We are Made of What We Choose
We are Made of What We Choose

Some of you are enjoying hearing of ways to create a better life on the outer planes where you perceive yourself to be a resident.. You are attracted to these teachings as they allow you to do enhance your outer by upgrading your inner-world. Because we live in an outer focused world this is one way I have found to impart what is being given to me to share. For those of you that would like to know what goes on behind the scenes of the many programs I have offered, it is in the following paragraph. Many of you will be relieved to hear what I will express as you sense or know there is much more ability in you to generate reality than what we refer to in daily language. You know there is another way to be, perceive, move through life and share among one another.

I, like you exist in waves of energy. Everyone and everything around me is part if these waves. As I allow myself to drop into the full awareness of my consciousness which vibrates within all my cells, I see that I am the creator of all that effects me and I all I perceive. As I choose the thoughts that uplift me what I am rises in vibration. The more I rise, the more I am source creator of all I enjoy. The more I enjoy the louder I hear the beings of other realms, of the sea and the animals which are in fact me.

Here there is no coincidence for life is merely an art project. I feel my extension into the future and past and know myself as eternity. It is an exploration of color and tome that allows incredible magic to happen and miracles to occur. Ask to be awakened and you shall see the golden lights behind the scenes, understand the creations you have made, and feel the connectedness between you and the owl who sings at night, the whale who knows your soul-name, and the soul you that was here when the one sound began.

On our Hawaii trips we shall discover a way to honor and celebrate one another as perfect waves of expression for we are all of one fabric vibrating in various tones. This is TRUE love. Ask to be awakened and you will find TRUE love which is beyond all circumstances and also gathers all circumstances up into her one heart like the waves gathered into the sea.

In Aloha , Dr. Laurie Moore

More Programs by Dr. Laurie Moore

Home Study Kit for Love, Money and Enlightenment

Here is the newest method. Finally You WILL change your love, money and life circumstances!

How many of you are yearning to learn to create a life in a way that fully satisfies you while being inspired and entertained? In other words, if you could apply arduous discipline and years of study in school or simply change your life through inspiration and enjoyable exercises, which would you pick? Which ever way suits you best, I say thank you. Thank you for caring about yourself!

Here is the problem. You know that it is possible to create a wonderful reality for yourself, right? You believe it. You'have��ve read it. You have heard it is true. But in day to day life you forget how. You get caught up in struggles and do not see the way out. You attend a workshop and it all seems easy but you go home and forget how to apply what you learned.

Unless you continuously integrate what you learned in fun and inspiring ways, it will not matter. So, that is why I have created the home study kit for money, love and enlightenment.

Perhaps you are sick and tired of the same old problems with relationships, money, your body and your unfulfilled life yearnings? You are not alone. I hear from 100s of people every year with such troubles and I found ways to remedy this in a short time!

I assume that most of you would like to hear more about it?
Thank you for caring about yourselves! I'll give you the most pertinent information now.

This program is for you if you would like to take everything you are believing is true; that you can have a vital beautiful body, loads of money, spiritual awakening, a fulfilled heart, and ideal love and ACTUALLY MAKE IT TRUE! It is for you if you love animals and wish to make the messages of animals and spiritual guides part of your study. It is for you if you like practical advice. This program combines the practical and the spiritual.

So I have created work books, books, a CD and a DVD set that will allow you to master everything I did in a much shorter time period. Instead of 40 years, put a good six months of your life into this and watch yourself proper in relationship, JOY, money and spiritual awakening.

Here are some of the benefits of this program.

You will have me with you any time you need me. Just turn on the DVDs.

Instead of car rage, you will get car enlightenment. You will get to learn wonderful ways to manifest all you desire while you are driving to my voice reminding you of many ways to succeed. In addition to the eight keys you are learning today, you will receive specialty keys for successful relationships, awakening, happiness and money manifestation!

"Laurie, your voice is medicine! is like the angels."
Rochelle, Animal Lover
"Laurie your voice is so soothing!"
Janette Archer, Make Up Artist (recently for Oprah's guests)

With my program and for your enjoyment, you will do exercises that train your mind to support your soul.

You will receive entertainment through books with true heart gripping animal stories that will have you laugh and cry yourself into happiness.

You will learn to hear animal's messages.

You'll get to hear how my clients created tremendous success in life. Compare this news to the 6 o clock news and you will want my DVDs as a regular night time activity. And you will have them to watch over and over. You shall get something new every time you view.

You will see that outrageous success is within reach for you and you.

You will feel ongoing supported with these products so if a hard time comes you won't give up on yourself.

Should you feel doubt, the CD set will give you 22 instant tips to
help you succeed with diet, love, money and spiritual awakening in HAPPY ways!

This program will be ready to send out in July.

"Laurie, how did you do it? I held on to my anger with my husband for years and after one day with you it is fully gone!"
-Soni Scher, Healer

"Laurie, money started coming in from every where after that session we did.” Henry

"Laurie, I did what you said and I found the man of my dreams. Thank you!" Jeri

"Laurie, I feel so much lighter about this." Eunie

"Wow. We came in hopeless. Now we have ways to improve our marriage!" John and Helen

"I started my own business thanks to you!" Katrina

"No wonder I was gaining weight. What a relief. The urge to eat, eat, eat is fully gone now!" -Tina

"I love talking to animals and my relationship with my husband changed. I am changing my own defeating habits and blocks so that I have become a better animal communicator." -Linda

The included audio gives you even more secrets for success for review in your car. The 3 e-books bring laughter, tears and inspiration. Jessie Justin Joy's feline wisdom and photos make you feel happy!

Ready to feel good, be loved, choose the right mate, have unlimited spiritual awakenings, feel whole and full within and bring in more money? Or do you prefer to struggle with missing out on your true dreams, excess weight, too little money, lack of fullness and wellness, lack of confidence,and relationship problems? Love your creations whatever they may be AND if you desire ultimate relationship success & joy, body-happiness and fitness, enlightenment, plus financial joy and success, bring The MIRACLE WORKER into your own home with the home study kit for love, money and enlightenment!

No more dress rehearsal! Come join life!

Order Today

Who is The Miracle Worker? YOU

Tune yourself to the the heart of the core of the Earth. You are the Miracle Worker. The moment you are ready to shift you do. Nobody can fix you. You were never broken. I see you are awakened and only half of you forgot. Come home please. Come home to who you are.

Who are you? YOU ARE THE MIRACLE WORKER!!!! I have fixed no one ever. So many come and transform. Who did that? The Miracle Worker~Life! Dr. Laurie Moore is my stage name. What's your stage name this incarnation: Bob, Rev.Jill, President Jack, Happy Jean, Spot? "Stage names are for fun," the animals say. "When the soul incarnates..its for joy and that is it!" Jessie Justin Joy explains.

I have shifted no one at any time. In essence I have done nothing ever. Lets say I hear someone playing a C and I take out my big bag of tricks and help them twirl and dance untill they remember that they can play a whole chord: C-G-E. So in essence what happened is that we danced and sang a new tune and the Miracle was done! When someone is ready to heal, transform, awaken, shift they do.

How? They remember that the Miracle Worker is All THAT IS and that is who they are. What is right and wrong loses all ineterst and what is to be created in the highest love and joy takes shape. You know we are beautiful people becaause we each have a unique perspective. What's there to argue about. Let's celebrate all view points!

Wayne Hoff and Linda Adams and I who all work here at The Soquel Sanctuary are Miracle Workers becaue YOU ARE MIRACLE WORKERS. We allow you to shift when you allow you to shift WHICH SHIFTS US ALSO. How do we do that? we listen to the heart of the Earth and the Earth does it all.

But who really creates the shift? YOU! Who are you? The heartof the core of the earth. When you remember this you will be breathed. You will be breathed. It is you.

I am The miracle Worker because you are The Miracle Worker because THE heart of the core of the earth breathes through us when we allow this. Recent speculation suggests the core of the Earth may turn out to be made of water. Thank you water.

Dr. Laurie Moore

Dr. Laurie Moore, LMFT, CHT, Animal Communicator
(831) 477-7007


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