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Question to Dr. Laurie Moore

How can you tell what an animal who crosses your path symbolizes to you?

Thank you for asking this valuable question. Today a little bird hopped into my office as I was realizing I needed to ask for more help. She chirped to me.

The bird in my office today was not a symbol to me. She was a live experience of how life flows in harmony with itself. When love is emanated, others in love approach.

Maybe this will shed light on my work with animals. When I see an animal he/she is not a sign or a symbol. He/she she is a being in living motion as am I! I am not a symbol to them either. I am life in motion as are all of you!

When I am in grace, others in grace are in my field of awareness and visa versa. Life flows in this magnetic way. We attract what we are in consciousness over and over.

The message of the heart of LIFE is not shared from animal to person nor person to animal. Rather, the message is shared as one feeling of love and awe. The mind goes blank in a state of grace and the heart takes over in this type of communication. So the experience is not an intellectual message from one to another but nature's harmony in synchronicity.

I have been arriving at states of no words..complete silence and overwhelming love with the animals and nature and now people and invite you to do the same. That is the ultimate purpose of the sessions and the Satsang and the return to eternity. In eternity the beloved and the lover is you within yourself.

Love, Dr. Laurie Moore, Ghandilee Magda

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Question #2 to Dr. Laurie Moore

Is it true that when one passes over she is freed of all burdens?

Absolutely NOT. I talk to many people and animals on the other side. Most animals are freed because they were already awakened and freed in the 3D. People continue to create all types of realities on the other side. Some are fully awakened and merge with source or various realms of light. Some pretend nothing has changed and rebuild their illusions and mind traps. Some rest. Some interfere with this realm out of ignorance. Some are very stuck. Some serve. If you want to know where you will be when you die look into where you are in the heart NOW. It will be the same except you will not have the body to amplify your 3D feelings and insist that you grow. Take advantage of the blessing to be here!!!

Dr. Laurie Moore (Ghandilee Magda)

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Question #3 to Dr. Laurie Moore

Do you ever go through "Dark Night of the Soul" or are you in unconditional bliss always?

Yes. I go through everything everyone else does in a very sensitive way. We re all the same but come in unique flavors (: Some of it feels great and sometimes it is pure hell. The deepest dark night of the soul for me taught me to love myself as failure and as success and see beyond the illusion that self worth is earned. It taught me that I am the silence and all the other ways I identify myself are masks that keep me from the BIG moment of LOVE. Being great at something and being horrible at something is not who I am. Because I was so attached to seeing myself as worthy and unworthy the universe had to offer me a highly painful chiropractic spiritual emotional adjustment that took a LONG time! I wish for you a happier ride in your learnings. However, painful and heart breaking as this excursion was,it was a great gift. I ask that all my lessons come in LIGHT HAPPY nights of the soul NOW. If I ever go through a dark night again I pray it is an Alaskan Summer night(: For you I wish that also.

Dr. Laurie Moore (Ghandilee Magda)

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Why wait! Let's all become spiritually awakened and financially free and happily in love. Attend the seminars, start the program, sign up for a reading today. Hawaii dolphin and whale seminar is March 6-11. 2007 and we have some slots open still.

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3 Prime-Gold Healer Squad

The 3 Prime-Gold Trio Healer Squad

(This article is being re-published from 2005 Wayne and Linda and I are continuing to work together).

Over the years, a variety of couples and individuals have benefited from Dr. Laurie Moore's amazing Intensives on relationships, spiritual awakening, life fulfillment and animal communication. An intensive is a 3-8 hour, in-person session, which allows you to go very deep, release self defeating habits at an entirely new level, and experience tremendous transformation and awakening. The animal communication intensive gives you skills for speaking with animals as well. You receive home work at the end of each intensive to assist you with integrating your learning and changes. Dr. Laurie�s latest treat is bringing on a staff! Intensives are available with the prime-gold trio: Dr. Laurie Moore, Wayne Hoff and Linda Adams together.

Wayne Hoff has studied over 35 different types of body and energy work and is a highly gifted healer who can cleanse your body and your home. He has been practicing for over two decades.

Linda Adams can rearrange energy patterns in the body to alter self defeating habits and assist you with allowing your highest fullest soul self to take over! Linda was one of Margaret Ruby�s teachers before branching out fully into her own work.

Dr. Laurie has known Wayne and Linda for many years and now has invited them to be on her team, because she feels they are two of the purest channels, and two of the most gifted healers she has encountered. �I send them to my family, clients, colleagues and friends, and call on them myself.� Dr. Laurie says proudly.

To arrange an Intensive or Three-Staff Session, please contact the office at 831-477-7007.

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A Message from Great White Bird

She-he flew into the bedroom in the non 3D visionary realm. Face of an owl and beautiful feather spanning three and listen closely to the other worlds. If you do, you will find that animals, plants, people who passed over, animals who passed over, characters noted in all religions, Earth, Sun all COMMUNICATE! LISTEN, FEEL, SEE!

Once we see ourselves as we are, apart from all that is, instead of via
our mind, from our universal soul instead of via our will, we see that
all that is given to us is an echo of energy, feeling, thought or
action we once created. If not in this lifetime, a previous one. Yes,
Dear Ones, it is you calling to yourself. When you release your
attachment to all the identities you ever have ever had you will find
that your core identity is your true essence. When you release all
blame and see the gift of your entire dream of all incarnations
artistically appearing around you, you will have to love yourself
tenderly and realize that you ARE home. Home is you in love with who
you really are: the one dream of us all.

Hawaii in Kealakekua March 6-11

We are staying in a very sacred place this year where many Hawaiin spiritual leaders lived. We will be in walking distance of the dolphins!!!!! Yippee Hee Hawa Hooray!!!! Mahalo Tee Hee (: (The Earthquake left all our human friends well and fine. )

March 6-11, 2007. Call 831-477-7007 to register.

Question #4 to Dr. Laurie Moore

What does Ghandilee Magda mean?

Live the music of the dancing ones. Live as the Female One with the LIGHT and all Creation.

When I hear the name, I remember to give all that I am to the ONE LOVE. The name reminds me to surrender and let the voice of love speak through me.

Dr. Laurie Moore, LMFT, CHT, Animal Communicator
(831) 477-7007

Unconditional Awakening Journeys

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