Dowser's Conference Hosts Wonderful Speakers in July!
Dolphin & Whale Seminars In the OCEAN

Dolphin & Whale Seminars In the OCEAN

We have received GOOD questions pertaining to the dolphin and whale seminars. This newsletter shall shed some light on inquires people have made, regarding these seminars.

The dolphins and whales with whom we swim, come to us of their own free will. They are never caged, trapped, confined, or forced in any way. They live on their own in the ocean. When I communicate with animals, I do so via heart-centered telepathic communication. This is the type of communication style that I share with my students. As you study animal communication you may come to see, hear, and feel new and inspired ways of sharing life.

The dolphins, whales and animals are teachers who are patient and gentle with our less evolved communication methods. When you come on a trip with me, you are offered an opportunity to learn to see, hear, or feel animals� high frequency, creative and telepathic ways of perceiving and expressing. The whales and dolphins are wise and gentle teachers, patient and willing to share their love and wisdom, which is �beyond words� in many cases. We offer great respect and love for all creatures on my seminar-journeys. We INVITE animals to approach us and be our teachers if they choose to do so. We never make any demands of them.

I feel deeply honored when I experience animals approaching me closely each day. Living with animals close to me is gift. My intention is to assist the animals in teaching people different ways to access their own profound joy and love.

Animals come to us when we enter into our own unconditional love.

The hawks, owls, lizards, humming birds, ravens, gold finch that have approached my clients, are friends of mine. They were magnetized by unconditional love, joy, gratitude and care. They are my friends and teachers who work with me daily. They are NOT my servants. I am their spokesperson . We are collaborators together.

In Love and Great Respect for Sea and Land Animals (One of which is human being)

Dr. Laurie Moore

Dowser's Conference Hosts Wonderful Speakers in July!


You'll find much more info at

Or you can call:
KAREN ASHLEY 415-564-6419
IRENE HEALY 408-238-0735

Many many wonderful speakers will be giving talks and mini seminars all week. I'll be there to teach "Heaven on Earth: Animal's Call US Home" on Sunday, July 2 at 3:45 p.m. and Tuesday, July 4 at 10.45 a.m. at Porter College at UCSC.

See you then,
Dr. Laurie Moore

Hi Karen: Put me on the info list please!


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