Thank You

Thank You

If you are inclined, please go outside and sit upon Mother Earth, cup your hands together and receive all that will come to you as you read. The Earth currently sends out the perfect male-female Heaven on Earth new paradigm. All that stands in the way is being cleansed. The ego fights back to live. The Oneness is stronger. But the fighting ego HURTS!!! Love the ego. Love the child. Love yourself into the Oneness. Release the fight!

Good news: In the Oneness each individual is treasured and remembered and magnified for her/his unique essence-gift! Ask Mother Earth and she will speak to you about this.

Thank you to Kirtana, the blessed musician for singing: It will be given onto you according to what you believe." Her music which is sung from the core of the universal heart will appear in the upcoming DVD "DuoMiracles".

To you who read this message of the Tuesday Ezine:

Thank you for choosing to incarnate and marry your soul with a body so that your deepest heart dream could manifest. I know that each of you came to the physical realm with a gift to share. I know you are your gift. I know that your precious personality, body and mind shall melt back into that gift...that heart... that essence that is you. I know you are love.

All I need to know is this.

All I need to say is Thank you.

Shortly before my sisters and bothers intentions pulled me out of the three darkest months of my life, Jonah the dove came to visit. As I called to him a white dove appeared way high in the sky. As I called again a few days later, I looked up and upon the telephone wire were a big flock of black birds and one little white one. He sent his soul essence from the non physical realms of light, through two birds who's physical bodies I could recognize. He said this: Will you be of the Queen-Kingdom of Heaven on Earth or of your pain?

So I embraced my pain until it melted back to love. I set my boundaries. I commanded of life what was required for my next steps and all I asked was given. Then I could see that everyone is love and that is all... gifts. I could see that what I asked of God: that I incarnate so that my love which is your love spread across the globe...that seminars I orchestrate made a difference...that I am fulfilled beyond words in the occurring. The dream that is so big is happening and we are having AniMiracle seminars in many locations. People are becoming the memory of who we are: ONE LOVE. People are creating dream lives. The animals are calling us home.

Thank you.

Love, Dr. Laurie Moore

If you would like a Full scholarship to the 2 day AniMiracle Seminar in Hawaii, Aptos, Marin, Utah, Las Vegas, or LA 2007 please email us. You deserve this. (One scholarship is offered per person. Criteria: You are human. (Second timers pay full price). Please give this gift to your loved ones so that they may proposer! Send us their email and we will send them a scholarship FREE.

Scholarship for Utah, Hawaii, LA, Marin, Aptos

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