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Animal Communication Changes Lives of Humans

Animal Communication Changes the lives of Humans

Dr. Herby Bell brought Tory, a flight risk dog whom he adopted from the SPCA, to Dr. Laurie Moore, Miracle Worker and Animal Communicator. Tory had a habit of taking off. Dr. Laurie Moore spoke with Tory and Dr. Bell. The running away discontinued. Dr. Bell reported that Tory was a different dog.

When asked what happened, Dr. Laurie Moore explained, �Tory told me that Herby�s heart was broken. Herby needed to pay closer attention to his own heart and heal that heart. Herby�s distractions from himself were mirrored back to him by his faithful friend and teacher, Tory. Luckily, Herby was receptive to Tory�s messages and used the information given, to make a positive change.� As a result, both dog and human prospered.

Dr. Laurie Moore�s animal readings let you know your animal friend�s soul purpose, thoughts, feelings and messages to you. For the heart of any matter, consult your pet! The majority of people who receive readings are deeply touched. Most find that the animal reading contains a spiritual lesson for them. �Our animals are great teachers who see our souls, hear our thoughts, �Dr. Laurie explains. They know what their people need to learn next, for their ultimate well being. They know the roads to unconditional love, joy, peace, prosperity and bliss!�

Jody Sorenson, who owns All Points Property Inspection with her husband, Wade Hart, became Dr. Laurie Moore's client because of her dog, Turbo. �When Laurie talked to our animals, she learned all about us. The session was phenomenal. Dr. Laurie doesn�t judge anyone. She tells it like it is so that the receiver of the message feels loved and empowered. Dr. Laurie told us we need to change some thought-habits according to Turbo. She had no way of knowing anything about us prior to speaking with our animals. We had only just met her. She was right on the button and helped us. Dr. Laurie says, �there is nothing to judge. We are all on the planet to change habits and release what is not love back into love. This is my daily practice�not my 100% ability, but my moment to moment practice and aspiration. I invite anyone to try this practice and receive immense benefit.�

Jody's husband Wade Hart added, "Dr. Laurie Moore is a spiritual Einstein!"

Dr. Laurie Moore can speak with any species of animal. Randy Peyser, author of Crappy to Happy. was able to learn about her beloved cat at home as well as a favorite dog, Cookie, who had passed on years ago. Randy said, "Dr. Laurie Moore speaks to the truth of my heart. She listens to my heart and reflects my feelings back to me.�

�I often see people crying when I watch Dr. Laurie Moore in public venues, as people approach her with animal questions.� Randy continued. Dr. Laurie explained that people wish to hear the core of their heart reflected back to them. This accounts for the many people who break into tears in her presence.

Dr. Laurie Moore said, �People wish to get back to the heart of the matter in living life. Many people are stressed and have left the home of their own hearts. When I consult their animals, and deliver their animals� messages, people listen . They know they are being loved and asked to rise to the occasion of being the full great beings that they are. People forget that they are souls wearing a body-mind and lapse into assumptions that they are body-minds. Our body-minds are simply costumes we wear during each incarnation for our learning to be more compassionate and loving. The infinite soul of all is who we truly are. The flowers have brought me deeper and deeper into this visceral experiencing of life as one.�

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Healing After The Animal Reading

Healing After the Animal Reading�.

Dr. Laurie has put together a team of experts to assist people and animals with emotional, spiritual and physical healing after experiencing an animal reading.

Healing: Emotional, Physical, Spiritual, and Mental

Dr. Laurie, Wayne Hoff and Linda Adams offer a complete in person or phone healing packages. After your reading, Dr. Laurie can refer you to the combination of practitioners that is best for you. The trio often works as three and sometimes two work as a duo, depending on animal and human needs. Relief and release form long term emotional, mental, spiritual and physical blockage and pain can cause a whole new perspective and experience of life. Healing is scheduled directly through Dr. Laurie Moore�s office. 831-477-7007

Holistic VETS

People and animals need to be under quality physical supervision for optimum health. Please do not substitute readings and healings for annual check ups and physical care. Both are necessary to ensure the ongoing well being of your beloved animals.

Oakland, CA Creature Comforts: herbal, acupuncture, chiropractic, etc. 510.530.1373

Campbell, CA Holistic Vet: Dr. McCall: just about anything you can think of East and West: 408-378-5190

San Diego, CA Homeopathic, E & W trained Vet, herbalist: Dr. Blake ThePetWhisperer.com

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Spending Time With Dr. Laurie Moore

I recently awakened into a state of oneness in which experiences of one heart as all hearts was givenin grace. While driving down the highway after making a vow to respond to a verbal attack I received from a human being I barely knew, with unconditional compassion and love, I was approached by a raven.

�BE ALL, �said the raven as she approached the car. While the playfulness of duality calls all of us to appear in many arenas and audiences in joy and service, much of any work is behind the scenes. May you be the joy, peace and love you seek in your private moments.

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Animal Readings Help People Grieving Pets

Animal Readings Help People Grieving Pets

For many people, one of the most painful transitions in life is pet loss. Some say pet loss has been more challenging to handle than loss of a loved human. �Animals love us unconditionally,� explains, Dr. Laurie Moore. �Losing the love of an animal in a world that often offers judgment, can be very disturbing. We are required to perform at work, live up to standards set by our human community at home, and maintain whatever expectations we place on ourselves. With our animals, we are only asked to be who we are.�

Jody Sorenson spoke to Dr. Laurie when her beloved canine, Turbo, passed over. Jody, a home inspector said, "I trusted Dr. Laurie from a past experience. When Laurie talked to Turbo during his living years, she learned all about us. My husband and I both felt very cared for by her. The session was phenomenal. Dr. Laurie doesn�t judge anyone. She tells it like it is, so that the receiver of the message feels loved and empowered. Dr. Laurie told us we need to change some personal habits that she had no way of knowing we had prior to speaking with our animals. We had only just met her. She was right on the button and helped us.�

�When Turbo left I immediately felt I needed to call Dr. Laurie� Jody explained. �After the sessions with Dr Laurie, my sadness was lifted and I felt a deep joy that went beyond circumstances and emanated from my own heart. I felt Turbo�s presence close to me.�

Dr. Laurie Moore�s experience as a Licensed Marriage Family Therapist, her Certified Hypnotherapist background, a PhD in expressive psychology, and years of working as a healer, put her steps ahead of the average animal communicator. Her spiritual background and psychological understanding puts people at ease. She is known for talking to people from the heart and to the heart. She is able to hear what the animals think, feel what they feel, and see the pictures they send out. �When animal pass over,� Dr. Laurie Moore says, �they are still fully existent. They no longer have bodies, but they remain devoted teachers and friends to their loved ones. I like to fill people in on what their animals are saying , so that people can find peace.

Animals send words of encouragement that are specific to their people. They often are able to give lessons that I could not as a therapist. This is because the animal understands the person from a soul-level. They offer ways to mend their human friend�s suffering heart. Sometimes an animal will give specific mediations or instructions to assist with a person�s healing. Other times, an animal will simply send words of encouragement and gratitude, leaving the person in a place of deeper resolution and returned joy.�

Many people suffer, thinking they did something wrong when helping their ill animal. Perhaps they put the animal to sleep to end suffering, but now think it wasn�t the best choice. Sometimes they blame themselves for physical pain the animal went through. I have yet to find an animal on the other side who is hanging on to any of this. Blaming ourselves after a loss is a natural human tendency and needs a cure. It is good to fill a person in on how an animal perceived his/her own life passage toward the end. It is nurturing for a person to get to know of how their animal is doing now. This can relieve guilt and anxiety that isn�t needed. As we become more attuned to higher frequencies, we begin to find our connection with our beloved animals goes way beyond time, space and the body-mind. This becomes a true energetic reality as we awaken more into ONENESS.

Reincarnation cases are very special and touch my heart deeply. I didn�t know they were possible until my own cat returned. He made his presence very evident by staring into my eyes for an hour, performing unique familiar tricks with his leg, repeating his distinct responses to food, and his attempting to pull a computer plug out when I worked too hard. He showed me habit after habit that was his alone, until doubt left my mind. I must add, that he did not return until I had found a place of unconditional joy within. Reincarnation cases often invite the person to learn a spiritual lesson and do not complete themselves until the lesson is finished.�

People also call Dr. Laurie Moore when an animal is getting ready to transition. Mary Jenson (name changed for confidentiality) was frantic. �I told her that in this particular situation it was not time to put her dog to sleep,� said Dr. Laurie Moore. �He needed to teach her something before he left and was asking her to listen. Mary found a deep sense of peace that was new to her. Then, Bodi, her dog, said it was time. She was able to go to the vet and say goodbye in peace instead of upset.�

�This was different for me and I am grateful I was encouraged to do it. I am changed in a good way.� Mary explained.

Another client of Dr. Laurie�s called, because one dog was very ill and she was worried about her other dog. Dr. Laurie was able to check in with both dogs and come up with a plan to help the dog being left behind. �This put their person and the dogs at ease.�

Animal Readings with Dr. Laurie Moore

Thanks for the many Gratitude Sharings

Thanks for the many Testimonials!

Thank you for the many many testimonials that come in every week! We are grateful again and again and again. Knowing our sessions and services are making your lives wonderful, helping you change self defeating habits, and most of all, allowing you to hear the messages of your beloved animals, fills our hearts with JOY! We are having trouble keeping up but plan to post the latest batch soon. Your testimonials can be read at www.animalintutivereadings.com If we used a pseudonym because you did not indicate whether or not to maintain your confidentiality, and you prefer your real name, let us know.

Mahalo, Merci, Gracias, Thank you! Dr. Laurie Moore�s Staff


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