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When you hear the inspiring stories Dr. Laurie tells you will smile, laugh and cry with wholeness. Watch people solve their personal problems and enter a rich world of unconditional love as they work with Dr. Laurie and the dolphins, as well as a horse, a cat and a dog. Miracles are a way of life for animals. Let them teach you to make your life all it can be! Penelope Smith, the number one animal communicator in the world, published the writings of Dr. Laurie Moore in Species Link. Ganagji says, �Dr. Laurie models awakened consciousness. Enter the world of Heaven on Earth with this unusual and profoundly touching DVD.� �When Dr. Laurie worked with my dog, Tori,� said Dr. Herby Bell, chiropractor and mother of two, �Tori's life changed and mine did too!�


Couples can solve problems with an enlightened therapist but with guidance they can accomplish so much more. Get an inside view as Dr. Laurie Moore works with three couples who are going for expanded consciousness and unlimited love~bliss. Learn the seven categories one must address when choosing a life mate. John Gray endorses Dr. Laurie�s books on relationships. �I found my perfect mate after struggling for years thanks to Dr. Laurie Moore,� exclaims Jeri Passaro, property manager and mother of three.


Return to the deepest yearning and fulfillment your heart has even known when you watch this beautiful DVD. Dr. Laurie Moore�s clients tell their inspiring stories of triumph in love and joy. Dr. Laurie Moore has appeared on Ricki Lake, The O�Reilly Factor, Fox News Live, The John Walsh Show and Seeing Beyond with Bonnie Cullen. Now you can watch her whenever you like in the comfort of your own home. �My relationship with my son changed from struggle to great joy after I attended Dr. Laurie�s seminar,� explains Kristen Nemzer, licensed marriage family therapist and mother of two.


111 Messages to Humanity from Jessie Justin Joy�$23.37

Have you ever watched the way a cat observes everyone and everything? Do you ever wish you could get into the mind of a cat? Dr. Laurie Moore, internationally known animal communicator who has appeared on KRON News Weekend and In the Company of Angels, translates a cat�s teachings. Learn the wisdom of Feline Guru Jessie Justin Joy. Discover the love and compassion that is the heart beat of all life. �I consult Jessie on a regular basis. He�s a master teacher,� claims Ken Ohme, spiritual advisor to The Miracle Worker Company.

Intelligent Love: Choosing a Life-Mate Wisely�$23.37

Oops! Did you choose the wrong mate again? Are you ready for the right one? John Bradshaw endorsed Dr. Laurie�s first relationship book, Creative Intimacy. Her second book, I Almost Gave Up and Got Married to the Wrong Mate will assist you in finding your perfect mate.. �Dr. Laurie Moore provided an exercise for me during a seminar that helped me stay true to myself. A few months later I found my dream husband and am happily married,� said Cheri Elison, business owner.

Creative Intimacy: A Practical Guide to Better Relationships�$16.95

Do you ever find yourself in the same old rut with your partner? The answer isn�t changing him or her. It is accessing your creative power and re-writing your own life. This book will teach you how. Endorsed by Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks as well as Carolyn Godschild Miller, this book is a must read. �Dr. Laurie is the new millennium Guri on relationships!� exclaims Penny Browner, elementary school teacher and mother of three. �My husband I were heading toward a divorce and ended up in a second honey moon.�

The Cat�s Reincarnation and Unconditional Trust in Love�$23.37

�All we need is love�� and this book is a profound testament to that. Dr. Laurie Moore shares the Shamanic journeys she went through with master animal teachers who took her into awakened consciousness, oneness, unconditional love, joy, bliss and peace.
Upon hearing Dr. Laurie�s awareness of the oceans that live within the human heart, Gangaji said, �This is the truth.� �I learned in one seminar with Dr. Laurie all I tried to learn with the most well-known gurus of our time,� says Tammy Juren, Landscape designer.


Enhanced Living

We know that you desire to enjoy your life, sex, your body, money, and love. The problem is you forget to utilize the simplest attitudes to keep you in a state of joy. You are not alone. Almost all humans share this problem at one time or another. You slip into stress and upset. Use Dr. Laurie Moore�s tips to return to a life of pleasure and goodness. This free-flowing and spontaneous list of suggestions and truths will get you back into gear. Jacquelyn Aldana, author of The 15 Minute Miracle, endorses Dr. Laurie Moore�s teachings. �By listening to Dr. Laurie Moore, I have learned to be grateful for all life brings me. That attitude has changed my life!� says Summer Carney, MA who is a therapist and mother of two.

WORKBOOK SERIES $377.77 for full 8 workbook set
On disc for computer

If you like to learn at home, these workbooks will give you all the tools you need for awakened consciousness, miracle manifestation, a life filled with unconditional love, joy, peace and miracles and the secrets to hearing the messages of animals. Get ready for an amazing love life, financial life, and a life of health, well being and ecstasy while getting spiritually awakened at the same time. Learn to live in Heaven on earth. Dr. Laurie Moore�s work has been endorsed by Jacquelyn Aldana, John Gray, Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks, John Bradshaw and many others. To learn more about the hundreds of lives she has changed read the testimonial section at

Unconditional Awakening

Communicating with Animals

2 Steps to Guaranteed Success and Happiness

9 Messages form Ascended Masters of Life

Couples Journey into Unconditional Love Bliss

Creative Intimacy

Intelligent Love: Choosing a Life-Mate Wisely

Three Parables and a Novelette with Contemplations

Animiracles Yahoo Group
One year membership�..$100
Lifetime membership�$900
FREE when you purchase the Home Study Kit
Meet people who love animals and love miracles. This is a way to connect with people who are inspiring and positive.

Sweet Life of Miracles~
Dr. Laurie Moore's Original Organic Essential Oil Blend to enhance your ability to bring in Miracles.
Created by Dr. Laurie Moore and
Aromatherapist, Jane Hendler of Ajne who you read about in Peoples' Magazine.
Call for prices on oil and perfume.831-624-2100

More Programs by Dr. Laurie Moore

Dr. Laurie Moore, LMFT, CHT, Animal Communicator
(831) 477-7007

Unconditional Awakening Journeys � P.O. Box 818 Soquel, CA 95073

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