Love it All & be, do have it All!
Love it All & Be, Do,Have it All!

Love Earth. Love your body. Love the people. Love animals. Love insects. Love Sun. Love air. Love oceans. Love your mind. Love your soul. Love people. Love your enemy. Look into the mirror and see there is only one of us. Love yourself today. Love money. Love it all and all will be given to you. Please substitute all thoughts of judgment and blame with thoughts of gratitude and love. I promise you will become very happy and very powerful as you do receive this daily opportunity your incarnation gives to you.

-Dr. Rev. Laurie Moore

More Programs by Dr. Laurie Moore

Marin Miracle & Animal Communication Seminars

WELCOME to the Worlds of Miracles and Animal Communication!

This is a personal message from Dr. Laurie Moore. I welcome you with the love that lives in all hearts. Many of you know me from my expert appearances on top national talk and news shows. Other of you know me from my book Creative intimacy: A Practical Guide to Better Relationships. Thousands of you have met me through my seminars or private miracle therapy, dolphin and whale swim seminars or animal intuitive readings.

I have developed a miracle producing program, Unconditional Awakening. This 2 day seminar program assists people in spiritually enlightening in the context of creating miraculous practical results in all areas of living: health & vitality, relationships with others, abundance & success, and over all fulfillment. My methodology teaches you to develop a new and evolved way of communicating with yourself, other humans, animals, nature and for those who feel inclined, spiritual helpers whoever those may be for you.

Mail your questions to and Laurie or one of her assistants will respond.

May All beings Be Joy. May All Beings Be Peace. May all be creating lives that come to fruition via deepest heart Yearnings, May it be so for you!

Dr. Laurie Moore

Why talk to Animals? Animal Communication Seminar?

In the depth of your heart is the key to unconditional fulfillment, forevermore. Let the wise ones guide you there. They know the way. They work hard to speak to you. Learn to listen so that you might walk hand and hand with the messengers of light, the beloved animals.


Dr. Laurie Moore, LMFT, CHT, Animal Communicator
(831) 477-7007

Unconditional Awakening Journeys � P.O. Box 818 Soquel, CA 95073

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