Unconditional Awakening, Buddhism & Religions
Unconditional Awakening, Buddhism & Religions

Unconditional Awakening, Zen Buddhism & Religion

A client sincerely expressed a concern that she was torn between what she
called two opposites: miracle mastery (one of the components of Unconditional Awakening tm on which my company, The Miracle Worker is founded) and Zen Buddhism. �How do I practice both when they are polar opposite?� she asked.

To view these two practices as polar opposite would be like viewing the beating of the heart and the washing of the hands as polar opposite. To consider breathing and running polar opposite would be similar. Let me explain.

In Zen Buddhism we observe all that exists within us as is. We take away the judgment and comparison and view what is. This is similar to what is done in a variety of yogic lineages where we chant or practice postures until we reach the witness stage of being with what is without resistance or analysis, just being.

Once we are able to fully be peace at essence, while observing and also being what is in the mind, body, light body and ultimately the entire consciousness, through a direct experience of consciousness beyond intellect, we begin to discover that all that exists is simply a tone or a sound. In the doing of this, because we are in duality we have the privilege to make new creations. When we are in unconditional being with what is, our creations are formed of a loving unconditional response to such, rather than an agenda coming from an unhealed wound or unclear expectation.

Miracle mastery comes from having a deep unconditionally joyful awareness that we are fully whole and well whether we are rich, poor, happy, sad, big, small, etc. From this awareness we can have preferences AND WHEN WE ARE IN A SILENT PLACE PREFERENCES OF DIVINE WILL COME THROUGH US IN LOVE. I have found that all my preferences come to fruition in astoundingly beautiful ways when I come from this place. In this place preferences are an art piece. Entering the 3 dimension intellect and will realms is FUN and also valued in Western culture where I live this incarnation, so I do it, but it is not the essence of what Unconditional Awakening tm is all about.

I discovered Unconditional Awakening after spending many hours a day in meditation, chanting and yoga from ages 19-42. It happened in a flash and nothing has been the same since. I was at The Paws and Claws Sanctuary with Gina Palmer and many animal teachers including Jonah the dove, who is responsible for my entry into the complete unconditional along with Jessie Justin Joy. Gina was telling me many things about the
Mayan culture which my head was not able to hear because I am not one to pick up details. However, her vibration was the Mayan culture in its root essence, as she spoke. This was also so of the vibrations of Spirit, Jonah, Shera and Sno, Cinnamon, Charles IV, Alex and many other animal teachers I was blessed to encounter. Surrounded by this vibration, what I had known in my core all along took contained flame. I needed to be lit like a campfire by this vibration which blended with years and life times of mantras, sounds, memories, chants, shaktipots, prayers, chosen thoughts, Guru�s initiations, rituals into the soul of the unconditional.

This life time I lived in a Sufi tekkia and spent over a decade immersed in the practices of service and devotion where the essence of all teachings was unconditional love and trust in the Divine via the heart, via the world. This is to be in the world in service and not of the world. This is to see the many faces of God in all that is. I spent over a decade immersed in practicing and teaching yoga and found the essence to be to return to the peace of all that is beyond the word back to the one eternal sound. I spent many years practicing Jewish rituals and found the rituals were ways of returning to the lovingness of being fully among others in duality respecting the individiual perceptions of each one experiences, thus knowing the oneness among all.
I was born in a family with both Jewish and Unitarian roots and understood the essence of all religions to be one love.I spent a lot of time with Divine Mother Love religions and found
that all practices are of one love that keeps creating and generating itself into new forms. I spent time with the dolphins and whales and found that creation can be created in bliss and love tones and crystallized shapes which become apparent as we go from the 3d to the 5-13th dimensions.

Soon after my experiences with Jonah the dove I realized that the only answer to anything is for me return to the core of the heart of the Earth in each moment. We are all invited here. From here everything exists in lights and tones. The dolphins and whales help us to find these tones in great bliss and musical ecstasy.

I considered going into seclusion but felt a memory of doing that many life times and choose to stay in the world. Here I can get lost many times in a day and then have the privilege to transform aspects of my thinking and consciousness into more uplifted states and then to return silently within myself to the sound and light. I get to observe all the levels of duality I play, like a piano player making music, and than allow myself to be absorbed back into the songs the trees, the grass, the water, the sun are singing to one another.

Om Shanti Love

Dr. Laurie Moore

Dr. Laurie Moore, LMFT, CHT, Animal Communicator
(831) 477-7007


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