Dolphin Swims Create Personal Success in Relationships, Vitality and Abundance
Dolphin Swims Create Personal Success in Relationships, Vitality and Abundance

Personal Growth Lovers with great expectations of a new life, often solve one challenge, only find a new problem. Sound familiar? Now that you manifested the perfect income your relationship is suffering. After the couples� therapy, the honey moon resumes, so well, that the long work days go by the way side. Your boss withdraws the job...ahhhh. To combat the distress, you begin to work more than ever as new business venture. To keep up, you must have excellent stamina so you hire a personal trainer. You feel great. You�re making money for your family. Your husband and family feel neglected emotionally. Your relationships suffer.

Been there? You can fill in your own story but the theme remains the same. Creating the ideal life in all areas, simultaneously, is a skill. After working with thousands of individuals like you, Dr. Laurie Moore says, �The never-fully-there-syndrome can be very profound. I became intent on finding a lasting solution to this for my clients and myself. I was determined to find consistent satisfaction with life. I found this in Hawaii swimming with the dolphins. While most of my life takes place on the land, what the dolphins translated to me, remains with me twenty four hours a day, three hundred and sixty five days a year.�It has nothing to do with circumstances and all of my circumstances are gifts to me.

�I experienced the vacation of a life time,� says Laurie Lyon, a court reporter whose beautiful mermaid like ballet swimming is featured in an upcoming DVD, �Unconditional Awakening� produced by Dr. Laurie Moore and designed by John Smith of Kealakekua Bay. Dena (name changed), a participant, who was petrified of water and swimming prior to the trip, now knows what it is like to love water. Dr. Laurie assisted her in changing her relationship with water to one of gratitude. Captain Webster of the Big Island, assisted Dena every step of the way with her dolphin encounters.

�The trip is open to people of any swimming and no swimming ability,� Moore explains. �I grew up with a wonderful sister who uses a wheelchair to get around. We want people who feel drawn to attend.�

Marissa (named changed for confidentiality) learned to be the source of her own joy with Dr. Laurie Moore�s Hawaiian seminar. Dr. Laurie explains that the dolphins physically put the unconditional joy perspective into Melissa�s consciousness. �I helped Melissa to realize the unconditional joy she received was hers for good. I taught her how to keep drawing upon it with some key tools I teach in all my seminars. The societal pulls away from unconditional joy are strong For this reason, I send my participants home with a mental kit of success tools.�

Melissa, now being a master of producing her own joy, is better able to produce favorable practical and even miraculous results in all life areas: personal relationship, health & beauty, financial income abundance and spiritual evolution. What is different in result-producing after Dr. Laurie Moore�s seminar, is that these miraculous results are icing on the cake. The cake is life itself through all circumstances desired and not apparently desired as they pass. �The joy I had once sought in circumstances now emanates from my own heart,� says Dr. Laurie Moore. �I am teaching this to my clients, with the dolphins as the leaders.�

Imagine swimming in warm waters, receiving support in a safe community, walking on a warm sandy beach, and learning tools for unconditional joy, as well as miraculous practical success. Add to this, quality in person time with the masters of unconditional joy. Some of Dr. Laurie Moore�s gurus, the spinner dolphins of Kealakekua Bay, on the Big Island of Hawaii are available. You have a 25% chance of finding them on your own. You have a 95% chance of meeting them with Dr. Laurie Moore during her seminar after she teaches you animal communication. Include in this fantasy, scrumptious meals our own master chef, delivered to your own kitchen, as well as yoga, transformational processes, channeled messages, singing in a group, an animal communication class, an evolved human communication class, drama games, deep meditation, new friends that may be for life, and more. People say they feel very close as soon as the trip begins. Dr. Laurie has a way of inviting everyone to be at home with themselves and to share deeply from the heart.

For those who love to do something unique, another surprise is offered. Less than 1% of people on the planet ever get to experience an evening swim with manta rays. Divers light your way into a magic world in which you may recall the source of light and sound from which you were born. Sound abstract? Here�s another way to explain this. The magic manta world can wind you back in time to a beginning source of fulfillment.

Do you long endlessly for a depth of fulfillment that never quite occurs in life�s changing circumstances? Yearn no more. This trip will teach you to find deep rich fulfillment inside the home of your own heart. Feel the warm lavender rinse our Captain Veto pours over you on a boat-shower as you wrap up in a warm towel and begin to sense the ancient towers of Lemuria still filling the air with unconditional love.

With Dr. Laurie Moore�s expert facilitation, you will learn to communicate with your self, the dolphins and others in a way that gives you birth into a new realm of unconditional joy. I can feel that warm sun, and the sweetness of all life is meant to me calling now. I�m ready to start packing!

Also, there is one more thing you should know. Dr. Laurie Moore caters to a very high quality of the heart audience. It is imperative that participants are being 100% responsible for creating their own experience in life. We facilitate events that give you tools to become masters of your destiny. You must be ready for this degree of responsibility, so we require a short interview on the phone with Dr. Laurie Moore or her assistant Richard, prior to accepting your enrollment. This ensures for a wonderful community. Perhaps we will see you there?

Laurie Moore and Richard Smith

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