You are the Miracle Worker
You are the Miracle Worker!

Dear Subscribers to and Participants in The Miracle Worker�s work. YOU ARE THE MIRACLE WORKER!~ What you express is who you are. What you see is all of us in a web of life everywhere! True bliss is here for eternity and you all are beaming it in. The animals applaud the humans for your work and play. Thank you!!!!

I wish to thank everyone for these phenomenal letters of success and gratitude that are coming in so fast we can hardly keep up. If we forgot to post yours let us know and we will find it because your joy, success and gratitude inspires such in others. We have many emails these days and ALL of them delight us. What a gift of light!

Thank you for letting me hold the truth of who you are so you can see yourself in each other and in me. What a blessing to us all! You are all you choose to be. You are love. What you see in me is who you are. What I see in you is who I am! You are prosperity. You are transformations. You are kindness. You are miracles. You are light and mostly you are LOVE. It is my privilege to be mirror to you all, for you all are a mirror to me. You are me. You are me. I am you. Thank you. Thank You. Thank you. We are each others� creations. Thank you in JOY I say!

Dear Laurie,
I liked this article you wrote: "Emotions are Expressions of Life~Yes!". Good on you, Laurie! I laughed at the messages before and after the beep - good application!
With great love for your tenderness, sweetness, grace, and all of it!
Penelope Smith

You have given yourself so sweetly to so many of us. I have so much gratitude in the scholarship you offered us. Even though it is just a fraction of what you are valued, please accept this $100 dollars from me. I learned so much at the animal Communication Seminar and can only wish to be in Hawaii with you on another seminar.
Shu Lei Tong

You have an angel voice that brings goodness. It�s like medicine to hear your little whimsical voice. Your voice brings excitement about life up.

You are amazing an incredible huge bright light. you hold the space of magnificence so that others may find their magnificence.
Thank you for showing up so powerfully, strongly, magically and beautifully. Your presence is so healing to be around. You provide a mirror for people to see their magnificence. You are a vibrant joyful light of amazing self. I feel grateful and better. The containers you create are amazing!
Carla Brown

Thank you. I am overflowing.
Eunie Del Rosario

Major break throughs are happening. Thank you for being an awesome goddess on the planet thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Rayna Lumbard

Thank you for helping my fiance. She has gone through a huge shift at your miracle seminar that has changed our life.
John Yen

You absolutely radiate love and light in every moment .

Thank you for all you do and be.
Jean Voice Dart

You create an environment for people to love themselves and you passionately dedicate yourself to helping them get that they can
Linda Adams

Those seminars are a blessing for the planet.

This day really uplifted me!

Thank you so much you did an outstanding job with your seminars. Your generosity is very wonderful to behold. You have taken the lessons of spirituality that all great teachers aspire to impart and refined them down to this basics. You have done this in a way that makes it accessible to understand and really utilize. . I heard all these spiritual messages for decades but really GOT them from you. Now I can implement them into my life each day and it�s up to me. I would like to offer you some landscaping as a gift.

Your message kept me going and going. I listened over and over. You brought me so much joy. Thank you.
I feel seen for the first time in my life ever�truly seen. Thank you.
Ahraiyanna Dellatone

I never felt anything like this before. Please sign me up for Hawaii and Tonga!
Carrie T

I gave up a mental illness diagnosis for peace and love. Weeks later, this still lasts. (Dr. Laurie adds I�ll check back with her in a few months and a year etc. I am SURE it will last!)

Hi Dr Laurie, wade and I would like to thank you for the beautiful reading you did for us on Turbo who passed on. We know he is always with us.
With lots of love
Jody and Wade

I know you spoke to my cat who passed over. You speak the truth.

Mahalo again for all the beautiful work your bring to this world. I had a reunion with friends I made on the Hawaii trip last night.
We all snuggled up on the couch kind of like being up on our lanai in Kealakakua bay to watch our Hawaiian journey with the dolphins that is featured in the upcoming Home Study Kit on Money, Enlightenment, Love and Miracles. I felt so much love that night that my heart chakra was aching a good ache. Your love brought us together and for this I am grateful. Me ke aloha, eunie. Tee hee.

I love to hear from you. Yo are one of the most full of light people I know.
Ken Ohme

Laurie something happened through this email, first of all crying, silence and deep opening all yesterday and this morning; I'm in this ocean even deeper than before and found adidam again that I identify in complete love surrendered Joy
There is something about you that is what I am, that is not separate, this Ocean that I am with you has opened up into something bigger, more liquid and limitless waving ~~~
I am stunned and rejoicing in your contact blessing and delighting this deeper joy ~
I tremble at the immensity of this Being here and the assumed distance is far less than I imagined ~~
Thank you for your presence here, it is powerful, wonderful as tho we have been playing together since forever; no time everywhere; a different level of consciousness

Dear Laurie, Thanks for keeping me on your ezine mailings, your outreach and love are just amazing, and I know you are enjoying, best of all!

In gratitude, thanks ever so much for the work you do.

Dear Laurie;
My dog truly did reincarnate. Thank you. (Dr. Laurie adds that this was very amazing for me. I was called at the same time and date to the SPCA as my client was where I got to witness the angels coming in and a dog who had promised to reincarnate do so right there. It was spectacular. Every time I recall this day I tingle with glitter gold magic. Thank you to the person and canine who share this:)

I slept very hard last night, did NOT feel like getting up! Got up to what seemed like a regular morning. My body felt kind of light. I made up my mind not to get involved in the normal mind chatter. I visualized pushing the people in my life with bad energy over the edge of the world to let them fly into the universe. I added a bit of humor to this by visualizing that they were wearing bloomers, so when I pushed them over all I could see were white bloomers sticking up in the air!

On my way to work up Hwy. 101 I could see a rainbow in the distance ahead of me. I looked closer and saw two rainbows together. As I approached, I saw to my left THREE rainbows, all at once, all in the same area. It was like a triple rainbow! I've never seen anything like that before. The sky was gloriously bright, the clouds white and fluffy, with shimmering, silver light peeking out and streaming down to earth. I felt as if I was flying. I got messages that "I have been shown miracles and I am well aware of these miracles, trust this magic energy, go to that place in my heart (for it is in your heart) and feel it, stay there, you will see more and more miracles unfolding, some simple, some beyond your comprehension". It started sprinkling, I felt fear, they said "No need to fear! Stay with the magic, it is MUCH stronger, do not take the fool's journey, fly through the fear."

I felt incredible energy in the car, as I glanced into the backseat to see Abbey, she raised her head and looked at me, I got the message that she IS magic, this IS Sandy, she is a Master Teacher who will continue to teach and show me. We will fly together.

The radio was playing that song from the Movie "Flashdance", about in a flash it takes hold of your heart, dancing through your life, take your passion and make it happen, etc. etc. I cried tears of joy.

Needless to say, it took a while for me to calm down after I got to work! I just wanted you to know what happened.

Much love,
C.M. and A.M.

Thank you so much, Dear One,
I found our session very powerful and I and Cathlin are truly grateful.You are blessed and sent much Love daily in prayer.
Prayers for your May sessions as well.
Love, Diana

Oh Bless You Laurie, for all you do, You are an angel! Love, Sharyn

(Dr. Laurie adds, anyone who calls me an angel must in deed be an angel!!!! Yes, we are all angels. In the core this is who we are�all beings come from the angelic beauty found in the core of the heart!)

Thanks, Laurie. I love your integrity, which is paying off for you in wonderful karma and strong relationships that are in alignment with your dreams and mission!! The dolphins want to remind you how powerful and on purpose you are NOW!! .
Love, Rayna

Dear Dr. Laurie,
Your Miracle Seminar was a tour de force! Enjoyed by and enlightening for all of us. I know you put months and months of hard work into making this beautiful event happen.
You really impressed me with your videos of TV interviews - they were wonderful, and your responses, so quick and sound, rang through every time. Also, you looked absolutely gorgeous!
My client Betsy also loved your work and benefited from your gifting. I will suggest that she call on you for one of your readings like you did for me and several of our Guild members.
Thank you again, Laurie. You will be in my prayers for a long time.
Nancy Bennett

What began so vaguely appeared to really take shape on Friday and our session was absolutely amazing. You are
very gifted healer and I cannot thank you enough for your assistance. I truly believe, it is why I am here with you.

Dear Laurie,
THANK YOU for this awesome teleclass. I am loving it.
I cannot wait for our session next week.
Kristin Thompson

Thank you so much, Laurie. Your support has been vital to me! My reincarnated canine has shown me, without a shadow of doubt, that it is her. We have laughed so much together already!
Talk to you soon,

Aloha Laurie!
Mucho Mahalo for your understanding.. Your clarity and insight is such a gift which inspires me to continue along the path of loving light.

Heya Laurie-
Thank you not only for supporting my choices (which you always have done), but for validating that my choices fall into Divine Planning/Timing.... it just helps me have more faith in me. :)
Blessings on your newest venture- $/love manifestation!

I don't know how all these coincidences happened for me to find you but this is the best of the best teleconference I got on. You made me see the light. Thanks you!
Carole Good

Dear Laurie,
This is amazing - I was going to send you an email today, and this came into my inbox before I had a chance to write to you. I wanted to express my gratitude - here's the story: A month or so ago in your newsletter you wrote about meditating on gratitude when you were on the Rikki Lake show and what a positive and immediate impact it had on your business. I'm self-employed as an artist (I do a lot of work decorating harpsichords), and on Sunday morning I decided I was going to meditate for an hour on the gratitude I feel toward the clients I have right now and have worked with in the past. As soon as I got centered down to meditate, you were the first image that came into my mind, and I consciously held you and your cat (I remember you have this amazing relationship with your cat) in a circle of light, and tried to send images of how much I appreciate you putting out the newsletter, and for speaking to the dowsers (which is where I met you). I spent the rest of the hour focusing on other clients, and ended up feeling really good about the people I've been lucky enough to work with. The very next morning, when I got into work, there was already a message waiting about a new project! Then today - I got this email from you about this seminar, which will be an enormous help to me. I have wonderful clients, but the work flow isn't steady enough. And cash flow is a chronic problem. So I just wanted to put it out there and acknowledge how grateful I'm feeling. I hope it all comes back to you one hundred-fold.
Adrian Card

Hi Dear Laurie,
Is your full name Laurie or Laurelyn?
I would like to schedule a session.
I miss your kind embrace in your intelligence responses
Your smile shows your wisdom
Your answers and responses always make sense and help me realize how much I can change my thinking to feel better about living all the time and feel the goodness

Dear Laurie,
I was there but came in late and was planning on sending you an e-mail this morning anyway to tell you how great it was. I have been working with affirmations for a long time and hearing you talk about the "for the highest and best of all concerned" was helpful to me....or more importantly the part where you talked about me thinking it is for my highest and best good and that of the man I am involved with but am going through a difficult time right now and that that may be because there is something better for each of us although despite this trouble we are having right now I know we are meant to be.

Dr. Laurie changed my best friend�s life and she has never been the same. Then she helped me have an experience that is beyond anything I have ever had. A deep peace as my beloved canine passed on. I shared this with my canine.

In the short time we have been on the teleseminar, I've noticed soft, yet profound changes. In my wording, in my attitude and focus, and in my thinking.
I am truly grateful for this opportunity to work with you.
I am also happy to gift you an Intention program, so you are more familiar with me and the work I do.
I believe we both add to the 'Good News' here on planet Earth.

Dear Friends,
I have something exciting to share with each of you. My life has been changing dramatically the past few months and one reason, is through the amazing work of Dr. Laurie Moore . I am happier, more at peace, moving forward in life towards manifesting more and more of my desires. I am truly more eager and excited than I can ever remember!! Little things keep happening day by day and I never know what magical opening will occur the next day! I am so Grateful my own friend sent me the link to her website! So I decided to pass along the favor to you!!

A friend sent me a link to her website to offer me some �ideas� for my own animal communication business. Instead I met a woman who is out to change the world, one person at a time with love. I had a private session with her and released a decades long issue of feeling �not good enough�. I was very surprised and delighted. I am now in the process of taking one of her classes called Unconditional Awakening. Each week we focus on the issue of Gratitude and how that affects our lives. Then we have a short presentation by some amazing people, work with a student about what we learn and receive an animal message at the end. Here are some examples.

Bari Tessler taught us about �conscious bookkeeping� where we do a Map of Intention, instead of the standard �budget�. If I consider I am paying a bill for the purchase of my �sanctuary�, it can change my relationship with money and how I view this whole process. We talked about making daily Intentions and dreaming bigger than ever before.

Marvin Cohen taught us we need more than �love� to have successful relationships, whether romantic or with our careers, family, community. We discussed �criteria catastrophe� and how it is important to know where we want to live, the lifestyle we desire, our purpose and values and how these all help us determine what is going to work or not work for us in all areas of our lives. He taught me about having a clear vision and asking for what I really want.

Jesse Koren shared about creating a heart felt business and how being a healer you are a natural salesperson, because you naturally desire to help people reach their goals. It can be effortless and �you must have a willingness to do whatever it takes and you are guided to do. He explained how to rejuvenate your practice, schedule in time for fun and remain in balance. The power of setting intentions and the willingness to be in the receiving mode.

Each week seems so simple and yet, the results can be very profound when you follow through with the suggestions which are made during the one hour class each week on the phone. I suggest you check out her website and write her if you have any questions. Sometimes she has amazing offers and scholarships I have taken advantage of. You might gain some insights or inspiration just reading her great articles! Or Forward this to someone else who might be interested! I love you!

I wish you a great year filled with an abundance of things you desire to manifest!

Much Love and Magic, Morgine,

Thank you for a miraculous experience. I learned so much practical and spiritual teachings. You are so generous. Thank you for including me in your life�s purpose.
Peri Santa Cruz

I would like to kiss your feet�because you always give the honor of recognition back to everyone and acknowledge us as your equals. Thank you for being my teacher.
Thank you.
Love, Richard

have worked with Moms and babies for 16 years and know a gentle and helpful soul when I see one. Laurie is this. Always in synchronicity she calls.
Joya Winwood

You have a beautiful way of communicating those insights.
Glen Brooks

My cat, Luc, is doing a lot better due to your work and your staff�s work. He is so much happier!
Thank you, Vicki M

Laurie is the closest thing to an angel that exists in human form.
Joyce Anne, Healer

I would love to help at your seminar. You remind me of a faerie. You are always in your magic and positivism.
Jannette Archer, Permanent make up Artist

You speak the truth of the heart.
Randy Peyser

Thank you deeply for such a wonderful and life changing experience!

On the way home from your Animal Intuitive Seminar, Spirit spoke to me very clearly that my path in life is to draw on my 30 years of nutritional knowledge to become a nutritional life coach and a certified raw food chef!! I had been praying about my calling in life for some time, but after your seminar I was so in the NOW that it just became perfectly clear. What a magical day you had for us! Thank you, thank you.
Christina Basor

Aloha Laurie!
Thank you for the work you're doing!
Having just reviewed lots of instances of people having transformative
experiences, I was able to remind myself, in the moment, that gifts come to
us in lots of ways and if we stay present and in gratitude - we can look
deeply, and recognize and appreciate experiences for the gifts that they are-even if we can't answer why they came occurred that way.
Yesterday, we had a boat trip with Joan and another woman on the island,
Phillipa, who arranges boat trips for guests to swim with the dolphins -
each had brought some guests who were visiting.

We found a pod of dolphins in Keahole Bay - next to the airport - and had a
nice time. The dolphins weren't terribly interactive with us, but came up to

see us several times. Then we began to notice quite a few 'sea bees'
floating around us..they're like little clear capsule shapes --in the
jellyfish family, I would guess. They sort of sting when they touch your
skin -- and Joan mentioned to be on the lookout for 'Blue Bottles' which are

also jelly-like and maybe the size of a roll of quarters - with sort of an
electric blue color at one end...and tentacles that are fine like a cobweb,
but have little blue dots along their length, spaced one every 1/8 inch or
so...I was wearing a dive skin and began to notice the sea bees on my hands
and face - so I got back in the boat. The dolphins, by the way, had moved
further out from the bay to deeper water.

We continued on north to see if there were pods up there..had a great time
snorkeling at Makalawena, but no dolphins. So we went back to Keahole Bay
and one of the guests and I jumped in to see if the dolphins would come by --

nope, but we both got the tentacles of one or more (not sure) Blue Bottles
on us - she had a tentacle wrapped around her arm and I had one wrapped
around my neck. Quite a bit more uncomfortable than the little sea bees!
Apparently, urine is a good topical remedy...and I can attest that it helped


So Douglas heads back toward the harbor and after we got south of the energy

lab, a woman on the boat asks if she can jump in and pee. While she's in the

water, I look north toward the energy lab and see a Spinner dolphin leaping
out of the water over and over. So I point out that we have dolphins again
and when she gets back in the boat, Douglas takes us up to see what they're
up to.

Well, an adult had been jumping out of the water - and a little one was
lunging, not getting much more than its head out of the water..and it had
one pec fin up. At first it looked like it was waiving - but it kept moving
with its body tipped over to one side - making a circular path. I asked
Douglas if I could get in and see if something was tangled around it or if
it was I got my fins and mask on and hopped in. The adult
(momma or auntie) was hanging by watching and I could hear her vocalizations

in the water. I moved slowly towards the little dolphin and then I stopped
and floated, went into my heart with the intent to communicate "I want to
help. I won't hurt you. Can I come closer and see what's wrong? We love
you." -- the adult was about 20 feet beyond the little one and watching as I

started to slowly approach the dolphin, I saw Joan swim up from behind the
dolphin and gently right the dolphin in the water - it had been tipped over
and its blowhole was under the surface. So then I thought, "good, Joan's
here. That dolphin has the best person possible assisting it!" Then Phillipa

swam up and as Joan held the dolphin, I dove under to see if I could see any

wounds or anomalies. I noticed there was chartreuse fluid spilling out the
corner of the little one's rostrum. Joan said that if they've eaten
something bad, they don't seem to have a vomit technique..she said it may
have taken in a Blue Bottle or similar type of jelly and then shut down once

it was inside and starting wouldn't open its blowhole. Joan
tried to resuscitate the little guy, but it was like the hole was sealed. I
held the little dolphin while Joan took a look. The whole time- even
treading water with my head out of the water, I could hear the adult
vocalizing but lost sight of it soon after the three of us were with the
little one. We couldn't feel a heartbeart and after a little while Joan
suggested we say a prayer and let it go on into the light. Shortly after, I
apparently drifted into another Blue Bottle, whose tentacles were across my
back (no dive skin this time). It felt like every one of those blue dots
fired off the equivalent of a wasp sting simultaneously. I knew grabbing it
would just get it wrapped around my hand - and I managed to find another
tentacle anyway with my hand on the way back to the boat. Joan raised her
hand out of the water and had an entire Blue Bottle on her hand! Douglas got

something to grab it with and we got back on the boat.

Needless to say it was a sobering interaction.
But the reason I'm writing is because while I was in the water, holding this

little dolphin while Joan tried to keep it alive - I consciously chose to be

grateful and see the event as an extraordinary gift, even though I didn't
know the purpose. I trusted that we were in the flow and that it was a gift
to experience this with Joan and Phillipa and Douglas. I noticed how the
adult completely trusted us with the little one! This in itself blows me
away when I think back. And the little dolphin modeled such peace - it
didn't twitch, wince, squirm - it may have already passed by the time we got

to it..? But it's rostrum was slightly open and its little teeth were both
quite numerous and looked incredibly sharp -- Joan also modeled - for me at
least - such gentle care, love and calm in the midst of a challenging
situation. It was weird but it felt like more was happening than met the eye

- like the whole thing was part of an activation..I trust that it was
divinely orchestrated, even though I don't understand exactly why - I chose
then and still choose to be in a state of joy and gratitude for that
experience - hopefully helping the little dolphin pass gracefully and
surrounded in love. And I can see the Blue Bottles at Keahole Bay helping us

out of the water so we wouldn't miss our encounter -- then the woman who had

to pee - making us pause during our journey south, which is when I looked
back and saw the adult Spinner dolphin jumping over and over. And then the
Blue Bottles after the dolphin passed - almost sealing/searing the
experience so I would pay attention to what occurred and perhaps look deeper.

Phillipa commented that the little dolphin was perfect - and it was, there
were no wounds at all - while I was holding it, I realized how delicate and
fragile and beautiful life is...and I think it's no coincidence that I had
finished reviewing all the tapes you sent and witnessing all of the
transformations people relayed on tape...and noting the steps you use to
help people. Thanks to the tapes, the little voice in my head was already
hip to stay in gratitude - and to actually do it as it was happening was a
blessing. I stayed calm and present and in a state of gratitude during the
experience. Very beautiful.

Anyway, I'm not known for sharing - but I thought I'd let you know that
thanks to your tapes, I was able to consciously choose to experience
yesterday with joy and appreciate the gift it is.

Mahalo, john

Heya Laurie-
Thank you not only for supporting my choices (which you always have done), but for validating that my choices fall into Divine Planning/Timing.... it just helps me have more faith in me. :)
Blessings on your newest venture- $/love manifestation!

Hi Laurie,

Our heads are spinning with all of the things we were
told. We can't seem to look at the cats the same way
anymore. Everyone who meets JoJo says he's a unique
cat...but who knew...I've always felt grateful to have
them, but that feeling has certainly grown since our
meeting. We've told friends and house sitters to make
sure they tell our bug cat Matt how much they love his size!
Thanks - that was quite an amazing experience.

Good Morning!!
Thank you for your email, that was so nice of you to send it personally and to let me know I�m confirmed!! I�m thrilled about attending. I�ve heard wonderful things about you from two of my friends, Suzanne and Cheryl Cheryl was kind enough to share a couple of the readings that you gave her about her dog Cisco and I was totally blown away, and she�s the one that told and invited me to this event I�m very excited; thank you again for your email.

My mother just went to your seminar and raved about it for over 2 hours!
Thank you so much!
Sarina Le Sieur

Thank you so much, Laurie. And Mary thanks you too - I sent your article with message from Mary to my interested friends and clients --- boy I sure wish you two could have communicated together to your group on the 6th. It is simply amazing what you do and inspire in the animals.
I know what you mean when you wrote me about those black birds - seems the large black birds carry lots of messages. They often come to assist when I remove entities from people. And on Thurs the 11th, I played at a memorial for a musician friend of mine's son, Matthew, who died in an auto shop explosion down near where you live. I arrived at the church early to set stops and rehearse w/ a singer, got out of my car and at that very moment a raven flew to the top of a tall lone redwood and made loud noises. I said, Hi Matthew!
Funny how people almost never believe that stuff. when Mary actually listens and responds, they think I'm anthropomorphizing or whatever probably worse haha - ah well. Mary is grateful for you. If you want another try at it, and do any other class or seminar, she is definitely willing to make the trip :)).
Lots of Love, Nancy

Bless you Laurie for the service you do. These words will be with me forever, as will Yogini ( Dr.Laurie adds: Yogin is an enlightened feline who went to other side for this time).
Love, Sharyn

Thank you for all the help you gave me and give to the world. I am grateful. You give out so much. Your way is another form of the Divine Mother�giving and giving. The planet needs this! Thank you.
Ahraiyanna Dellatone

You're the BEST!
I promote you every time I talk about coaching.
I tell everyone you're the only coach I can work with........others are way too anal!

I am so inspired and thank you so much for your magnificent stepping into greater vision and possibility! Your newsletters are filled with light. I bless you a thousand times for doing this and sharing it. It uplifts us all. Sending these blessings to your sister and family.
Many blessings,
Jean Sibley

Truly Inspiring. Love the article.
Alica Cayuela,

So sweet� keep writing your articles
Tamara Ellis

Laurie Dear Heart,
You are most welcome, priestess with magical powers to heal and enlighten. With you as God's angel, the best outcome is manifesting NOW!! Thanks so much Laurie. This piece inspires me so much that I am crying tears of bliss.
With immense love and gratitude.

Blessings All Around for Peace and Contentment,

Congratulations Laurie! I must admit that deep down I knew the sanctuary would be yours. I could not envision anything else for you as this appeared to be the perfect fit. How exciting for you. Kenji and I are very happy for your entire family including the animals, insects and plant life.
Your seminars and meeting Mary Margaret Rose at your seminar (w/ Kenji on the panel sitting next to her) are all reasons I am purchasing my home, which should close next week. I am looking forward to moving in next weekend and when I have my open house down the road, I hope that you can both attend (and Jesse too!) Your seminar reminded me to trust in the universe and to trust my heart and intuition as I use to do when I was younger. Please let me know if you ever need a testimonial. Now, I need to focus more on what Kenji is telling me...perhaps I can set aside time everyday just to chat with her and Jesse too. Hopefully after this entire house buying and renting slows down.

Dearest Laurie,
As you have shared last summer about your sister, I am again moved and inspired by her heart and spirit as well as I am with yours.
All Blessings and Love,

Dear Laurie,
Thank you for sharing this! How beauty-full! You are the owner of the Sanctuary! Thank you also for this wonderful teaching in ABUNDANCE and LOVE.
Abundant LOVE to YOU Always,
Pattie Mills

Dearest Laurie; I wanted to say Thank You! so much for the reading yesterday. You have helped Abbey and Princess and me to reach a more peaceful, higher, cleaner place. We ALL thank you for the beautiful work you do.
When I came this morning to feed Princess she met me and talked to me the whole way to her feed bowl. I stood near her, and she actually came up and brushed against my pant leg. This is a big step for us, as she has never done anything like that before, aside from the occasional playful and gentle swipe at my feet when I reach for her bowl. I could hardly believe it. I told her how wonderful that was, and she looked up at me, right into my eyes, and meowed gently. I will meet with her again today in the afternoon, and every day that I can.What more can I say? Every contact with you brings magic into our lives. Thank you again.
Love and Peace,
Connie, Abbey (reincarnated canine) and Princess (feline)

Om Shanti Love my dear Laurie ~~~ thank you for contact ~~ in this ~

Thank you for all the help you have an ability to give and give and give out sooo much. Your way is another form of the Divine Mother and we all need all of this we can get.
Ahraiyanna Dellatone

First I want to say how much I enjoyed and got out of both seminars this weekend. Laurie is so personable, caring and knowledgeable. She did a great job of guiding and helping so many people. Thanks for the hard work, dedication and generosity of Laurie and all you folks who assist her .
Lucinda Browning

The Miracle Seminar was all I hoped for and more...I made a complete shift in perception.
Karen Gagne

Thanks so much. I am so glad I have you to speak with about my animal friends. I really thank you for your service.

This is an unexpected gift! Wow! Beautiful. Sign me up for all your programs!

I can't wait to go back to work to be in LOVE with EVERONE! Thank you for this seminar!

I learned a lot from you and your seminar. I realized I can think I am helping someone when in fact I am making them wrong, thinking they need to be the way I wish. You are quite masterful in the way you conduct a workshop, and especially in the way you lead people through processes accepting them for wherever they are and letting the process lead them to wherever it is they go. I loved watching how you had a giant bag of trips that you kept using and pulling out as each person and situation presented itself.

What a lovely article. I enjoyed reading it very much. You are such a
talented creature
Thanks for including me in your mailing list and for writing and sharing
your wonderful insights.

Unconditional Awakening, Buddhism & Religions is a great article! Thank you, Laurie

Hi Laurie- Loreeeee!
I was very happy to be invited to your workshop and to see you doing your work. Everyone there seemed so happy, involved and appreciative. I felt such love for you and I also felt proud. You work soooo hard and go through soooo much, it was absolutely wonderful to see you running a successful workshop and enjoying yourself. I love how you always have positive things to say about everyone. Thank you for inviting me. (I was a little disappointed to miss the videos, but I wasn�t upset.)
love & moore love,

Hi Laurie.
I totally believe in you. Better get some tax shelters in place for your great success with the upcoming �Home Study Kit for Money, Love, Miracles, Enlightenment and Animal communication!�

Dear Laurie: I can do that! I hold you in my heart with love and thank you for the gifts of joy and insight you have already given me. Thank you for the affirmation of my spirit. Love, Christina

You are a tremendously loving person. Thank you for all you do in this world. Donna

Hi Laurie,
Your day long Miracles program was superb. I am proud to say that I was on a panel with a dog. ; ) That was a highlight for me.
Your comedy stuff on the video was very funny, where you wore all those wigs and spoofed being clients.
I learned a lot from you and your workshop this past Saturday. For example, in my desire to help people "get it right" when it comes to forming intentions, I hadn't realized that when people state their positive intention then follow it up by stating some sort of a negative commentary that (in my mind) weakens their intention, that when I correct them (believing I am being helpful), in actuality, I have made them wrong. That never occurred to me.
You are quite masterful in the way that you conduct a workshop, and especially in the way that you lead people through processes, accepting them for wherever they are, and letting the process lead them to wherever it is they go. I loved watching how you had this giant bag of tricks that you kept pulling out and using as each person and situation presented itself. You follow the energy masterfully, and it was truly a delight to be part of the entire process.
I would love to attend future workshops of yours. If you do something like this again, or the animal communication one that I missed, I would love to be a part of it. My partner would too.

: ) Love, R.P

I ma grateful to serve you because you serve so many. In serving you I serve many.

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