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Spirit Whisperer Contemplations

Do you have those down moments during the school day when you could use a shot in the arm, a new way of looking at things, a more positive attitude?

Now you can get an uplifting message delivered daily to you email inbox…… 180 days a year.

Spirit Whisperer Contemplations, inspiring and transformational messages, will help you create a fresh outlook and an emotionally healthy way of looking at your classroom, your students and the educational process in general. And you’ll get one every day of the school year.

Is this you?

Do the demands of the testing gods get you down? Do you become irritated when students choose disrespectful, unself-responsible behaviors? Is the achievement above all else philosophy wearing thin?

It’s time for a regular prescription of Spirit Whisper Contemplations.

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It’s time for a regular prescription of Spirit Whisper Contemplations.

I don’t need any more information. I am ready to order my daily Spirit Whisperer Contemplations now.


So what is a Spirit Whisperer Contemplation anyway?

Spirit Whisperer Contemplations are written by Chick Moorman and are patterned after and consistent with the philosophy of the best selling book, Spirit Whisperers: Teachers Who Nourish a Child’s Spirit. They are short, thought-provoking questions that are intended to help educators put Spirit Whisperer energy to use in their professional practice as they nurture, uplift, inspire and help students tune into the spirit and power within. Two examples follow:

Spirit Whisperer Contemplation Example #1

Refuse to ask yourself, How can I win this battle with this student, this parent, or this administrator? Ask instead, How can I rise above the battlefield and react from that perspective?

Spirit Whisperer Contemplation Example #2

There is some student who needs you to look at them today and think, "I know there is something exciting in there." Do you know who that student is? They are revealing themselves to you in this moment. Do you see it?

Reactions of other professional educators:

"Your Spirit Whisperer contemplations have given me a steady glimpse of ‘teacher caring’ in action. Please keep them coming. I enjoy them more than the first cup of coffee in the morning."

-----Rick Benedict

Professor, Madonna University

Livonia, MI

"I appreciate the regular dose of Spirit Whisperer energy. I look forward to your uplifting message every morning. It helps me manage my own mind and start the day off with intentionality and purpose."

-----John Schmitt

Teacher, McDowell High School

Erie, PA

How to sign up:

Spirit Whisperer Contemplations will come to you every day of the school year for 180 days. Once you sign up, your contemplations will begin arriving on April 3rd and will be delivered to your email account Monday through Friday until June first. The Spirit Whisperer Contemplations will not be delivered over the summer or during a two-week holiday break at the end of December. Daily arrival of the contemplations will resume again the first week of September and continue until your 180 contemplations are exhausted.

Spirit Whisperer Contemplations are being offered at the fabulous price of $12.95. That comes to a ridiculously low investment of 7 cents each. Sign up now and add these incredibly inspiring messages to help you become the teacher you always wanted to be.


Introductory Bonus Offer: The Spirit Whisperer Value Pack

Order your Spirit Whisperer Contemplations today and you can also claim a copy of the highly celebrated, Spirit Whisperers: Teachers Who Nourish a Child’s Spirit at half price. Spirit Whisperers, a 220 page hard cover book, normally sells for $24.95. Your price when you order the Spirit Whisperer Contemplations is only $12.47.

That’s right, you can get the Spirit Whisperer Contemplations and the Spirit Whisper book, a $37.95 value for the reduced rate of $25.42. To order you Spirit Whisperer Value Pack, Click here.


Add that’s not all!

A FREE copy of The Spirit Whisperer Commitments. This important document includes 27 commitments that embody the Spirit Whisperer philosophy and help educators put spirit Whisperer energy to use in their classrooms. A must have for every teacher.

Money back guarantee:

This offer of Spirit Whisperer materials comes will a full money back guarantee. If for any reason you are not totally satisfied with the Spirit Whisperer book, Contemplations, or Commitments simply email us at ipp57@aol.com and request your money back. No reasons are necessary. No hard feelings. Really!

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