Thank You with All my Heart!
Thank You with All My Heart

To those of you who attended the incredible May 6 Miracle Seminar at The Sea Cliff in of Aptos, California of the USA of the Continent North America of the Earth of the galaxy of Eternity....

or The May 7 Soquel Sanctuary Communication Gathering in Heaven on Earth I say this:

Thank you for being LOVE.
Thank you for allowing money, love and enlightenment to come to you and to become you forever and always.
Thank you for being the source of world joy.
Thank you for being the directors of love on Earth.
Thank you for your open hearts.
Thank you for allowing the vulnerability of authenticity to be more valuable to you than the pretense.
Thank you for being the initiators instead of the reactions.
Thank you for forgiving yourself for all that you created and did not enjoy.
Thank you or creating something you like better NOW!
Thank you for being open to a life of unconditional love, bliss, money, miracles, AWAKENING and joy.
Thank you for treasuring the animals' wisdom and listening deeply.
Thank you for being you and participating in the life improv!

This message is PURE JOY which we have allowed to find us...which is the essence of all that ever was and is and all that ever shall be....and what I offer to share with you. Thank you.

Love, Laurie




Say Yes to the Improv! The Dress Rehearsal is OVER!

Dr. Laurie Moore, LMFT, CHT, Animal Communicator
(831) 477-7007


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