August 2006

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Summer finds me in much the same place as spring � focusing on bringing books together.� I seem to have taken up residence in my office and my three editors, Helen, Nora and Dennis, have now read through several versions.Summer has not totally passed me by, as I have daily respites on our deck, surrounded by the lovely gardens my husband Dennis has created.Our side garden is awash in bright colors and striking dahlias and a grand row of sunflowers.We did take a wonderful trip to LaJolla,CA, just outside of San Diego, and being near the ocean always renews me in a way nothing else does.��

There are certainly some new events to share. We look forward to being with you�again for an Orion lecture on Saturday, November 11th, 1-3 PM, at the Takoma Park Chapel, in the Washington, DC area.� Details below.

Through our Synchronicity Press, we've just published River Trails
�by my dear friend,�Charles Harris; poems from the heart of his spiritual journey...more on this below.�The empath book title has emerged as Dancers Between Realms - Empath Energy, Beyond Empathy.�There is a mock-up version of the cover,�featuring a vibrant image from Deb Booth, whose photography I�shared in the last newsletter.� The photo is the image at the Orion on... section of this newsletter.

Orion on Life as Exploration is excerpted from a personal session and touches on life as an open-ended forum of�exploration.May we continue to journey together.�

Orion on Life as Exploration

In life there is nothing for one to finish and complete.You do not wind up�with a final oral exam; that is not what life is.Whoever within thinks you are going to get it all done and all right and get to transcend, gets in the way of living life.Life is ongoing.You are always traveling.Now I am here.Now I am there.You don�t want to get an �A.�Life is an ungraded course that truly and simply has to do with all the reports of your experience and what you have learned and how you have seen something different along the way.It is a sharing.

Sometimes life is learning and sometimes not.Art, music, and dance for example, are expressing� elements.Sharing the tales of the journey is, in itself, an expression of the vitality of life; reflecting our deep awareness of the truth of the interconnectedness of all things.There is no end goal.Rather, life is a continuing willingness to share, to exchange and be with each other.Many people carry a �goal keeper� within; thinking if they get life all done, they�ll leave with honors.

Life is an honors program.It is a mentoring program, but it is not mentoring with a goal.We are all mentoring each other.It is a sharing program, a dialogue system.And none of us engaged in this exchange, really know what is going to come from all these dialogues.Nothing may come of them.They may be like art, in that we are expressing moments of our lives.We have moments of feeling that we are building upon one thing and another.We have moments of linear progression.But it really comes back to the best metaphor, which is music.

We are dancers.We are moving to rhythms and sharing those movements with each other.We are trying to express through our movements.We are always contributing to and building in the sharing of our lives, in the looking at life and in understanding life.Those words and feelings are part of the All.Your articulations effect one another; sometimes a specific individual andat other times in ways you do know know.� Articulations may bring words that others, even us, will carry to another.And in addition, the words ofsuch sharing exist as energetic movement and become available.They come present, they become manifest and that energy encaptured in your conceptualizations exists.So someone far and wide, across time and space, may touch into them.Others may resonate in ways you cannot know.When you try to sense into and articulate your feelings about a situation or another, that very understanding can touch the one you are considering about.As your own energy leads your own internal changes, those integral changes can then effect the other.They may effect the friend you shared with and that friend may be moved and carry their own response to your insight to another.On and on and on.

This is the engagement of aware living.This principle arises in every workshop, in support groups, in each intimate exchange.For many of you, who have embraced self-inquiry as a key aspect of living, the focus of inner exploration is clear.The modalities become clear, sharing, writing, creating.There is no pressure or need to know final outcomes and completion dates.And is it a completion date or is it a shift date?And that shift will have its own journey unique unto itself.In the very least, one cannot get bored with the perspective of life as exploration.��������������������������������������������������������������������������
������������������������������������������������������� excerpted from a personal session, with permission

The lovely image is Inside Starry Night by Deb Booth and the cover image�of Dancers Between Realms.

Visit Deb online at differentlightstudio.com

Orion event in Washington DC area, November 11th

Saturday, November 11th, $10

We�re delighted to return once again to the Takoma Park Chapel for an afternoon with Orion.

Expect sharing from the Orion consciousness, with ample time for your personal questions and interaction.As ever, the topic will be based on the energy of who gathers.Again and again, the synchronicity that arises in Orion events is very powerful.Orion and you will touch upon something that engages your intellect and touches your heart.We�ll end the day with a Synchronicity Press celebration of River Trails and hopefully, Dancers Between Realms. We�ll keep you posted. There is an open, inexpensive event meant for sharing Orion with old friends and new.So do tell your friends, spread the word.� .�

Friends from our Orion�circle are also sharing some interesting workshops at the Chapel.

Explore Mary Magdalene and the Da Vinci Code with Ellyn Dye.Sunday, August 13, This is a two-hour journey into the mysteries of Dan Brown�s book.Ellyn has studied the Knights Templar and other mysteries for over 20 years.In 2005 she toured sites in Southern France associated with the Templars, the Cathars and the places where Mary Magdalene is said to have preached and lived after the crucifixion of Christ.��� $25, $20 for chapel members.���� You can reach Ellyn at LionMcLeod@msn.com

If you are interested in exploring the community at the Chapel, attend the 11AM service before Ellyn's workshop.� Jane Batt will�lead �the service, including a spiritual sing-along.

April McGuigan
will lead�the service on October 22 at 11AM on a topic inspired by autumn, Harvesting God's Abundance.� On that same day, between 1 and 3pm, she'll offer a 'funshop' on Creating Riches, focusing in an interactive way�on�using creative expression as a way to open to allowing Spirit to inspire us to greater possibility within our lives.������ $25, $20 for chapel members

����������������� aaaaa

Takom Park Chapel, 8120 Fenton Street,Silver Spring, MD20910.� �Conveniently located in the heart of Downtown Silver Spring, just blocks from the Silver Spring Metro Station. Free parking is adjacent to the Chapel.Learn more about this open, interfaith community and check their calendar of events�at their website.

Learn more about Takoma Park Chapel...

River Trails - poetry from the heart and DC area workshop

Just Published!!In a new direction, we have just published River Trails a book of poetry by Charles Harris, written from the heart of his spiritual journey.� A lovely and moving collection that shares inner exploration, along with poems expressing how the heart is touched by people and places.� To read an excerpt, follow the link to�SynchronicityPress.com

From the back cover -� "Poetry began giving me clues about what is most important.
Li Po writing about a full moon, "All ten thousand miles at once in its light," William Black pointing to the interrelatedness of all things, Mary Oliver, Rumi, Naomi Nye...these wonderful guides pointed toward opening my heart to what is present from moment to moment...These poems are brief records made...during a year where I looked for something other than serenity, a year of acceptance."� C.H

Join usSunday, November 12th 1-5 pmfor an afternoon with Charles Harris�exploring poetry from your own heart, in a workshop called, �Writing from Your Heart � an Inquiry. The workshop supports your interest
in deepening your personal inquiry through writing; focusing on� providing a supportive environment for self expression.� The fee for the workshop is a contribution to the Big Hole River Foundation, which works to preserve this�wonderful Montana river.

Please email to register, with Writing from You Heart in the subject line. We'll send complete details in your confirmation email. Spaced is limited.� The location will be in Bethesda, near Old Georgetown Rd.

You can purchase this�lovely book at the OrionWisdom website on the Tools of Awareness page
$12.00 & $2.00 S&H.
Profits from the sale of each book�are donated to theBigHoleRiver Foundation, Charlie and his wife Nora, divide their time between Virginia and Montana. www.bhrf.org

Read an excerpt from River Trails...

Books & Quotes

For a good read, check out Widdershins the newest by Charles DeLint,�one of my favorite authors.He brings us a magic-realist universe, a version of contemporary North America, set in the fictional town of Newbury, Canada where people discover that there are more realms of being than at first meets the eye.With an eye toward interaction between realms, everyone grow and change from their encounters.


"She wanted to retain this open feeling...the realization that anything can happen.That there were possibilities upon possibilities lying just at everybody�s fingertips."��
������������������������������������������ Widdershins, Charles deLint

"Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely
in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming�� -- WOW-- What a Ride!"����������� from Leslie France, author not known

"There are no unnatural or supernatural phenomena, only very large gaps in our knowledge of what is natural."������������������������� Apollo 14 Astronaut Edgar Mitchell

Widdershins from Amazon.com...

We look forward to hearing from you.

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