December 2005

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Greetings from Elisabeth

This has been a busy and productive Fall.It was lovely to return again toSilver Spring, MDat the end of October.Our open gathering at the Takoma Park Metaphysical Chapel brought together familiar faces and many people new to the Orion work.My sister, Jacqui and her husband, Larry traveled down from Philadelphia to join us as well.And it was a special time to offer several days of in-person sessions, again thanks to the gracious hosting of Laura and Forest Jones.

I am currently working on Empath Energy � Beyond Empathy ['working title', at least].Thanks to my dear friend Helen and with the skilled support of Leslie France, computertooter@earthlink.net, we are actually compiling a database of all the Orion material on Empath energy in a program called FilemakerPro.It�s been fascinating to find myself immersed in the text, with Orion �over my shoulder� adding new articulations and editing old.��Next I�ll begin the integrating and�synthesizing aspect towards helping the book emerge.Next year is also the 20th anniversary of The Orion MaterialPerspectives of Awareness and we�replanning to issue an anniversary issue.

The Orion On� section this issue shares the text of a beautiful guided journey Orion created as the closing sharing in a workshop.� I think you will find Parable of Mastery a lovely, evocative piece, so appropriate for this season of holding Unity.

As ever, scroll down to discover Quotes, Books, Music and �, as well as Connections and Links, sharing about interesting people and their work.

Wishing you all Expansion, Exploration and Connection now and in the New Year.

Snowball tree by Andy Goldsworthy, nature sculptor

More on Andy Goldsworthy...

Expansion Classes with Orion via Conference-Call

Winter�s coming, but from the comfort of your home you can�join us in our first series of Expansion Classes with Orion,�via conference-call.As you know, telephone sessions�are a staple of the Orion work. Many people have worked with Orion only by telephone.Like all the Orion work,Orion will tune into each session�s topic synchronistically.� As ever, your participation is invited and welcomed,�with�ample time for�questions and�sharing.

Class will meet in a�series of 5 classes,90 minutes per class session; meeting every other week.
Orion has always chosen the every-other-week format because it easily supports our ability to commit to class.There�s always an opening in your schedule with the week �off' and there is also ample time to integrate and experience the principles shared in class.

Class will begin�
Thursday, January 19th at 7:30 pm, EST.The fee is $100.You will call in from your own phone and pay for the cost of the call.�� Once you have registered for class, I will send you detailed�information on working with the conference calls and each class week you will receive an email notice with the conference call telephone number and access code.

Class size will be limited.Depending upon interest, it is possible that we may have a second class on a different night or possibly Saturday morning, beginning the week of January 23rd.Email me if you would be interested in another class time.

Classes will be audio-taped
.Tapes will be available to class-members-only for $5.00.You are committing to the series of classes.There are no refunds for a missed class, but I will mail you a tape of the missed class free of charge.

Use the convenient PayPal link below�to register:

You may also register with a $25.00 non-refundable deposit.��Email us for a PayPal invoice. orionwisdom@gmail.comPayment in full will be due by 1/10/06. A PayPal invoice for the remainder�will be sent.

OR mail a check made out to Elisabeth Fitzhugh to Box 1154, Waynesboro, VA22980

If you mail payment, please let me know by email�that you are attending the class series, so you can be enrolled before your check actually arrives.

A $25.00 fee may be retained for withdrawal before the classes begin.No refunds for missed sessions during class series.

Link to PayPal Registration for Expansion Class

Orion on Parable of Mastery

And the Eight Masters came together. They had made the pilgrimage. They had gone through the river, touched upon the rock, spent the night in the GoldenCave and were now on flat rock at the Nest and it would be time for The Flight.

In this moment of embracing the knowingness of the self, the mastery of the self, all of the Eight Masters -who had gone through much learning and exploring and some travail and trial - felt levels and shades of Fear. Doubt. Inadequacy. Old labels. Fear of "What will the outcome be?""What if I am wrong?""How could I be worthy?" "Who am I to be worthy?""The others will find out I am not as they are."�� And each Master knew to not hide from their Fear, to let every whisper, every cry, every scream and shout and yell be said, be heard. Knowing this, no matter what the ritual proscribed, no matter what tradition said, they gave themselves time.Each one allowed -at first apart and then together and then apart again, as each was moved. They allowed tears.They allowed terrible thoughts of themselves. They allowed cowering.They allowed cowardice.They allowed all the hidden voices from within to speak and because they allowed there was an element of trust.Although the hidden Voices did speak and were felt and some of it was sad and some of it was fearful, it was not overwhelming.It was not rending because the Voices knew they were allowed to speak. And because they would be heard, they did not have to hurt; they knew they would be listened to.

And there were two among them. One very, very young and one exceedingly old. And they walked among those about to go through Passage, saying, "We will come and be with you and you may take of us and we will give to you and there will be available for you energy-light, wind or water or fire. Time.Song. Whatever is needed for you. You can ask or you can know. You can allow your eyes to close. You can keep them wide. You can do both.

Then the light became soft and pink.Some heard little winds and others heard delicate water. Some felt warm.Others felt gentle breezes. Hard rocks that were being sat upon became soft, moss covered places in the earth.But others who felt soft, had strong warm pieces of the rock at their back. The whole cave became a place of caring support, where each person had the color, the sound, the air, the water that they needed and wanted in that moment.In profound silence there was every kind of musical sound there could be.

Time passed. Passed in a way that could not be measured. For some it was moments. For others it was days.For some they journeyed so far and then returned.When the bright light of sun and warmth and morning and day filled the GoldenCave, coming from the entrance as well as from openings high above, each person felt connection.Re -connections within themselves.�� Balance.Wholeness.�� Hope and courage.Knowingness that they would grow through whatever struggle; let go of other struggles. They knew they were going to blossom.For all those gathered the time of soaring Flight into their acknowledgement of mastery was quite near and the fear of it, if present at all, was very subtle.

All the Initiates who had spoken with and allowed their Fears to tell their stories and discovered their strength and their wholeness again, began to walk the path to the FlightMountain. Everyone discovered and learned the story about Fears. They are not to stop. They are not to block. They are needed to be listened to and loved.

All of the Initiates knew that one day the time would come when they would need to acknowledge wisdom. The time when one looked at the Self and said, "I have learned. I have grown. I am worthy. I am beautiful. All of these things are my right, for I am part of all there is. I am part of the Earth. The Stars. The Wind and the Water. I am Brother and Sister.I am Kin to so much."All of these connections fill the Initiates until every space is radiant and radiating and moving with energy.

As the Initiates moved slowly but steadily with sure footing up the path, wondrous things were to be seen. Some saw flowers blooming. Others saw gems and crystals opening up from the earth. Others met animals and birds from vast reaches of the planet.Some were spoken to by Beings. Others felt Beings. Some saw luminous colors. Others heard tones. Yet each encounter was gentle and welcoming. Each encounter was, "You are part of us. We are part of you.Remember? Greetings.We honor you."And the path was full of recognition, connection and understanding.

Scenes of life, of people passed. Some of them were joyful. Others were sad.As the Initiates went up to the FlightMountain all manner of feelings were experienced and Wonders were seen. Then they arrived. The mountain was radiant.It's very earth were hues of purple and deep radiant blue and threads of brightest yellow gold and it was flat as rock. There was no grass, but surrounding one side were trees. Trees of power whose roots go deep, seemingly into rock. Although their trunks are gnarled and twisted and even their branches seemed wrapped around, one sees it is a spiraling branch, reaching far, far out wider than surely those trunks can support. It is the roots of interconnectedness through the Mountain itself that supports the Trees of Power

One by one each Initiate recognized�Power.� Power of Creation.Knowledge.�� Awareness. Acknowledgement.�� The Trees turned their leaves, a silvery leaf. When they turned in just a way and the light shone in just a way, there was a mirror.As the Initiates looked, willing to honor the Trees of Power, the Trees of Knowledge, they saw, of course, themselves. "You are part of All There Is." And they needed to open and allow the radiance of themselves to enter their hearts.They saw the Master. They saw the Unity and knew it was inseparable from themselves and is available for them.

When a time comes of Knowingness, when a time comes of Initiation, all that you need is present and the Initiates looked at their bodies and saw that they were cloaked in wondrous capes of feathers or were they petals or were they leaves? Or were they skins or were they something simply never known before?The colors moved and flowed and they couldn't fit one color for it changed. They were lit from within and without.

Each person extended their arms and let the colors, the moving light
filled with colors, fill them. For a moment they could feel the color of themselves.When they allowed the recognition that they were Yellow, Pink and Gold...Turquoise...Palest Mauve...Green of the Earth...they felt such a rush of wind but not from without, from within. One by one each being lifted and stepped off the FlatMountain and soared into All There Is. And all they needed to know to do that was Present.

Gently they drifted down. Into the water; the warmest, softest water. The water moved them softly and buffeted them and held them. When they looked the cloaks of feathers or petals or what was not known, were gone and they were themselves fresh and new. Old and wise. Young and old. Yet, they hint of color could be seen on their skin.The color then retreated within.

They left the water and sat on the sand. Some on the earth and some on the rocks. They knew what they had shared with each other and they knew what they had shared with themselves.They knew what they had shared with aspects of their being they only met or knew occasionally.��� They were now touching into a time, an element of Mastery.�� Some were greatly changed and others were simply centered, strong, whole.Feeling renewed. Feeling, "Yes, I am good."� Then they rested in the flow of Unity.����
�������������������������������������������������������������excerpted from an Orion Intensive,Washington, DC

Books, Quotes, Music and ...

The Ice Queen by Alice Hoffman.�� Hoffman has been writing her evocative tales of personal redemption with a touch of magic for many years now.I found Ice Queen transporting and compelling and this time the magic touches upon Chaos Theory and the Butterfly effect as it travels through personal Wonderlands and DarkForests of the human journey. Thoroughly enjoyable and touching.

I also recently discovered some special books Alice Hoffman wrote in the�Young Adult category. The Foretelling, Green Angel, Indigo & Aquamarine.�These are little gems of inner discovery.� Explore them like a evocative fable, a mythic tale.� They�also have beautiful layouts and illustrations.�

Taming Your Gremlin by Rick Carson������ This little gem of a book was shared with me by Laura, who has hosted several Orion events.She came across this in a class in her Organizational Development studies.Orion is always exploring with us the examination of our unconscious patterns and how they direct and flavor our lives and can limit and constrict us.Rick Carson uses clever, light imagery [think �Gremlin� for your super-ego]� to share his system of creating distance and �unhooking� from the �nemesis within�, including his �6 keys� for maintaining emotional balance amid upheaval.I think you will find this a most useful synthesis of principles in this kind of inquiry.

The Power of Your Other Hand: A Course on Channeling the Inner Wisdom of the Right Brain by Linda Capacchione.��� ������ Here is another book passed on to me by an Orion client, Teresa.��I might take exception to the idea of the total distinction of the right-left hemisphere the author offers, but her techniques and exercises for accessing your inner world for exploration are creative, stimulating and can easily be customized to what works best for you.These two books offer a supportive external structure for examination and discovery.


�Each time the computer voice on the airport train would say �Doors closing� we would add �Doors opening� which is a song our women�s group sings�� �Doors closing, doors are opening� I am safe� it�s only change���Delores Lanai.

�Everyone is born good. Everyone has the same size soul.���
������ James Hetfield, Metallica lead singer, at a concert at San Quentin

�Each person who ever was or is or will be has a song.It isn�t a song that anybody else wrote.It has its own melody, it has its own words.�����Anansi Boys, Neil Gaiman

'Perhaps that was all there really was in the world:seeing someone, if even for a moment, looking inside to the deepest core.�'������ The Probable Future, Alice Hoffman

���������������������������� The paintings here and above are�the work of Marina Petro.�
����������������������������������� Explore her gallery and free e-cards�via the link

Link to Gallery and Website of Marina Petro

Connections and Links

Laughing Glass Studio- Pamela Bogdonoff

Pamela and I enjoyed a most pleasant email exchange about the October Orion event.Her website is a delight and I feel your will find her and husband�s work lovely and inspiring.The flowers featured here are so alive.I also especially liked the �Dream� mirror on their site. They do custom work as well.Explore at www.laughingglass.byregion.net.As you know, I am a member and supporter of ByRegion.net, which features listings of artists and healers across the country and beyond.

Ellyn Dye � The Reconnection���

I first met Ellyn in the mid-80�s as she was exploring life after a near death experience.The Orion work has been part of her perspective since then and for many years after I moved back to Virginia, her lovely home was my host for doing personal sessions in the DC area.�� Ellyn had another life-changing experience when she discovered The Reconnection � an energy-work system that can bring about deep integration, rebalancing and incredible shifts and changes for many people.My own session with her felt aligning and integrating with an intense vitality.You can learn more aboutthe work at www.thereconnection.com and you can contact Ellyn via email at To-Dye-For@verizon.net or 301-518-7228.

HolisticLocal is a new website directory for Holistic, Green & Conscious Living.It�s fully searchable and also lists, events, courses, and articles.I appreciate the clean, clear look of the site.� It's inviting and not overly crowded or busy.If you are a practitioner or business owner, you can create a listing for free.

Even more local for some of you is WASN.netWashington Area Spiritual Network.In addition to listings, WASN offers a weekly newsletter of upcoming events.Free listings are also offered.��www.wasn.net

Link to HolisticLocal

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