Empty Out~Fill Up
Empty Out

This is assignment number one from the workbook by Dr. Laurie Moore called" Finding Divine Love through Partnership."
The DVD" DuoMiracles" and the book, "Intelligent Love" also by Dr. Laurie Moore go well with this work book.

Empty Out
Your soul is the entrance to a vital, lush, green stretch of terrain. So vast is the terrain of Spirit that you cannot see over or beyond. There is no more. There is only one soul and that is the soul of love. Love belongs to everyone, and those who choose wisely belong to love.

Your personality is full of plants, flowers, weeds, and insects. Katydids are protecting your plants while snails are eating them. Your personality is complex and can change with the seasons. Personalities are unique versions of common archetypes. Personalities act out universal struggles and experiences.

Your soul is brighter than any of the experiences. Your soul is the sun that is shinning through the clouds. Your soul is your breath that is living through your blood. Your soul expresses herself through the microphone of your heart.

How can you see the divinity in another person when your personality is full of bugs and complex gardens? You will miss the love that is trying to reach you if you do not empty out.

Emptying out means to purge, to let old history vacate the hotel of your mind once and for all. Emptying out means letting the tears of your grief rinse through you until you are dry and ready to fill back up with a sweeter nectar. Empty everything so that nothing is left. Rinse yourself clean of what your partner said last week, what you had planned to do, and why you told Spirit you are here.

Empty until you are no longer what you thought you were. When you are empty, Spirit will tell why you are here. When you are empty there is room for Love.

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Message of the Week

If you think you have do do something in a particular way or that you are responsible for living life out in a certain way look again. Is that really you or your mind?

If you feel in love until your partner does something you do not like is that really love? Or was that your mind? Look deeper because the love is there as well but not in the way you were assuming.

IndiMiracles DVD

Subject matter from The IndiMiracles DVD by Dr. Laurie Moore:

Love Echoes Within Each of Us
When I finally allowed myself to be so present here and now that I could see, feel and hear this truth: THE truth is that all the love and all the hurt I ever felt is me echoing within myself. That all that is given to me from others is me echoing back. It was a bittersweet birth into myself. I felt a growing pain and a great love...all at once.

You are the center of YOUR dream. All that exists is you, Beloveds.

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Dr. Laurie Moore, LMFT, CHT, Animal Communicator
(831) 477-7007


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