March 29, 2006
Announcing . . . . . LITERACY DAY

A powerful way for your school to show its commitment to literacy…

This is an exclusive offer that Chick Moorman and Thomas Haller are extending only to those on their educator newsletter list. This is not going out to any other school personnel.

You are receiving this exclusive opportunity to bring Literacy Day to your school because you are a cherished recipient of the educator newsletters.

LITERACY DAY is an exciting new literacy program that offers inspirational and practical ideas that will transform the way your students and their parents approach reading and writing.

Imagine turning your students into motivated readers and eager writers in just one day.

Think of the impact on your students when parents connect with their children around literature and realize the potential for teaching them a love of reading and writing.

What would it mean if your school could:

  • Create attitudes where students can’t wait to open a book and begin reading?

  • Captivate your students with a message about reading and writing that compels them to begin writing today?

  • Empower parents with the tools, skills, and determination to raise a reader and writer?

  • Get teachers and parents on the same page, instilling a love for writing and reading in their youngsters?

Your school can have that and MORE…..when you arrange to bring LITERACY DAY to your students, teachers, and parents.

So what is LITERACY DAY?

LITERACY DAY is a full day celebration, packed with materials, presentations, instruction, and encouragement that focuses solely on reading and writing. It is a day committed to motivating teachers, parents, and students to enjoy reading and the writing process.

Specifically, you will get:

Presentations to students and teachers by the youngest published fiction author in America, Reese Haller, age nine.

His presentations will cover the 6 traits of writing as seen through the eyes of a young author, presented to students as they have never seen before.

  1. Reese Haller is a 4th grader who has presented his educational and inspirational message at over 25 elementary schools and has given 7 professional development workshops to teachers this year alone.
  2. Reese is a captivating presenter who has been appointed the Ambassador of Literacy to the Youth of Michigan by Governor Granholm.
  3. Reese will touch the hearts of your students by showing them the potential that lies within them. In addition, he will give them the skills to put their literary potential to use immediately.


And that’s just the beginning!

To help make your LITERACY DAY a total success, Reese will bring with him 100 FREE copies of his book, Fred the Mouse™ Book One: The Adventures Begin. These autographed copies, a $500.00 value, will be given to students as a personal gift. Reese will bring copies of the second book in the Fred the Mouse™ series Making Friends for purchase so you do not have to pay mailing costs.

The message that Reese has woven into the story of Fred the Mouse is a captivating independent reading book for 2nd through 4th graders an an excellent read-a-loud book for 4 to 7 ear olds. The masterful blend of drama and suspense appeals to boys and girls of any social, economic, or ethnic background.

As Reese says, "I wrote this book for kids my age because kids know what other kids like to read."


There is still MORE!

Thomas Haller, Reese’s dad, will present an evening workshop for parents. Entitled, How to Raise a Reader/Writer, this session will teach parents everything they need to know about inspiring and empowering their children with a love of reading and writing. This session, filled with practical, usable tips, will focus on the "how to’s" of raising a reader/writer.

Thomas Haller is one of the worlds’ foremost leading authorities on raising responsible, caring, confident children. He is the author of three highly acclaimed books on parenting and couples including, The 10 Commitments: Parenting with Purpose. He is the President of Personal Power Press, Inc.


One last thing…..

As our bonus to schools that schedule this exciting and unparalleled Literacy Day, we will include FREE, 7 powerful books to add to your school’s professional lending library:

1. The 10 Commitments: Parenting with Purpose ($20.00 value)
2. Parent Talk: How to Talk to Your Child in Language that Builds Self-Esteem and Encourages Responsibility ($13.00 value)
3. Teacher Talk: What it Really Means ($13.00 value)
4. Talk Sense to Yourself: The Language of Personal Power ($13.00 value)
5. Couple Talk: How to Talk Your Way to a Great Relationship ($25.00 value)
6. Spirit Whisperers: Teachers who Nourish a Child’s Spirit ($25.00 value)
7. Where the Heart is: Stories of Home and Family ($15.00 value)

That is a $124.00 value … all yours FREE

Add that to the 100 Fred the Mouse books and your school will be receiving $624.00 in books absolutely free.

You can bring Reese, Thomas, and Literacy Day to your school for an investment of only $1,295.00 (plus expenses). For that you get student and teacher presentations by Reese Haller, a parent program by Thomas Haller, 100 Fred the Mouse™ books ($500.00 value) , and $124.00 worth of professional materials.

Better act now!

Reese’s schedule is limited (he goes to school too). Reese is only available two days a month and his calendar fills fast. Don’t miss out.

Schedule Reese now for next school year.

To receive these valuable books FREE schedule your school’s Literacy Day now.

We have created two easy ways for you to get ahold of Thomas directly:

email:  or call 1-989-686-5356.

You may be wondering why we are offering this incredibly powerful experience and all these wonderful books to schools across the country for such a ridiculously low price. Well, Reese set out this past summer to write a book for kids that would inspire them to read. Once he experienced the joy and excitement from his classmates when they heard him talk about his writing experience, he revised his goal. He decided to change the world, one school at a time.  He now wants to touch the hearts of children everywhere through his presentation, encouraging and empowering them to take a risk and become who they truly desire to be . . . now.

Email Thomas Now to begin the process of scheduling a LITERACY DAY for your school!

Or call him directly at 1-989-686-5356.

You can visit Reese at his website at or Thomas at

Need Help Making Literacy Day Happen at Your School?

Encourage a local bookstore or business to help your school invest in changing the world by sponsoring your school’s Literacy Day.

Talk to the Title I coordinator or an Intermediate School District representative. Funds for literacy development are frequently available for special projects through grants.

Present the Literacy Day experience to your school’s PTA and pool your resources.

The return on your investment will be phenomenal…so schedule today!

• • • •

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