Evolved Communication
Evolved Communication

Evolved Communication is a style of communication I discovered within myself. I invite people to delve into Evolved Communication at each seminar. Evolved communication involves hearing everyone as right! Rather than fixing, analyzing, correcting or advising, we honor each others' points of views art pieces. No right or wrong is involved as each person is welcome to construct and experience his or her reality.

Imagine the waves of bliss that will be yours when you allow everyone to be right because at last you fully LOVE you as you are and have nothing to prove.

This syle of communication naturally calls forth awakening and unconditional love.

Some times I am taken over by a huge belly laugh as I see how right we all are.

Be Well,
Dr. Laurie Moore

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Jessie Demonstrates Evolved Communication

Laurie and Tiger Demonstrate Evolved Communication

Jonah and Laurie Demonstrate Evolved Communication

Hawk Friend Demonstrates Evolved Communication

Dr. Laurie Moore

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