How to Face Non Solicited Advice and Opinions
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Reccommended Experience: Dolphin Swims Create Personal Success in Relationships, Vitality and Financial Abundance
Feature Article: How to Deal with non-solicited Advice & Opinions
Miracle Worker Update: Who's Really Ascending and How?
Miracle Worker's Joy Story: Favorite Animal Teachers
Scholarships for Miracle & Animal Communication Seminars
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Reccommended Experience: Dolphin Swims Create Personal Success in Relationships, Vitality and Financial Abundance

Personal Growth Lovers with great expectations of a new life, often solve one challenge, only find a new problem. Sound familiar? Now that you manifested the income, your relationship is suffering. After the couples' therapy, the honey moon resumes so well, that the long work days go by the way side. Your boss withdraws the bonus and part of the salary. To combat the distress, you begin to work more than ever. To keep up, you must have excellent stamina so you hire a personal trainer. You feel great. You're making money . The boss is so happy you get a double bonus. Your husband and family feel neglected. Your relationships suffer.

Been there? You can fill in your own story but the theme remains the same. Creating the ideal life in all areas, simultaneously, is a skill. After working with thousands of individuals like you, Dr. Laurie Moore says, "The never-fully-there-syndrome can be very profound. I became intent on finding a lasting solution to this for my clients and myself. I was determined to find consistent satisfaction with life. I found this in Hawaii swimming with the dolphins. While most of my life takes place on the land, what the dolphins translated to me, remains with me twenty four hours a day, three hundred and sixty five days a year thorugh great abundance and through challneges."

"I experienced the vacation of a life time," says Laurie Lyon, a court reporter whose beautiful mermaid like ballet swimming is featured in an upcoming DVD, "Unconditional Awakening" produced by Dr. Laurie Moore and designed by John Smith of Kealakekua Bay. Dena (name changed), a participant, who was petrified of water and swimming prior to the trip, now knows what it is like to love water. Dr. Laurie assisted her in changing her relationship with water to one of gratitude. Captain Webster of the Big Island, assisted Dena every step of the way with her dolphin encounters.

"The trip is open to people of any swimming and no swimming ability," Moore explains. "I grew up with a wonderful sister who uses a wheelchair to get around. We want people who feel drawn to attend."

Marissa (named changed for confidentiality) learned to be the source of her own joy with Dr. Laurie Moore's Hawaiian seminar. Dr. Laurie explains that the dolphins physically put the unconditional joy perspective into Melissa's consciousness. "I helped Melissa to realize the unconditional joy she received was hers for good. I taught her how to keep drawing upon it with some key tools I teach in all my seminars. The societal pulls away from unconditional joy are strong For this reason, I send my participants home with a mental kit of success tools."

Melissa, now being a master of producing her own joy, is better able to produce favorable practical and even miraculous results in all life areas: personal relationship, health & beauty, financial income abundance and spiritual evolution. What is different in result-producing after Dr. Laurie Moore's seminar, is that these miraculous results are icing on the cake. "The joy I had once sought in circumstances now emanates from my own heart," says Dr. Laurie Moore. "I am teaching this to my clients, with the dolphins as the leaders."

Imagine swimming in warm waters, receiving support in a safe community, walking on a warm sandy beach, and learning tools for unconditional joy, as well as miraculous practical success. Add to this, quality in person time with the masters of unconditional joy. Some of Dr. Laurie Moore's gurus, the spinner dolphins of Kealakekua Bay, on the Big Island of Hawaii are available. You have a 25% chance of finding them on your own. You have a 95% chance of meeting them with Dr. Laurie Moore during her seminar after she teaches you animal communication. Include in this fantasy, scrumptious meals our own master chef, delivered to your own kitchen, as well as yoga, transformational processes, channeled messages, singing in a group, an animal communication class, an evolved human communication class, drama games, deep meditation, new friends that may be for life, and more. People say they feel very close as soon as the trip begins. Dr. Laurie has a way of inviting everyone to be at home with themselves and to share deeply from the heart.

For those who love to do something unique, another surprise is offered. Less than 1% of people on the planet ever get to experience an evening swim with manta rays. Divers light your way into a magic world in which you may recall the source of light and sound from which you were born. Sound abstract? Here's another way to explain this. The magic manta world can wind you back in time to a beginning source of fulfillment.

Do you long endlessly for a depth of fulfillment that never quite occurs in life's changing circumstances? Yearn no more. This trip will teach you to find deep rich fulfillment inside the home of your own heart. Feel the warm lavender rinse our Captain Veto pours over you on a boat-shower as you wrap up in a warm towel and begin to sense the ancient towers of Lemuria still filling the air with unconditional love.

With Dr. Laurie Moore's expert facilitation, you will learn to communicate with your self, the dolphins and others in a way that gives you birth into a new realm of unconditional joy. I can feel that warm sun, and the sweetness of all life is meant to me calling now. I'm ready to start packing!

Also, there is one more thing you should know. Dr. Laurie Moore caters to a very high quality of the heart audience. It is imperative that participants are being 100% responsible for creating their own experience in life. We facilitate events that give you tools to become masters of your destiny. You must be ready for this degree of responsibility, so we require a short interview on the phone with Dr. Laurie Moore or her assistant Richard, prior to accepting your enrollment. This ensures for a wonderful community. Perhaps we will see you there?

831-477-7007 to sign up

More Programs by Dr. Laurie Moore

Feature Article: How to Deal with non-solicited Advice & Opinions

Before I crawl for a moment into the crevice of a dark cave...a personal pet peeve...people who feel need to fix, advise, change and judge, when all is well in my world, let me start with the good news!

I just came inside to the office from a wonderful yoga session in the sun with beautiful bird songs taking the place of my CD player. Jessie Justin Joy (the enlightened cat who now gives personal readings) was by my side. The seminar sanctuary is soothing and enlivening. The flowers have come out to fill the air with sweetness.

New and improved ideas to make your dolphin trip and California intensive, life altering, pierced through my heart during my meditation. I felt the ascended masters hold me and show me that all of the universe exists within each heart. I felt fully loving and loved all at once knowing how abundant this universe is.

I'll let you in on something. It was not always this way for me. Last month I had a carpet pulled out from under my feet. Suddenly losing the sanctuary upon which this business is based, was very upsetting. So upsetting was my predicament, that I had two choices: be upset or create a new reality at all odds. Believe me when I tell you that I got to work FAST! I practice all I preach, so I went into a many hour process (similar to the one we offer each of you at the intensive), to turn my reality around! I called in my guides and got to work. I also called friends and colleagues to assist.

The facts and the figures, along with our landlords new decision to sell, meant we would be out of our long term rental any minute. Facts be what they were, the abundance of nature in the universe, spoke otherwise to me. From the depth of the earth, golden rays came surging up and angels surrounded me. I was given instructions on how to proceed in my highest interest, in the highest interest of all life everywhere.

The outcome is amazing and will be shared in an upcoming episode. I ask you to wait patiently as the process is still in motion. I'll wait until everything is set to share the entirety of good news that is playing out via my listening to the animals and guides.

I will tell you this a head of time. Every break down is the universe trying to get your attention so that you may have, be, and do something much more marvelous than what you created so far. That's what happened to me. It all began when I got a traffic ticket for speeding.

Instead of getting upset I thanked the universe for slowing me down via a ticket so that my life was safe. Steeped in gratitude, I arrived to give my talk in San Jose just in time anyway. I was happier as could be because the universe gave me an opportunity to create happiness from within, instead of based on circumstance. Good thing, because the talk was on ways to create success and tapping into unconditional joy. This has been one key secret in how I have created a business of great flow, freedom, and outstanding results.

My energy was so upbeat that I won a raffle. I prayed as the announcer picked the ticket. My prayer was that the person who would most benefit and best use the six CD tape on success and results would be picked. I was picked. The day after I received the bad news about the sanctuary, I turned the CD on to a random place in the series of 6. The voice on the CD was speaking about how to purchase a home when it is out of one's league and the odds are impossible.

Get how the flow goes? Had I chosen to be angry at the ticket or the house being sold I would be in a horrible state. The house sale inspired me to learn many new things about money which are currently changing my life. The information, people and events needed for my support gathered round me. When you listen to what is available and ask for what you need, tragedy opens a door to tremendous possibility and ultimate success. Do that for yourself right now!

Who told me what to do? The Earth, the Ravens, the Hawk, the angels, master teachers of light and my cat.

From them I learned how to handle all of this in a way that has kept me in state of deep love. Did I get upset at all? Of course. I ranted and raved a bit and then I stopped. Short in my tracks like my cat does. He's on the way inside. He sees some sun. Plop. He changes directions and follows his bliss.

Everything that happens to you is designed to lead you back to bliss. You can fight and got to hell here and now, or you can lean into the gift and go to Heaven here and now!

Just yesterday we had a client come in for the six hour intensive to work with the Golden Trio: Dr. Laurie Moore, Wayne Hoff and Linda Adams. The result: years of emotional and physical pain gone.

Are you ready to transform areas in your life that no longer serve you? I challenge you to give yourself a great gift. Come to the Hawaii Dolphin Seminar and the Intensive and do so right away.

Now you won't believe this bit it is solid truth. Linda, Wayne and I will offer intensives at HALF price from April 7th � May 15th to the first 12 people to sign up. This is a very important commitment only for people who are truly devoted and wish to invest in their well being.

Give us a call and dive in!

Now many of you are asking, what just happened? I was reading an article about �dodging advice givers� and ended up on a roller coaster. Where's the advice? Don't worry. I'm getting to that. I didn't forget.

When you begin to follow your bliss and trust that the universe is on your side everyone becomes a gift. The ones that are too afraid to get their own trip together and insist on advising you (when you are doing fine already) invoke your compassion. You see their greatness and only wish for them to use it in the right place. The ones who are so self hating that they attack you attract you zero. You simply turn away. People that want to find out if their attacks will get to you via force, (We had someone try 20 times in our office before she realized we would only respond with neutrality and love she apologized in the end) , give you an amazing opportunity to practice unconditional love and neutrality. Best of all, I find that in following my bliss, I receive endless gratitude calls, emails, snail mails, support and help. It seems to fall like rain. This office is surrounded by people happy to help. We are grateful!

You also get to make boundaries. I have many animals, angels and people now working for me who surround me with love. I choose this. After I give a lot out I am UNAVAILABLE for people who wish to play mind games, take my time without scheduling it and distract themselves from their own life path by calling on me. I wasn't always this committed to myself and paid the price of burn out. Come to Hawaii and the intensive to become the source of a dream life!

Need more help with all this ? We will talk to all your animal guides, angels and master teachers and turn you into a fresh new source of light and love for yourself and all those you meet when you jump into the Hawaii waters and the California sanctuary.

By the way, we are incredibly happy that we keep getting lots and lots of testimonials on the email, on the snail mail box and on the voicemail Thank you!!!! We love them. We are grateful that so many people are prospering. Keep letting us know what worked and we will keep giving more of it.

Face all that comes your way with love and you will find love is all that comes your way. Look closely.

See you soon,


Dr. Laurie Moore, The Miracle Worker 831-477-7007

Miracle Worker Update: Who's Really Ascending and How?

Answer for people who prefer the 13th dimensional language:

Great news: Everyone who asks will become what they ask to be. The frequencies on the planet now allow instant change. What is required of you is that you ask to ascend into the light waves of golden joy, that you cleanse spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically, that you set positive intentions and that you lovingly take responsibility for all creations in life. The universe will handle everything else!

Someone asked me �why� the other day. Here is my answer. If you could live in the city dump or in a home your dreams, which would you choose? If you would choose the home of your dreams, you may wish to ascend. The enlightened masters of previous Earth times say �be happy in all circumstances�, but the new energies on the planet say �be happiness and create the circumstances from that happiness�. Be non-attached to your preferences and create them none the less. If you prefer the dump, live in it and celebrate! If you prefer the Garden of Eden, I hope to meet you there. You are right and you are loved by life, through whatever you choose. Life does not make one choice better than another, so do what inspires you for whatever reasons are yours.

Answer for people who prefer the 4th dimensional language:

Everyone is loved and accepted for whatever they do with their career, finances and relationships. Choose to develop whatever you desire in life with love. As a result you will prosper and feel lighter.

Answer for people who prefer the 3rd dimensional language:

Go after whatever you desire. Get it no matter what it takes. In the end, all shall be clear.
Answer for people who prefer the first source dimensional language:
Music, colors...all is ....

If you don't feel like you are literally changing into golden rays of energy, unconditional love and bliss, there is a lot more available to you at this time in history. Here are a few clues on how to ascend.

1) Ask Life to take you into the Unconditional.

2) Work to identify each of your upsets in two words: I am _________ For example" "I am disappointed."

"My husband has self defeating habits," isn't the core issue, nor is "my best friend won't listen." The core issue is "I am ______________(disappointed)."

3. From there, ask Life for what you want. It is always the opposite of what you don't want. For example, the people who are �dissatisfied� with their partners and friends wish to be �satisfied�.

4. Once you identify what you do desire, notice how in some moments, you have it already. For example, instead of focusing on how dissatisfied you are, notice � "I felt satisfied when my husband cuddled me, when my child laughed, when I taught school today, and when I was at the gym."

5. Notice the change in your ability to make life feel good, when you focus on what is working well.

6. Notice how you begin to attract happier scenarios when you are feeling happier. Make a list of all happier scenarios you attract.

7. Notice in these confrontational times that we can take our power in ways that leave us feeling lighter and lifted OR in ways that leave us entrenched. The result of your choices indicates the nature of your intention. If you don't like the result of a life-situation you are in, choose a different intention this moment. Life will change around you immediately.

As you practice this each day, notice you are becoming lighter. Make life a practice of intending to be what you seek. If you wish to ascend into unconditional awakening, ask life to guide you. LIFE KNOWS HOW! Tell life each day that awakening is your priority. T he results just might astound you.

Want more practice and support? Attend the Hawaii Dolphin seminars to find out how easy it can be. . 831-477-7007

Miracle Worker's Joy Story: Favorite Animal Teachers

Animals are wonderful teachers for me. Through humor and inspiration, they take my heart into new depths. I view them as master permaculturists whose living styles fully support a healthy planet. I find animals to be worthy of great respect and often bring them into my seminars as teachers and panelists. Because I work as an animal communicator, I am able to translate the messages of canines, felines and other animals who wish to contribute to panel discussions on the topics of communication and a healthy planet. This article is being written to share some of my favorite encounters with animal teachers.

One evening as I drove home, I wondered if I had accurately transcribed a canine's message to his person. The message was of a new world that was being born. The message that Joseph the dog communicated ,was about a world that felt like Heaven on Earth. The message was to trust the heart's deepest fantasy of what life can be and life shall become that. "Was that really Joseph speaking," I asked myself, "or was I hearing my own thoughts?'"

Just then Gertrude, an owl, who spends much time in our yard, landed in front of my car. Instead of pulling into the driveway, I had to stop the car and listen deeply. "The new GOLDEN world is VERY real, Gertrude said. �Trust in your heart. Deep in that heart, all thoughts are one and of the same fabric.� I realized that canine Joseph had spoken in a unique flavor and was truly having thoughts similar to my own. Owl Gertrude took me to such awe, I could not speak for hours. I could only feel great love.

Yesterday I was taken to awe again. I was called to the SPCA through my own heart. Often I am asked to go places without knowing why and simply go as I am asked by the angels. I stopped in to offer some animal communication seminar scholarships. Right after I entered, a client of mine, Candy,(Names in this story are changed to respect confidentiality.) who lives two hours away, walked in. I had been helping her to prepare for the reincarnation of her dog. Both of us had a feeling the dog would be at Bed and Biscuits in Santa Cruz, though neither of us had made a plan to meet there. Both of us had come up with this idea separately, and recently surprised each other in revealing we had the same idea. By divine orchestration, we now arrived on que. D.L., a soul who was very enlightened, complete with a current canine mission on earth, was ready to leave, while Sarah, Candy's friend was ready to return. Angels came in as the soul exchange occurred, and all of us were brought into profound bliss, joy and peace. Remembering this to day, I am ecstatic.

I asked my cat what he thought about all this and he said, "It's simple Mom. When we listen to the moon, the sun and the stars and carry out their suggestions the entire world is in harmony. Come listen to the trees, the earth and the sky and you too shall walk the roads of Heaven on Earth forevermore. " Thank you my precious cat-friend, Jessie Justin Joy, for your great wisdom. Thank you canine Joseph, owl Gertrude, souls D.L. and Sarah and human Sarah. Thank you for listening and bringing Heaven to Earth.

Scholarships for Miracle & Animal Communication Seminars

Scholarships for Miracle & Animal Communication Seminars

Welcome to the worlds of miracles and animal communication.

This is a personal message from Dr. Laurie Moore. I welcome you with the love that lives in all hearts.

I have developed a miracle producing program, Unconditional Awakening. This 2 seminar program assists people in spiritually enlightening in the context of creating miraculous practical results in all areas of living: health & vitality, relationships with others, abundance & success, and over all fulfillment. My methodology teaches you to develop a new and evolved way of communicating with yourself, other humans, animals, nature and for those who feel inclined, spiritual helpers whoever those may be for you.

In California
The Unconditional Awakening Scholarship Package entitles you to attend:

The Miracles Seminar on May 6, 2006 from 10-6 pm has seats available ($900 value) in Soquel, CA. The Animal Communication Seminars May 7th and May 13th are now full, so we are putting people on a waiting list and will also be notifying you of the next Animal Communication Seminar which is most likely to take place in February of 2007.($900 value).

In Hawaii
The Unconditional Awakening Scholarship Package entitles you to attend:

The Miracles Seminar on Kona side of The Big Island on August 3, 2006 from 10-6 pm plus the Animal Communication Seminar on Kona side of The Big Island on August 5, 2006 from 10-3 pm
Information Continued for California and Hawaii
Because is my intention to share this methodology with one million people from all walks of life, many countries, many ages, all religions and no religions, and all political parties by 2015, I am offering scholarship packages. This makes my work available to EVERYONE.

In the core of every human heart is one love. World Love is a possibility! Each person who chooses to create a life in line with his or her heart's greatest desires contributes to the creation of World Love. I invite you to come and change from the inside out.

It is important that you reserve spots with a sincere commitment to be at the event and bring your full self to gain maximum results. Your gift is free. Sign up to truly be there and benefit. It is my desire that if you reserve a space, you are fully committed as only you can change your life. To do so in this new way, you must show up and receive the gift! As there are often waiting lists for my miracle courses, please ask yourself if you are 100% committed before reserving a seat. Of course, I have full faith that you can change your life on your own, but if you are drawn to this program, allow yourself the luxury of a weekend of joy, awakening and success with support and connection!

To reserve your spot: email back which of the 4 courses you will participate in (Miracles Seminar, Miracles Teleconference, Animal Communication Seminar, Unconditional Awakening, Aloha Circle Gathering). Remember, the scholarship package allows you to come to all 4 and you are fully welcome to enjoy the complete package! I deeply desire to assist you with your spiritual and practical success in all areas of your life!

Please call 831-477-7007. Please share this information with everyone you know who will benefit. "Ask and you shall receive" is the nature of life. These scholarships are in harmony with that perspective, sent through the voices of birds, the sun, the dolphins and other teachers.

Directions and anything else you need to know will be sent prior to the events.

Mail your questions to and Laurie or one of her assistants will respond.

May All beings Be Joy. May All Beings Be Peace. May all be creating lives that come to fruition via deepest heart Yearnings, May it be so for you!
More Programs by Dr. Laurie Moore at the websites below.

Laurie Moore, Miracle Coach-Therapist & Animal Communicator

Dr. Laurie Moore, LMFT, CHT, Animal Communicator
(831) 477-7007

Unconditional Awakening Journeys � P.O. Box 818 Soquel, CA 95073

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