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Divine Guidance

When It became evident that I could buy the sanctuary and be a slave to a house for life, or use my magic in real estate investment and buy a sanctuary in ease down the road we made the choice to move. The animals assured me they would be with me. They told me not to ask how with my mind but to stay open in my heart. We have been in our new location since August.

My hawk, two raven friends, owl friend and humming bird friends stay with me in heart and sent their brothers and sisters immediately. At the new sanctuary owl looks at me intently as I write, then flies straight toward me and then over head. I am going to teach you how to fly more than ever before. You were destined for your appointment here.

A raven couple called to Jessie and I, flew to me and circled me as though they were my previous raven friends the first time we met. They approached me like old friends in the same style the couple I knew before always did. They call me out when they desire to speak to me. It was truly a miracle to be greeted in my new home like this!

Humming bird appeared and flew to me. Butterflies are every where and fly to me. Yellow jackets are around again with much to say.

Hawk called to our family and circled above as our hawk friends did in the previous birthing sanctuary.

A line from the Duo~Miracles movie for those of you receiving the home study kit is in a song: I can never leave myself so how could I ever leave?.

Clean your troubles up from the INSIDE out and watch what occurs. This is the time in history to become clean and clear. All you experience is you, follows you and echos back to you. Wherever you go, there you are! What you experience is YOU!

In peace, I sit here where Heaven is coming up from the Earth and taking my heart deeper and deeper home. A woman called to greet me from next door and told me that she talks to dolphins and whales. We hit it off like old old friends. When ego let go, the world changed. All that is needed is here. The universe pushes us onward for reasons. Forward...never straight. Deeper into heart.



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