My Birth Day is July 27!
My Birth Day is July 27!

My birthday is in two days: July 27, 2006 I get to experience being 44 in body-mind while eternal as a soul. I feel very young at heart and old in soul and how many of you relate. It is a nice combo to enjoy. Some days I am elated and some days I am challenged by parts of myself that do not allow me to feel fully liberated. The challenging days provide an opportunity for great growth and expansion. The joyous days provide great glee and celebration. Thank you to all days!

In honor of my birthday I wish to share the long term vision of my work. The purpose has always been to create environments in which people come to experience new parts of themselves as well as to experience old parts of themselves and each other in love. In recent years the work has extended to animals and all of nature and all of life in every form as well as in formlessness. What a party to throw. I thank Life every day for letting me host.

I began to create these projects and events when I was 5 with the neighborhood kids and parents. Through 4 decades it has gone though many stages, For many years it was a musical theater troupe. Then it became a healing company. Now it is an awakening organization. My greatest wish is to bring the arts back in fully to my events and to do a lot of singing and dancing which are two of my favorite activities. I invite bands to play at the events, singers to sing and artists to share their works. Please call me at 831-477-7007 if you have a polished and heart-felt piece of music or art to share.
(We have some incredible DVDs out now and more on the way, by the way if you like inspiring film: People transforming, playing, singing, dancing, animals teaching). More on that when I return and feel free to pop me an email requesting info that I can send when I get back.

At one point I only worked with teens (as a musical theater troupe director) and at another point I only worked with youth (as a teacher of performance arts). Recently I work with adults. I envision events with everyone welcome for the future!

Thank you to Everyone in the Entire Universe for Existing.

Right after the miracle seminar a bee approached me and splashed me over and over with liquid pollen. Thinking I was day dreaming I touched my arm to wake up and it was wet with yellow liquid. "Are you really honoring this work?" I asked the bee who immediately flew two inches in front of my face as the humming birds often do. He stayed there humming for a bit. Ahhhh...Life is beautiful.

One Buddha intention I have is that everyone in the world gets an opportunity to talk to a sacred animal (if they desire that).

A dream I envision is a show called "Miraculous Living" wher i can share this work with people all over the globe who are not easily able to come here.

A desire I have is to release any traces of self defeating attitudes or feelings within my consciousness and replace them with ONLY LOVE AND JOY OF ALL!

And for my physical being to be able to catch up with my inspired heart...the heart keeps creating when the body needs more yoga and dance, singing and ocean swims, walks as well so I promise to give this to me! I wish to receive many massages this year.

And most of all, that world peace is...

Get this. When I wrote this article I shared my "birthday intentions" but some how the spell check changed that to "Buddha wishes!" when I wasn't looking. I'll go with this.

Please take a moment and imagine all my wishes coming true if you like. For this I am most appreciative and it would be an incredible birthday gift to have people send energy for me into the cosmos in this way!!!! I am taking some time to be with most special friends and celebrate life in general this summer and my spirits are greatly lifted. I am astounded at the amazing partner, feline-family member, friends, staff , teachers, colleagues and participants that came my way this life. I adore all the people in my life. What a gift this is! Thank you to everyone with all my heart.

I will be in Hawaii teaching, organizing, retreating, home searching for most of August. If you will not be attending the Seminars in Hawaii I send a big warm Aloha until September. While I am away, the Ezine will be sent out with chosen article reprints from my Connection magazine Column over the past 8 years.

Oh birthday gift came very early (June 22): my hawk friend brought some one I had never met before to meet me: : a baby hawk!

Be Well,


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