Warm Methods to Transform Challenges
Warm Methods to Transform Challenges

The Miracle Worker's Animal Wisdom Program leads YOUR way!

How may of you know that you need to do some healing in order to create some of the experiential creations in life you desire? Thank you for being courageous enough to be honest about this.

Here is the problem. You know that it is possible to create a wonderful reality for yourself. However, self defeating habits keep getting in the way. This happened to me many times. I tried to stop particular negative thought patterns, feeling patterns, fears and habits but failed.

I knew I needed help so I sought it out with many practitioners. When I got to Linda Adams and Wayne Hoff I looked no more. These clear channels made sure I was cleared of old ancestral patterns, and unhealed wounds. With my own background in psychotherapy I new how to direct the sessions so that I received what I needed quickly. I succeeded and so will you with our expert facilitation. We will save you years!

That is why I was determined to have these expert healers work with me. I want everyone I know to be free of negativity, disillusionment, deconstructive habits, addictions, DISAPPOINTMENT, self defeating approaches and feeling stuck that may be soft wired in your physical/mental nature yet easily released. I'm ready for world peace which begins one individual at a time. Please do NOT blame yourself for these human tendencies ANY MORE because we all have them! You are not alone! I provide the clarity for letting you achieve in a matter of hours what could take years. by identifying the point of constraint in simple terms. Linda and Wayne assist you in a deep cleanse of all you do not need. I have worked with many people and no matter how high your aspirations, if you do not cleanse the old patterns you find yourself stuck again and again.

Laurie, you always make everything so clear and simple! I do not know what I need and then you articulate it so I can understand. Mahalo.�

�You make it so simple and light.�-Bella
"Clearings work!" -Carol
"Linda and Wayne's clearings allowed me to change withdrawal patterns and energetic anger patterns that were impossible for me to change for many years!" -Dr. Laurie Moore

Can I tell you about the Miracle Worker Group’s Animal Wisdom Program? Thank you for caring enough about your own healing to read on. World peace comes from one individual at a time finding that strength to recognize the need to change and the courage to get the help to do so.

So, this program is for you if you know you need to do some healing.

You will receive a six-hour private session day with Linda, Wayne and me!

You will experience an 8 week advanced coaching course to keep you motivated and supported! Your need to have questions answered will be included. Your need for follow support will be available.

You have training trios for ongoing sharing and more heart-intimate support.

You will attend amazingly transformative and inspiring advanced 6 hour training, only available to others who have taken the courage to heal in this particular way so that you share a common language for this particular process. Imagine the compassion, tears, laughter, triumph and accomplishment you will share.

You are likely to stop blaming yourself and discover that blocks are natural parts of the human experience, easily removed in short time, attentiveness, some work, some play and proper help.

You will have the opportunity to feel liberated from old pain, frustration, grief and habits.

You will be able to be more powerful at home and at work.

Your self confidence will likely grow.

You will be able to experience more of what life offers: gratitude, peace, joy and love within any circumstance!

You will learn how wise the animals are and learn to be supported by them.

You will most likely feel closer to nature and nature's tremendous gifts to you.

Instead of disappointment you will discover celebration as your mode!

You will have the assistance to know fulfillment as your inherent state of being.

You can receive the in person support of master GURU I.e compassionate mirror to higher nature) feline Jessie Justin Joy and the help of other animals who send messages your way.

�Laurie, the urge to use the drug is not present now.� -Dena

�Laurie, I feel I can move forward. I thought I could not live without him but I can move on now. I can go on to a healthy life with myself!� Susan

�Laurie, I don�t need to over eat any more.� Carrie

�Laurie, I feel better!� -Bill

"Laurie, my heart mended." -Herby

if you are interested call 831-477-7007 or email us below.

Thank you.

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Jessie Justin Joy, miracle feline offers a GIFT with your Program!

Jessie often tells me what my clients needs. One day I was leading the teleconference and he said, "Laurie, you need to re-explain the exercise. A woman named Chris who is on the call is very visual and you explained the exercise based only on feeling and energy." I followed his instructions and the woman, named Chris immediately said, "thank you. Now that you are explaining this in visual terms I understand. I was unsure of what you meant."

Often Jessie's tells me what people most need so that they may go through deep healings. Although I live in society that thinks animals are simply cute, one day people will remember to hear how intelligent our brother and sister animal friends are. Not long ago women were seen as second, people of color, particular religions were mis-seen. I know that the animals are light years ahead of the humans as the Mayans also knew. I honor Jessie's expertise and often tell him, you are president of my company. I am your spokesperson."

Jessie gave me this message for all of you:

My name is Jessie Justin Joy and my soul purpose is to help lead people back into the beaming light of love. I work via Laurie. Please know there are no tricks about me. I am pure and my purpose is LIGHT. I help move you there. Light is simple. It is sun, goodness, joy, love, compassion and the forever expansion of all that is good inside. I help people go back to the heart of the matter and their original source. I came to Earth to play in the sun and get things moving. I am very real and like people. I think, love and choose actions for the GOOD. Life is music in my ears.

I work to get Laurie to understand my messages to her and make things more simple. Over the years she has learned to listen and understand. "

"Relax, trust and love," I say. She thanks me.

"You are a gifted teacher." she tells me.

I say, "Laurie you are sunshine." We are in spiritual love.

I will be happy to give each of you who are registered in the new program: HOT NEW METHODS TO ELIMINATE PROBLEMS; The Miracle Worker�s New Animal Wisdom Program (see article above) a personal message to help you feel love and trust in life again. I will help you to get dancing on your toes, leave behind your woes and find a new friendly way to enjoy your life. I'll help you to make it simple. You can trust me.

Laurie will film me and send you a private DVD. I feel good about talking on camera. Laurie will volunteer to translate the words so you can have a discussion with yourself, about yourself and the message I send personally to you. Each message will be for the individual and will only be discussed among you, me and Laurie. It is private for your welfare and well being. No tricks. Simple.

To enroll in The Miracle Worker's Animal Wisdom Program and receive a reading from Jessie Justin Joy (we are offering only 10 at this time) please read "Hot New Methods to Eliminate Problems" above.

I'm ready to Enroll! Press Here


We would like to get more animal scenes between Dr. Laurie Moore and animals on film so that people know she speaks the truth of her encounters. DVD for inspiration, heart touching joy and credibility is our goal.

Inquire at 831-477-7007

Press Here to email us NOW about this position.


Do you wish you had more money to attend advanced seminars and tele-coaching with Dr. Laurie Moore? Are you ready to become a Master of Miracle Creation, Living a Dream Life (with money, relationship, the body, spiritual awakening) or Animal Communication?

We have a barter position open for SERIOUS students. (Seriously devoted to learning...the office is light hearted and we laugh a lot over here!)


4 hours a week
articles,letters, and Ezines into internet directories

two professional reference
one personal reference
cover letter
B.A., Graduate degree, (OR equivalent life experience)
two interviews
positive attitude
able to make an 18 month commitment
Able to work from home

This job is best suited for someone who has the knowledge to start up immediately with little supervision.
Serious interest in barter as a win win opportunity (You like this plan!)
Interest in learning skills for spiritual awakening in the context of practical goal achieving

Barter payment: negotiable hourly barter rate depending upon your pace

Call 831-477-7007 or email Laurie@DrLaurieMoore.com

Press Here to email us NOW about this position.


Do you wish to avoid the $30,000-$100,000 for private rehab? Do you desire an uplifting approach and individual attention to overcome your addiction to drugs, alcohol, sex, love, cigarettes or OTHER habits? Do you desire a spiritual, mental, physical, emotional, creative uplifting rehab program to help you succeed at last? Are you FED UP with feeling out of control because of an addiction?

Dr. Laurie Moore saves you not only time and money but more. When you truly complete my ENTIRE one month private rehab program, the urge to use is gone. Instead you find urges for community, love, life, exuberance, a healthy body, goals, life dreams AND the means to fulfill these urges in healthy ways. Some have said that once an addict always one at the core, and I say BULL_ _ _ _! When you really get CLEARED and transformed you are born a new. My one month rehab clients prove that with their success.

If you are considering this one-on-one program and are seriously ready to quit the habit, I can put you in touch with one of my graduates who no longer uses and feels empowered. Then your questions can be answered.

You may also call me for an interview for the program. There is no cost for the interview. This program is offered in California and will soon be available in Hawaii.

Listen, if you aren't quitting it's getting worse. If you are not quitting now, you are not quitting period. If you think you will take care of it next week, you are in danger of losing the precious opportunities of living. The last stage of any addiction is death. You OWE it to yourself to get support now. Forgive yourself! It has happened to billions of people. The only thing between you and recovery is you're not getting the help you need. Get caring, supportive, expert help now:

Dr. Laurie Moore 831-477-7007 for free initial consult.
There is no tomorrow for this. NOW.

The Miracle Worker~Dr. Laurie Moore

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