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Welcome to the first edition of Health and Wholeness

Pathway to the Souls quarterly Newsletter.

As well as keeping you up to date with all the latest courses and activities offered by Pathway to the Soul, I’ll be bringing you great articles, tips, interesting features and recommendations to help you get the most out of your life.

Over the last few months I have had the privilege of working as a Coach in one of Irelands leading weight loss clinics. It’s been fantastic to work in an area where the results are so visible and to watch peoples bodies literally transform over the weeks. I am very much looking forward to working with more of you through my courses and one to one consultations to help you transform whatever area of your life you want to.

Those of you who have been waiting for me to start up my courses again will be delighted to know that I’ll be starting the ‘Create the Life You Want’ Workshop again in September and will also be offering an evening class by the same name in Dublin from October onwards.

I am also very excited to launch a new course called ‘Understanding the Human Energy Field’ in Chrysalis in October. Your energy field is your most powerful tool and understanding and learning to consciously work with it, will help you to shape the life you long for. This course is a great follow up to the ’Create the Life You Want Course’ or on its own an excellent introduction to the wonderful world of energy and to your creative power.

Erica Mc Kinney

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5 Steps to a Happier Life

1.Focus on what you want

So often we focus on our doubts, fears and on what we don't want to happen. Change this and start to focus on what you would like to happen. What you pay attention to thrives, what you ignore dies.

2.Take Responsibility

When you blame others for your misfortunes you give away your power. Take responsibility for yourself and your life. If you do not like something, you are the only one that can change it. Forget blame and decide what you can do now to make things better.

3.Take Action Now

Stop putting off action until another day. If there is something you want in life take one step today to move in the direction you want to go.

4.Follow your instincts

Our bodies and our souls have more intelligence and knowing than we could ever learn in this lifetime and they are constantly sending us messages. Listen to your intuition and your instincts. They are your signposts on the road of life.

5.Acknowledge all that is Good

At the beginning and end of each day take a minute to acknowledge all that is good in your life. Also praise yourself for all the progress you made that day no matter how small it seems.

Workshop Dates and Venues

 Create the Life You Want

  30th Sep & 1st October - Glendalough Hotel, Co Wicklow

21st & 22nd October - Mind and Body Works, Dublin City

25th and 26th November - Brockagh Resource Centre, Glendalough

Understanding the Human Energy Field

 1st October, Chrysalis, Co Wicklow

2nd November, Mind & Body Works, Dublin City

1st December, Brockagh Centre, Glendalough

Evening Classes
Create the Life You Want

6 week course Commencing 10th October, Foxrock Institute, Deansgrange, Dublin

Enquiries and Booking:

Phone 0402 36899

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Good Vibrations - Let You Feelings Flow

Your energy field is a vibrational body surrounding and inter-penetrating your physical body. It is constantly changing in reaction to your every thought, feeling and action. It acts like an electromagnetic field shaping your world and attracting life experiences that reflect its every vibration.

A healthy energy field is in continuous motion and flows freely. It reflects someone whose thoughts and emotions are allowed to flow freely. When you hide or hold a feeling or emotion you are in effect holding your energy flow. Consistent repetition of this over time causes stagnated or blocked energy. 

Stagnated energy reflects being stuck in a negative self defeating pattern and it attracts life experiences that match this pattern.

Be true to yourself. Allow yourself to feel and express your emotions. All honest emotions are positive. Take responsibility for your feelings and avoid blaming others for causing them. Your feelings are valid and may have been triggered in reaction to another person but ultimately it is your choice how you react. Simply state how you feel without blame and then decide what to do about it.

10 Powerful Question to Find Out What You Want

A common problem for many people is that they simply do not know what they want in life.  The truth is however that deep inside we all know what we want, but our true desires get clouded by our fears, our limiting beliefs and by the rules and roles that we adopt or impose on ourselves in life.

Here are 10 powerful question to ask yourself to help you find out what you want.

1. If I died today, what would I wish I had done, that I have not yet done?

2. If I were to fully live my life, what is the first change I would make?

3. For me to be truly happy and contented in life, what would have to change?

4. What do I love?

5. What am I passionate about?

6. What am I good at ?

7. What dreams have I let slip away in the past ?

8. Am I spending my time on things that are important to me?

9. What do I want less of in life ?

10. What do I want more of in life ?

What Does Your House say about You?

Everything in your life is a reflection of you. It mirrors back to you your inner state. This includes physical items you possess, relationships you have and your successes and failures.

A light-hearted way to gain some thought provoking insight in to your inner mind is to take one of the regularly lived in rooms in your house and to answer the following questions :

1. Are the surroundings to your taste or someone else’s taste?

2. Is the room drab or full of colour?

3. Is the room dark or full of light?

4. Is it organized or chaotic?

5. If you knew someone was coming to visit would you clean up or change the room in any way?
6. If someone walked in right now would you be proud or ashamed?

7. What do you like most about the room?

8. What do you like least about it ?
9. Is everything in good working order?

10. For each question where your answer is different than you’d like, ask yourself how long has it been this way and what causes it to be this way ?

Now take the answers and apply them to your life. You’ll find out what they mirror by reflecting on yourself but here are some suggestions to get you going :

Q1 Are you in control of your life or taking a back seat ?  Q2 Is you excited by life or just making do ?  Q3. Are you hiding or ignoring something that needs attention?  Q4 Is your life organized or chaotic ?  Q5 How do you change yourself to be acceptable to others?  Q6 Are you afraid to be seen for who you really are ?  Q7 & Q8 Do you need to acknowledge or do self work on these areas ?  Q9 Do you look after yourself and your health ?

Have Fun and feel free to add any additional questions you think of!

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Welcome to the first edition of Health and Wholeness
5 Steps to a Happier Life
Workshop Dates and Venues
Good Vibrations - Let You Feelings Flow
10 Powerful Question to Find Out What You Want
What Does Your House say about You?
Free Online Articles and Audio Files by Erica McKinney
Book Review - Molecules of Emotion by Dr Candace Pert
Pathway to the Soul
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Free Online Articles and Audio Files by Erica McKinney

I am delighted to say that I have started publishing regular articles and audio files on two websites. is a Country Wicklow news site and also does some great features. You can read or hear my articles by clicking on the ‘Life Category’ is a website specifically aimed at women with home businesses but many of the interviews are of interest even if you don't fit in this category. Each week as well as interviews related to the home business topic one of four resident experts (me being one of them) gives tips and advice on different topics.

The great thing about these sites is that you can log on and listen whenever you like!

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Book Review - Molecules of Emotion by Dr Candace Pert
An outstanding book by a great woman which explains the science of the body and mind connection in language lay people can understand.

Dr. Candace Pert is a research professor in the Department of Biophysics and Physiology at Georgetown University School of Medicine and has contributed greatly in the field of AIDs research.

The book gives insight into the politics of science making it clear why there is not more scientific research done in the field of alternative therapies and also affirming how little we, and the scientific community really know about how the human being works. It also provides the beginnings of scientific evidence of the mind body connection and of our connection to something greater.

A great read. Highly recommended.

Pathway to the Soul

Personal Development

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Energy Healing. 

All services are provided by Erica Mc Kinney, an accredited Life and Business Coach (LBCAI) and Barbara Brennan trained healer and energy worker.

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