Philanthropist needed for People and animals/Keep the Sanctuary
Philanthropist needed for People & Animals/Keep the Sanctuary


My name is Dr. Rev. Laurie Moore. Friends have nick named me Ghandilee because I love to sing songs of peace to the stars, flowers and animals. I was born with a deep knowing of my soul purpose: to love, to share love, to assist people with loving themselves, the animals and the planet, and to clear away all in me that is not love.

Beginning in elementary school, I have spent my life setting up many projects and organizations to assist people in remembering the deep love that is the root of who they are. I am blessed to live in the abundance of wild animals who approach me, testimonials from hundreds of people who have changed their life with my help, domestic animals who love me and deep joy each day. My dream has taken priority for 43 years despite many struggles. My heart and many other hearts prosper as a result.

Each year of my life I have prayed to the angels for guidance on how to best use my creativity to serve people, animals and all life everywhere. As a result many have transformed their lives for the best. Each week we receive beautiful testimonials:

"Laurie, you changed my life. I am at peace again"�Sno Palmer, healer
"Laurie, my addiction is gone. I am empowered"�.Dena Barton, hotel management
"Laurie, I sit in deep gratitude to be here and alive"�.Eunie Del Rosario, teacher
"Laurie, you are our spiritual Einstein"�Wade Hart and Jody Sorenson, home inspectors

I am grateful to be able to help people and animals create miracles every week. Now it is I that needs a miracle. Many of you know about my scholarship program. The program, which angels asked me to create, is based on the mission statement, �Ask and You Shall Receive.� We wish to generate a new Heaven-on- Earth World that allows everyone to prosper. For this reason I have created scholarships to assist people in 1) creating miracles and 2) learning to hear the animal�s messages and wisdom. Any person from any walk of life may have a FULL $1800-$2027 scholarship by asking! My desire is to reach one million in the next ten years.

While the program can be brought anywhere, the sacredness at the sanctuary is unique. Here I have developed personal relationships with bees, an owl, three hawks, two ravens, humming birds, deer , a bob cat and butterflies. Some of you have seen the humming bird fly to me, the Ravens and Hawks come to circle only a few feet above my head, the owl approach or the bees crawl on my arms. Others have been approached by owl, deer, birds, themselves.

The sanctuary is up for sale and way out of my means. I have spent an average of 40-70 hours a week doing 65%-100% of this as pro bono work most of my adult years as well as many of my childhood years. I live in prosperity each day (with love, people devoted to assisting in my service projects, people who care, animals, nature, all I need, etc.) but I do not have savings in any form to draw upon. Most of the money that I bring in via my works goes right back into my projects. I feel I am the richest and happiest person in the world but there is no big bank account. I have assisted many in making miracles with money and feel it is my time to make one now.

In order to keep the sanctuary and continue to provide scholarships for people from all over the world to come study, I ask that a philanthropist (or group of philanthropists) either
1)donate money so that I can co-purchase the sanctuary
2) purchase or co-purchase the sanctuary as an investment or place to live

"Laurie, you are our angel." Rick Gillart, Sales
"Laurie, because I followed your program I left a relationship that wasn't my hearts deepest desire and I found the perfect mate for me. -Jeri Passaro, real estate manager
"Laurie, whenever I come to your programs, I benefit." -Henry Seltzer, astologer
"Laurie, I am heaven. Thank you for helping me with my dog. -Kay Matthews, administration

One philanthropist who makes a $200,000-$125,000,000 investment or donation to help change the world back into Heaven via this project OR 1000 philanthropists making a donation of $300 will allow people to attend these programs for many many years. Just think. Your best friend, your cousin, your wife, your kids, your boyfriend, your animals may be some of the many to change their lives and create miracle if this project continues�.

I have given out love and service for 43 years and the results are outstanding! I live in unconditional miracles, joy and love and can't wait to see what happens next each day. Even when I struggle, I know a miracle is on the way. I Love life! Giving makes a person love life! If you have it in your heart to give to the sanctuary, do so right away. Feel the fulfillment of your intentions shine the sun upon you. As I write, the sun is beaming through the window clearer and clearer.

If you would like to support thousands of people in creating miracles and learning the wisdom of the animals, as well as help someone who has helped thousands and will continue to do so, please contact Kate and Richard (Dr. Laurie Moore�s sanctuary admins) at 831-477-7007 to set up an appointment with Laurie.

The sanctuary is likely to be swept up by family or wealthy single person any day now, so please act soon! It could be sold to someone else tomorrow. Please send this to anyone you know who would benefit in their own hear by helping helping helping thousands of people with an act of financial loving.

Real Estate Agents are streaming through this place and I have given them goodie bags of uisnpirational treats so as to maintain love and peace through this. No matter what happens I am committed to being joy! Come share the joy by helping to keep the sanctuary.

Blessings and Joy to You,
Dr. Rev. Laurie Moore 831-477-7007

More Programs by Dr. Laurie Moore

Dr. Laurie Moore, LMFT, CHT, Animal Communicator
(831) 477-7007

Unconditional Awakening Journeys � P.O. Box 818 Soquel, CA 95073

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