Ask an Angel Newsletter, Volume VI, December 13, 2005

"Keep in mind that angels do not belong to any one religion; they go beyond a single religion. The angels represent the Divine energy of God."
- Terry Lynn Taylor, "Angel Days"

Happy Holidays!

Blessings and best wishes for a wonderful Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Solstice (Native American and European), Christmas and New Year. Choirs of Angels are singing in the holidays and radiating the love, wisdom and grace of each holy day to us. This issue of the newsletter will focus on the Winter Solstice and Christmas.

The Winter Solstice and Christmas: The Rebirth of the Sun and the Birth of the Son

We are approaching the holiday season with holy days that are sacred in many traditions. The Winter Solstice celebrates the return of the sun that happens this year on December 21 at†10:35 AM PST (correct for your time zone.) The Winter Solstice marks the day that the season turns. It is the day that ends the diminishing of the sunís light and marks the return of its greater light to the earth. Out of the darkest time of year is born a wondrous new light to illuminate our lives.

The sun is actually not farther from earth at this time of year Ė the waxing and waning of the sun and the earthís seasons are due to the tilt of the earthís axis in respect to the sun. Just as our experience of Godís light and love exactly mirrors our orientation to it Ė not itís orientation to us. Like the sun, Godís love is constant. The waxing and waning of light on earth is a natural cycle just as the waxing and waning of spiritual light is a natural cycle in our own consciousness... (cont.) Scroll to the bottom of this newsletter for the rest of the article...

Personal Angel Stories from Members

Encounters with Angels that changed your life, brought love to you or simply opened your eyes to presence of Angels.

Healing Angels†From Anne B.

We were spending the summer at a friend's house when she called us to inform us that her son would come the next day as he had to try and get his driving licence for the 3rd time. His 2 previous attempts had been total failures. We did not know him well and had heard many criticisms about him, but we do not listen to criticism.

When the young man arrived, he was in a terrible state of nerve, his whole body shaking, convinced, like his whole family, that he would fail once more. He has a neurologic disease and that would have meant for him to pass a medical exam and wait many months before having one more try.

As I had already successfully helped some people suffering from nervous breakdowns or other health problems, I started to invoke the Angels to help this young man. I prayed all the time for the 2 days he spent with us, whilst my husband was training him to drive. Fifteen minutes before his test was beginning, I received Angelic energy of love and I knew he would succeed. One hour later he was calling me:† he had his driving licence!† Not a single member of his family could believe it, they were all so sure he would fail. He was in a state of total bliss, and so were we!

That was for my husband and myself one of the greatest moments of this summer, to see the joy and happiness of this wonderful, adorable young man.

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Technique to share for Working with Angels:

Express Appreciation and Gratitude.

Find and express genuine appreciation and gratitude for your life exactly as it is. If you are struggling with this, ask the Angels to help you to find the love that is present in whatever difficulty you are facing. Have patience with this and let go of any expectation of how the love may be revealed to you. Love is infinite and you will find ever-deepening levels of your awareness to the presence of love as you follow this practice.

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Rebirth of the Son and Birth of the Son article, cont.

When we transcend our earth-bound orientation to Godís love, we experience it in its full brilliance as constant, true and all-encompassing. The waxing and waning of consciousness ceases and we are forever anchored in the true presence of Godís eternal light. Such is the orientation of all enlightened saints, sages and masters, and so is born the new perception of the true source of light within us. The western tradition of celebrating Christmas on December 25th began approximately 1600 years ago. The major Western holiday celebrated prior to Christmas was the Winter Solstice. The common purpose of this holiday was to celebrate the end of increasing darkness and beginning of a return to light. Stonehenge exactly marks the Winter and Summer Solstice. The stone pillars are precisely aligned so that when solar and celestial events occur, such as a solstice, equinox, new year or moon cycle, the light striking a pillar aligns with stone markings that indicate what is happening - similar to how a sundial works to tell time but much more sophisticated.

Newgrange, megalithic site in Ireland, far less well known than Stonehenge, also precisely marks the Solstice. It is huge circular stone structure estimated to be more than 5,000 years old. It is hundreds of years older than Stonehenge and even older than the Egyptian pyramids. At dawn on the Winter Solstice, a shaft of light enters its center and shines directly into a chamber within. The light illuminates a stone basin below intricate carvings of spirals, iris shapes and solar discs.

Native Americans also celebrated the Winter Solstice. The sun images are from rock paintings of the Chumash, who lived in the coastal regions of California for thousands of years before the Europeans arrived. Solstices were very important to Chumash - their winter solstice celebrations would last for several days. I live on the coast near San Louis Obispo (half-way between San Francisco and Los Angeles) in an area that was important to the Chumash. The Hopi, Pueblo and most other Native American tribes considered the Solstice a very important time for special ceremonies and celebrations.

The Mayans were also very advanced in study celestial moments and build many structures that illustrate their sophisticated understanding - such as the Pyramids of Chichen Itza. Chichen Itza marks the Winter Solstice and many other celestial events as well. During the Vernal Equinox, which is the the first day of Spring, Sun and Shadow produce the body of "the Serpent" down the side of the Pyramid and ending at the foot of the pyramid where you can see the stone serpents head. I have visited Chichen Itza and many other Mayan and Aztec sites. Throughout the world indigenous cultures have displayed their knowledge of the heavens and it's relationship to their spiritual beliefs in art, story, structures and religious traditions.

This tradition of building spiritual structures to mark our exact place in solar cycles and celestial events continued with more recent Western Cathedrals as well, such as in the Meridian Lines in the cathedrals at San Petronio, Bologna, and at Santa Maria degli Angeli in Rome.

The traditional the importance of our relationship to light is a real and tangible representation of our relationship to our experience of spiritual light - spiritual consciousness. When we celebrate Christmas it is vital to remember that we are really celebrating the birth of Godís light into the human form Ė the Christ Consciousness being born in the child Jesus. Celebrating with devotion opens our heart and mind to receive this light and love, just as the openings in our shrines receive the rays of the Solstice sun. Bible Passage: Luke 11: 9-11 "And I tell you, ask and you will receive; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks, receives; and the one who seeks, finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened.Ē

Devotion opens the door to Godís love. What devotion really does is open the door of our own heart so that Godís love can enter us. This simple realization is as simple, and as transformational, as the realization that it is the orientation of the earth that causes our seasons Ė not the coming and going of the sun. This is the perfect time to celebrate with love and appreciation the dawn of Christ Consciousness upon earth and within each of us.

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