Emotions are Expressions of Yes-Life!
Emotions are Expressions of Yes-Life!

Unconditional Joy doesn�t mean you do not feel emotion. In my experience, the contrary is so. Unconditional joy means that you are experiencing so many inspired emotions of upliftment, gratitude, love, that when emotions of frustration or sadness come you can tenderly allow them, knowing you are whole and well. It means that you feel responsible for your experience and take full responsibility.

Being enlightened doesn�t mean you are flawless or that you never get angry! Were you alive in the time of Magdalene, Jesus or Buddha? I bet you the shirt off my back that they were REAL people. I hung out CLOSE to teachers and Gurus (termed Saints, enlightened ones, Avatars) for years and found REAL people. Talk to my friend Dean Bernal about JoJo, his best friend of over two decades. Dean and JoJo the dolphin (stay posted for the upcoming movie) spent hours a day together in the sea. Dean assures everyone (stay posted for his upcoming book) that this famous enlightened dolphin exhibited just about every emotion known to human kind.

Anger in pure form is an expression of boundaries. Jealousy is an indication that we can stretch into more of our potential. Sadness is a way the body lets go. To all emotions I say, �hats off!� In other words, I welcome and celebrate you! Babies cry and then they laugh. No extra analysis is required. This miracle is simply life in motion. Tears cleanse. A canine growls to say, �You are stepping over my limit.� These expressions are all part of the Divine plan to be loved. Some one reading this is saying, �She just used two quotes in one paragraph. That�s now allowed.�

I say, �Oh. Tee Hee. I have my reasons.�

A client said, �You are always happy.� Not so in the way she assumed. However, study etymology and learn that happy means to be in the moment however that feels! I am like a baby because I feel everything fully. Quite honestly I can go to the depth of sadness, heat of anger, intensity of jealousy all in an hour and end up in an inspired state. This is because I am not attached to these feelings. They are seasons. I feel them all! Some times I don't want to feel them all and get numb and that's fine too. There is momentary time for everything. When Summer bloom turns to Autumn release to Winter frozeness, do trees go to the psychiatrist for a injection? Unconditional awakening is being in inspired states so often that when the emotional times come we simply witness their flavors and tones lovingly. In response the emotions feeling accepted and welcome, shift.

I remember at Mom�s funeral someone thought I was off my rocker because I was elated. Yes, I was off my rocker! Why rock when I can fly is what I felt at the time. If your Mother talked to you with a balloon from the other side like my playful Mother did you might be elated also. They didn�t know of the many hours I wept. Her funeral was a Divine celebration of her LIFE. My siblings and I created a beautiful ritual and this gave me ecstasy (Mom too)!!!! We really do not know another's experience from what we see on the outside. That is why I teach people to talk tot he animals and bring people to Hawaii to swim with the dolphins. The animals see each other from the inside out.

Gina Palmer, a master animal communicator tells a story in "Paws and Claws" magazine about her beloved canine's reincarnation. Gina, not so sure it was him in his new body, lost all doubt when his canine companion from the previous life ran full force ahead saying, "Charles! you are back." Although Charles returned in quite a different looking canine body other animals behaved non-chalant. "Oh Hi Charles you are back."

When Jessie my cat returned and made the fact that it was him crystal clear, many were aware. But some people couldn't get past the costume. Because he had a new body they didn't see who it was. Guess they didn't know him inside out. That's okay. There is time to learn and the treasures of knowing each other inside out are available.

(By the way, we have one spot left (discounted $1000) due to a late cancellation for Hawaii. if you want to discover the pure bliss of knowing others from the inside out join us Aug 6-11, 2006 on the Big Island. Give the office a call at 831-477-7007 and come to Big Island to swim with dolphins and partake in a transformational vacation of a life time.)

When my sister was in a coma people called me up to complain about things which I allowed to break my heart. Have you ever talked to people who are committed to blaming you for their unhappy lives? We are receiving hundreds of thank you letters and we received two nasty calls and I felt so sensitive my heart broke. Someone said, "try to focus on the abundance of gratitude coming your way." I do and I will but no matter how ridiculous it may seem to anyone on the outside when my heart chooses to break for whatever reason it does I get to love my heart, feel my heart and assist my heart. I make my heart right for whatever it feels and I make the people who called up right because I dreamed then into my life dream.

I was quite fine with having a broken heart. It was simply an experience in the flow of life. In experiencing this it came and left. Because I allowed myself to feel the depth of pain I also came up with a new business rule inspired by Micky Magic, a long time brother-friend of the heart! You can read about Micky in Carolyn Myss' book "Sacred Contracts." By the way, she and I will both be on Bonnie Coleen's radio show this July (not the same day) so check us both out at www.SeeingBeyond.com. We should both be up on the front page by early this week for a month!)

Now back to my friend, my own heart. Because I allowed my feelings to be fine with me, something I created, they passed in wellness. I then adopted Micky's rule. When you call Micky's office the voice mail says, "Please leave all kind messages after the beep. Please leave all other messages before the beep!"

Micky is a a comic, a healer and a children's' magician.

So we now have this rule in the office here as well. We accept constructive suggestions any time. Mean messages, however can be left before the beep.

It was brought to my attention that if I used good customer service and sucked it up and remained solid and uncaring in the face of people's nastiness that I would have more clients. YUCKY!!!! I'm not trying to have more clients. I am simply being myself and those who feel a kinship tend to hop on board in one way or another. Those who don't will find their home elsewhere. I say, "wonderful!"

Thank you to all who find a home here in the seminars in California and Hawaii. I am delighted by the people who come and stay for years as well as those who pass through. I love you. (Oops. Inappropriate language for a therapist...oh well, luckily I am also an animal communicator (:...LOVE IS MY WAY. I know many of you deeply relate. Thank you for blessing the seminars with your presence.)

Don't' forget now! If you feel the Hawaii ticket is yours, call! 831-477-7007 right away. We will be awakening into new realms of bliss and you will never be the same. I already started to pack I am so excited!!!

Thank you all.

Dr. Laurie Moore

P.S.As you can tell, I am in need of an editor for the newsletters and articles. Kathy Glass, the best, is busy making final changes on "The home Study Kit for Money, Love and Enlightenment." If you are an experienced professional editor and would like to edit to help pay your way for one of the Hawaii dolphin or Tonga whale seminars, call for an interview.

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