Lose Weight with the Diet of Love
Lose Weight with the Diet of Love

People who think of themselves as overweight have mentioned to me that this has them feeling embarrassed, ashamed and inferior. This societal conditioning makes my heart feel sad.

This is why I have created a special six hour program for you who feel this way. You are not a lone. Through coaching, cleansing, hypnotherapy and my unique healing methods, you will be able to love your body more EXACTLY as she/he is. PLUS You will create a new way to ENJOY losing weight if that is your body's need.

I was a dancer in my teens and in college. As I worked on my associates dancing degree in New York I began to judge my body more and more. By the time I was twenty I had gone through starving and stuffing. I became obsessed with food. This went on for some years. in my later twenties I did the spiritual emotional work needed to clear the hidden early childhood grief that had disguised itself as a need to control my body weight. I was determined to love my body.

This was almost 20 years ago and I can honestly say I love my body. My body gives me great bliss. I eat a very healthy diet and enjoy it. I have no rules about how I eat. I never diet, starve or over stuff. It takes no effort. Having a body gives me great ecstasy. I am in my forties but often feel like I am in my twenties. When you feel beautiful you are beautiful. There is no one way to look. Shine your beauty through self love. Come learn how!

To me all bodies are beautiful. I do not buy into the idea that thin is better. I do believe you have a natural body weight FOR YOU and whatever that is will have you feeling happiest.

If you are yearning to join the dolphin or whale seminar but body image holds you back, consider this program.

Learn to love your body.
Learn to enjoy eating in a way that helps with body health and happiness as a joyous practice.
Learn to love yourself exactly as you are.

If you have a problem today you will also have it tomorrow, next week and on your death bed unless you take action. You are a good person and deserve to enjoy life, yourself and that Hawaii sun! Do not wait. Stop the mind game called "tomorrow." My wonderful and precious Mom died unexpectedly years ago. She did not have all the tomorrows she would have liked in body. Take advantage of the opportunity to be alive today! You are a good person and you need not judge yourself anymore. Everyone struggles with something in life. This is to be expected. Allow yourself to receive effective and safe support.

Call me now: 831-477-7007 Laurie@DrLaurieMoore.com
It's time for you to have a body miracle. If your intention is to love your body and lose weight with love, come learn how. You can do it. 831-477-7007 Laurie@DrLaurieMoore.com

Dr. Laurie Moore, LMFT, CHT, Animal Communicator
(831) 477-7007

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