What is a miracle seminar?

Dear Friends, Colleagues, Participants:

People are asking me, "What is a miracle seminar?"

The best way I can answer this question is to state some of the benefits I have received from exercises taught at the seminar.

I only teach that which utilize in my own life.

1. After years of struggling with problematic relationships I found the man of my dreams. I have been happily coupled with him for many years. Participants from my seminars, have reported finding their soul mates, after years of drama.

2. Although I am over 40, my body feels the bliss and excitement of a 25 year old. The seminar will assist you with turning your body into your friend. One woman cured a migraine in the moment. One woman released herpes. It is okay to let go of disease.

3. Often my visions manifest even when they seem like long shots. I am surrounded by abundant help from people who assist the manifestation of my dreams coming true. I keep coming up with ideas that seem way out of my league and they keep manifesting. I am watching my clients take leaps and jumps also. We will share some of the testimonials on film at the miracle seminar because they are so moving. If we did it, you can too!

4. Every day is filled with profound spiritual awakenings while I do my work! Participants have told may they have experienced peak experiences in seminars. One woman said she had the vacation of a life time in the Hawaii seminar.
More importantly, people report a much deeper love, peace and patience availbale to them as they go through the joys and the challenges of life.

5. I earn money for doing what I love! You can have money for being happy. A non desirable job is not mandatory. I have watched clients leave unpleasant job situations and attract much happier ones!

6. I feel deeply loved every day. You can generate this for yourself. Clients tell me they learn to create love within and it finds them on the outside.

7. What I used to call happiness is now what I call a low day. My most joyful periods are beyond anything I new was possible and are not related to circumstance so much as to what is natural in exisiting. Instead of crashing as the lows to the highs, they keep intensifying and happening more and more and more as a steadyness and cleanliness within. Many clients report new feelings of grace, peace, joy, contentment and being filled to the brim.

8. I used to have times where I wasn't sure I wished to live on Earth. Now I am so amazed at the experience that those suicidal feelings simply do not exist for me. Although I never seriously considered leaving, I felt such pain so often..deeply! One of my clients went from serious suicidal contemplation to being in bliss and service.

9. When a challenge comes to me I get excited because I know a treasure awaits me. The challenge is bringing my attention to an incredible opportunity. A participant was unable to forgive her ex-husband for years and this hurt her. At the seminar she found forgiveness and has never been the same. What a relief and healing for her!

10. I moved out of my tiny apartment. I live in a dream house on dream property where we host many events to share the joy with others. A client quit using pills and found her own power. I checked back with her every six months and the power remains while the pills seem like something far away. You, too, can have better in some area of your life!

11. I get to go on television and radio live and have great FUN speaking my deepest truths. I trust myself 100%. I love who I am. One client went from dreading her radio appearances to being asked to host a radio show when the announcer was out of town. She now loves public speaking on radio!

12. I can sit anywhere and experience profound peace, love and gratitude. Participants learn to be the source of their own unconditional love, joy and peace. For success stories visit "testimonials" at www.animalintuitivereadings.com.

13. I can see the gift, talent, specialness and love in ANYONE I meet. I am thankful for each person I encounter. Someone in one of my programs held on to anger at a relative for years. At the seminar he let it go, forever, and has been happier ever since. He feels more in charge of his own life experience, more grateful, and more fulfilled each day!

13. My social life is deeply fulfilling. I find my tribes-mates everywhere. I used to feel I was different. Now I feel I am the same as everyone. Plus, I keep being found by people who speak my language. Wooo Hoo is all I can say. Beautiful relationships for the participants, have had their birth in the seminars many times.

14. I use my talents in service and find myself deeply fulfilled.
A participant quit his undesired nursing career and became a well accomplished artist...the job of his dreams.

15. I am the creator of my dream life each day. People who have attended a number of my programs learn how to be the creators of their own lives. One woman called me and said, "I have been happy every day since I attended your intensive, six months ago. Before that I was miserable. By the way, I am in a new relationship and have a new career that please me."

16. I am not anywhere close to perfect and use each day as a practice to become a more loving person. I hear that many people love the seminars because we all laugh at ourselves lightly. One woman said, "I go to Laurie's seminars repeatedly because I get to laugh so much and I feel uplifted." Couples report that their relationships are much happier because they learn to transform themselves and enjoy it all.

17. My faults are my friends because they are wake up calls for me to discover my deeper gifts. Why cry when I can laugh at myself! People report that they feel more tender toward themselves after the seminars...they feel loved as they are.

Do you think I make this all up? I do...Imagine it up, dream it up and it all comes true. Everything I share in this letter really happened thanks to Dear Life her-himself. Come learn to dream up a life that makes you ecstatic and fulfilled! It is your life so make it taste like sweet strawberries! Make it smell like wisteria. Make it look like a multi orange and yellow colored sunset. Make it feel like fresh air and soft flannel sheets! Make it sound like a bird singing a love song. Why not? It was given to you to delight in!!!!

We have spaces left in the Miracle Seminar for May 6. If you are ready to release self defeating habits and come home to Paradise in YOURSELF, Email Miracles@DrLaurieMoore.com for your FULL scholarship.

Ah, yes, one more treat. I have invited a panel of highly accomplished beings to share their secrets on creating practical miraculous results in the context of awakening spiritually. They are excited to share their gem-wisdom with you on May 6 at the SeaCliff Inn in Aptos, CA. The seminar is there from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. You MUST pre-register to secure a space. Miracles@DrLaurieMoore.com.

And last but not least, your scholarship covers the animal communication seminar, the miracle seminar, the miracle teleconference and the Aloha Circle Gathering in FULL. You are welcome to attend all. I encourage you to ask for whatever you desire in life...this opens the space for everyone to do so and everyone to live in abundance! When you deprive yourself you take your life energy down. When you give to yourself you have SOOO much more to give to everyone else! Experiment and see if I am right about this.

Sincerely, Dr. Laurie Moore, LMFT, CHT, Animal Communicator

Dr. Laurie Moore

• • • •

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