Message of Divine Love
Message of Divine Love

Whatever appears to be outside of you is, in fact, inside you. Whatever isn't feeling uplifting is ready to be loved back into love. Anything that comes your way from another or from you is only needing love. When two inspired Lovers of the Light love with non-attachment and uplifted love, the universe in their moment becomes LOVE only! When someone sends you angry, dark, accusatory energies with no responsibility for how she-he is generating them, REJOICE. Fully love the energy that came your way and watch it melt into love inside you. Remember, what the other person experiences is his or her business. You stay with God, Great Spirit, All that IS, Your Highest Being.

As I have become a more public figure much that is apparently different in duality is thrown toward me: appreciation, worship, love, hatred, attraction, blame, kindness, service, rage, care, selfishness, disregard, respect, laughter, joy, protectiveness, fondness, jealousy, and on and on...all of the human expereince.... As I sit inside my heart, this all occurs.... as I sit inside my heart. I have found the most effective way to stay uplifted in love is to fully feel the energies I feel, know they are me in some way, accept them, forgive them, witness them, allow them to be what they are: vibrations of color and sound. Then I LOVE them until all I am, once again, is love.

Magdalene will help if you like. Falsely labeled a prostitute, she was actually the Divine Mother in all forms...the Goddess in partnership with the God. Things have been twisted in the minds of people but never changed essentially. Her power is unreadable and lives on Earth...the power of strong love that can alchemize anything is hers for you to allow as yours..

Hurry to the store, hurry to the bank. Where are we all going? Love is the only place to hurry!

Laurie with Jessie Ray as One

Dr. Laurie Moore, LMFT, CHT, Animal Communicator


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