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Greetings from Elisabeth

Spring is blossoming everywhere here in the Shenandoah Valley.I feel most fortunateto have found this special place in my corner of Waynesboro.Creativity and work blossoms too as I continue working on Empath Energy � Beyond Empathy and gearing up for the 20th anniversary edition of The Orion Material.In addition, we are looking forward to publishing River Trails, a book of poetry including special places, special moments and insight�from the inner journey by Charles Harris.We�ll certainly let you know as these projects come to fruition.Our old Synchronicity Press is blooming once again.

The first conference-call Expansion class was an interesting experience.We all quickly adjusted to meeting and greeting over the phone and the class explored personal issues with Orion�s perspective.This issue's Orion On... section is derived from the recent class and touches on how we are speak to and for each other.I look forward to scheduling another class later in the year.

This issue also includes new friends met on the Web, art that will move and inspire you and places that ideas on empathy and Unity are appearing.�After each article, you can follow the link to related web-sites.

Synchronicity Press -

Orion on Questions, Synchronicity & Paradox

In a workshop a participant left, telling someone they were disappointed, as they had wanted the day to cover less personal questions and more philosophical topics. Another participant then made the observation that the person who left could simply could have asked their philosophical question; yet, they did not.This is a good reminder that the customary orientation is to not question the model we are given.Even in a setting exploring broad spiritual topics, an individual did not find the opening within to ask for something other than what they felt was being offered.

We�re sure you have had your own experiences of learning after the fact that someone wanted something different. If one says we�re going to do this, later someone might say, �Oh I wish we had done that.� And you say, �Why didn�t you say anything?�It is because the culture doesn�t really encourage, teach or have a strong principle of questioning the models.The general orientation is to go a certain way, take a certain understanding, comprehend in a certain manner and it all seems aligned and correct and natural. And at times it may be that the model is the model and serves well.

Yet, we encourage you to keep alive and present moments of questioning. Asking ourselves, �Can we see something different?Can we look at it in another way?Is there something else to be seen here? Can there be?�Many of us have learned to do this when the model does not match for us.So many of you, for instance, might have said, �I was hoping this would be more like a teaching workshop and this is my question.�Many who could ask that question, might find that when there is not a problem with what is being presented, we don�t readily consider, �Can we look at this in another way?

Actually, one can only �learn� to question the models.In addition to culture supporting accepting the general models, consider that the whole mind-stream system is designed to recognize and categorize, to catalog and filter.That is how you can drive on the road and look up and realize you�ve gone 15 miles and didn�t focus consciously on it at all. So aspects of this auto-pilot is a useful thing.But knowing that that is how the mind-stream/mind-brain works and further, being comfortable with thinking there are also broader spheres of awareness, fields of consciousness resonating, you can more readily remember to question your models, your assumptions and perceptions � in a gentle, ongoing way.

Since you are actually interested in such questioning, you can place as a background program the idea that, �Can I have a little signal to remember to question?�We can set our mind to have our very own �pop-up messages�.�Can I have a signal which asks, �Is there something else to see here?�And once you bring your attention to it, and practice this attention consciously for awhile, you will find that little impulse to question, to look, will pop up again and again.This �reminder� can become a learned auto-pilot program.Some people, like a research scientist for example, spend a great portion of their professional life examining the What Is and questioning it at the very same time.Then there are those who don�t want to question the model because they are trying to prove a model.That very same thing can unconsciously happen to all of us.With a little bit of attention, you can open up your sphere of awareness and recognition, to invite in �How else can I look at this?�

And with our willingness to question, we want to remind you about the power of how we are together; how we speak for and to each other.We speak for and to each other personally, and in broader energetic ways.In a workshop or class, most people readily find usefulness in questions others have asked, even those which have no direct relevance to one�s own situation.Another�s question can lead us to another way of thinking.���In our view, the whole idea, the energy of people questioning, examining, and considering differently is the mechanism of how we add to the energy systems of mass consciousness; of how we interact with each other on the broadest levels. This is reflected in ideas like the Butterfly Effect, where one small action can have impact or the 100th Monkey Theory, where a critical mass of awareness is building, until it seems at once a new level of awareness is achieved.

There are many people would like to control others ideas, ideals and the actions around them.We contend when you live your own life with awareness, each time you do it for yourself, each time you do it with others, you are actively contributing to keeping alive the awareness of freedom and freedom of awareness.You can certainly amplify this attention to freedom by how you vote or who you contribute to or writing letters or protesting or taking direct actions in response to situations. But in and of itself,each person who looks at their life consciously, each individual who brings attention to how they live, adds that amplification, that field, that energetic movement into the Cosmos.At times you may actually recognize an effect or get feedback, but most often, your impact is not seen in a direct way or any way at all.Yet we are collaborating with life, co-arising with life, impacting the Collective/Connective.

Synchronicity � meaningful coincidence beyond chance.Most everyone has had moments of talking to someone else and saying, �Well, I was thinking about that too.�Once you have recognized that there can be that which is called synchronicity, you see and experience it more and more.Some of these connections are very clear that an action should flow from that synchronistic moment.At other times, the synchronistic meeting is not a predictor of the correct action, but perhaps it is offering a moment of discernment or consideration. But always synchronicity reveals that energetic alliances exist and flow.It is another demonstration to you that there is interconnection.Interconnection is a moving element.It is a cooperative, connecting element.Most people perceive these synchronistic moments as coming towards them.But you are not just the receiver of synchronicity.You are contributing to the alignment of these moments.You come towards each other through the living, alive quality of interconnection; the dance of the interconnection of all things.

And in that, we think you will find life easier to be with, with its ebbs and flows, ups and downs, ins and outs, if you also remember what we feel is truly a core principle - that the nature of this reality is rooted in seeming paradox.That life is often seemingly opposite things existing at the same time.As the physics say, the particle and the wave occurring at the same time.

Isn�t it a fascinating thing, by the way, how so many people who are interested in a spiritual awareness find that they can, on some level, understand elements of quantum mechanics, quantum physics.If you say about the particle and the wave being in the same moment, people �get it�.And yet, this awareness which informs this era, was, just a short while ago in history, not comprehended by the greatest minds.This is a lovely demonstration of, what we refer to as, evolution of consciousness.Here we speak of consciousness as an alive energy.And by evolution we are referring to the recognition level that people can have of consciousness.The aliveness of consciousness is the energy that individuals are always moving with throughout their personal lives and in our global lives.We are seeking to recognize this alive energy in more and different and growing ways.We can see this recognition growing from our individual capacities and also expanding more globally from generation to generation.�Evolution of consciousness� pointstoward the growing capacity of individuals and culturesto comprehend differently, otherly, and perhaps more expansively, than in other times, cycles or places.

You are part of this grand interactive mix and we appreciate your willingness to continue that exploration in your lives.We hope it is supportive of you to think of yourselves as contributing to the grand movement of life in ways you probably do not know of and may not need to know.��Orion

�����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������Edited from an Orion Expansion Class, 2006

The image featured here has become our logo.� It is entitled Orion2 by Chris Darcey, a Canadian artist.

SUNDARI - Romania

Recently I received the most interesting email from Eduard Diaconu in Romania.� Eduard and his friends have created a library of spiritual and metaphysical texts in their town, northwest of Bucharest.Somehow they came across the OrionWisdom website and felt a connection to the material.

Eduard wrote �I am from a town called Pitesti, in Romania. Sailing on the Internet these days, we have found a link to your website. Now, I must say that we were truly amazed by your vision over the human spirit, and by your efforts to make a difference.I write you in the name of a small group of students living here. We are some kind of a research and study group, trying to evolve our spirit, mind, and body, and to maintain a high state of awareness regarding the reality which surrounds us. Sadly, here in Romania it is almost impossible to do such a thing, especially when you use methods which are generally considered as �unorthodox�.

In another email he shared,�Around the entire globe the truthful situation is that people are spiritually starved � the stimulation of television, work, fast food, and other �distractions� in the culture are pushing many people to search for something deeper. I see it every day, but the good news is that people are waking up, ready for deeper knowledge.�

The alive faces in this photo are members of Sundari.� We can help their cause by contributing books, CDs, etc to their library. ��Although mailing at Surface Rate [by ship essentially] is slow, it�s reasonable in cost.Eduard said they haven�t had any trouble receiving packages, but it might be useful to declare the books as a gift on the customs form.Most of the books they have on hand are based in what they call �Oriental� thought and they are open to broadening their inventory.

Do consider sharing some of your library with our friends at Sundari.I�m sure they would be so
pleased to hear from you.

When I wrote to Eduard to say that I was including their site in this newsletter, he responded with these lovely words.�Thank you so much for your help...It proves us, once again, that people care for each other, even if there is an entire ocean between them. This thought gives us new hopes and power to continue our work.�

I�d love to hear from you about your own connections with Sundari. Let us reach across the ocean to Romania.

Meet our friends at Sundari...

Different Light Studio - Deb Booth, Photography

Deb Booth is a delight herself and you will find her website filled with her the most beautiful images of flowers, nature and inspirational sentiments and quotes.Deb�s views, angles and effects make each image unique.A favorite quote she shared with me is �Man plans. God Laughs.Beflexible'.Her images are available as cards, bookmarks and other products.�The image pictured�here is �'Last Light'.Deb�is currently at work on an absolutely lovely book with the �voice� of Nature delighting in its creations. In May she will have a one-woman show at the Shenandoah ValleyArtCenter.

Explore the beauty at Different Light

The Great Illusion - a journey

This is wonderful site is an absolute visual delight, with thought-provoking insights and ideas.I am sure you will be delighted and inspired as you click through the journey.�� The amazing images are by Jim Warren.Victor Kahn wrote the text and created the site. ��I wrote to Victor and he shared this in his reply, �The road each of us travels toward understanding and awakening is a very personal adventure. Experiencing the essence of life in clear words & surreal images so that you can see your own life unfolding is the crystallization of the ultimate paradox�. He closed with �All Paths Lead Inward.�

I shared with him, �In my own life, art has been such a doorway.� It can slip by the censors we carry within; it can let us see a glimpse of something we might be inclined to judge or shy away from.� Your articulation expressed some of my own senses so clearly.� The delight of this era of the internet is the vast possibility of these moments of connection.��A CD-Rom of 'The Great Illusion' is available. It includes 50 of Jim Warren�s paintings.� The image�shared�here�is 'Mother Nature'.

I am glad I can share The Great Illusion with you.

Enter the journey at The Great

A Common Heart � Sue Monk Kidd

Jane Batt sent me a wonderful article regarding Unity and empathy by Sue Monk Kidd, author of The Secret Life of Bees and The Mermaid Chair, two wonderful books of personal discovery.

At a book signing a man shared with her how her book opened an entirely new world to him; sharing of the surprising connection he made with the adolescent Lily of Secret Life of Bees and the African American women in the book.Kidd says, �...he revealed to me a reason to write fiction: because it creates empathy... I want my words to open a portal through which the reader may leave the self, migrate to some other human sky and return "disposed" to otherness...�

�...Is it possible that the experience of empathy is really nothing more, and nothing less, than the breakthrough of an awareness that we humans share an intrinsic unity? Are we indulging in what Ralph Waldo Emerson called a "larger imbibing of the common heart"?...�
In Emerson's "common heart," every person's "particular being is contained and made one with all other." It is the place of our deep and common belonging. Albert Einstein must have been referring to this place when he said that we are part of a whole and any attempt to experience ourselves as separate is an optical delusion of consciousness.Walt Whitman, who never seemed to suffer from this optical delusion, expressed the interconnection poetically when he wrote: "I am large, I contain multitudes." We all do.������� [Italics &�bold my own]

The entire article can be found online in the Washington Post Archives, 12/04/2005

A Common Heart, Washington Post

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