is nothing but the process of giving birth to herself; indeed, we should be fully born when we die.'
The image here is entitled '
The only permanence is change.'I came across Holly's work on the Web while doing some searches for images.I followed a link from one of the images and discovered Holly's amazing Breast Cancer Journal. What you will find in this book is a journey of awareness, discover, hope, recognition and be with what is.There are paintings of conflict and sadness but more so, paintings of delight in life, of transcendence of that which seems unchangeable.Sadly, Holly is no longer with us but she has left, along with a large body of work, this amazing, life-affirming journal.

Art As Exploration - Captured Stories

I�end�this�section�with a collage of my own. As we know, free-association through art has been a tool of discovery for a long time. ��I have been working with old photographs and other imagery to make concrete some of the inner stories I've become aware of and have been bringing a '2nd attention' to in recent years.I have experienced that capturing these entwined inner tales, does indeed create an open door and allows the softening of the power these beliefs.In fact, I have used Orion'skey words of'not the whole truth' throughout a series of these collages.I create the collages from an 'inside-out' sort of process.I have found still further work by scanning the completed collage and then working off of the complete image � adding free-associative text.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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