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This was an exciting fall with the publication of Dancers Between RealmsEmpath Energy, Beyond Empathy and a wonderful Orion event,�returning to�the Takoma Park Metaphysical�Chapel in Silver Spring, MD.Once again it was a gathering of old friends, new faces and one surprise guest who flew in from Indiana!Bernadette planned the surprise and Jerry was the special guest!Orion shared, people shared of themselves in their open-hearted questions and we all celebrated the arrival of the new book and our recently published book of poems by Charlie Harris, River Trails.Deb Booth shared her new line of notecards and prints with Orion quotes and many prints were going on to become holiday gifts.You can see a selection of the OrionWisdom cards are our newly updated website.

We offered Dancers Between Realms and River Trails at a special Publication Celebration price.� You can purchase either of these books from this newsletter at the Celebration price till the end of December.� Scroll down for the special�PayPal�links. ��'Dancers' is also available on our website at the new�OrionWisdom Bookshop page and will soon be listed on Amazon.com.

This issue�s Orion on... section shares thoughts on�directions we may move toward in the new year embracing the principle of Unity.

Wishing you all the best at the holiday time and a grand 2007!

Icicle Star by nature sculptor�Andy Goldsworthy

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Orion on Thoughts for the New Year
We are all together. We are all linked.
We are all inherently part of All There Is.
Therein lies our strength, wisdom and compassion.
Unity Is.



Greetings as your thoughts turn to the new year.Again, the hallmark is one of paradox.One of change.One of retreat.One with the possibility of change and the frustration of many things staying the same, with not enough true change or solution.Yet, in the personal realm, we continue to see the possibility of'self actualization' - the ability for individuals to bring into being new ideas and approaches.A time of personal shifts and changes; opportunity to walk into your dreams and explore aspects of yourself and your lives you have yet to consider. Understandings you are going to discover, uncover, and connect with.Such self-actualization and growth must have the harmony that comes from embracing the two balancing Guardians - responsibility and accountability.




In an earlier decade of exploration, the 1970's, people leapt into personal expansion with only their own needs as the impetus.Radical shifts and changes occurred, but many of these changes left difficulties, stress, pain and hurtin their wake and many of the changes, therefore, were built upon weak or flawed foundations.People have had to emotionally and realistically repair or recover from some of their leaps into change.




We continue to find ourselves moving toward practical spirituality, anchored in the core principle ofthe continuing recognition of Unity - the interconnection of all things.Unity is the moving thread that weaves through all the aspects of the past and will eventually move to a time when Unity will become understood as the dominate principle of the nature of reality.Yet, the movement of this golden thread of connection comes through the quality of paradox.Thus, for as many people that blossomand thrive with the recognition of Unity and their own connections to All There Is,you will see - publicly and abundantly - the struggles of those who experience Unity and interconnection not as enhancing, but as undermining their power, their authority, their sense of self. And indeed it does.




When Unity is truly recognized, experienced and understood, systems of reality that are based on innate inequality, domination and hierarchy will indeed have to changeand give way to systems based on the interconnection of all things and the innate connection and equality of all things.Although we feel those days are far into the next era, the groundwork is being laid now.���




For the foundation of a paradigm shift to be cohesive enough, woven enough and strong enough to support such expansion, we point to the Guardian qualities of Accountability and Responsibility.Expansion without these guardians in place may lead to a moment of success or a moment of freedom, but will quickly crumble and lead you to search for realignment and balance.




There is also a call to be responsive to the inner voice, the expansive voice - that part of you that works in awareness.We call �awareness� that knowing which encompasses all the factors of knowledge - logical, empirical information, instinct, the unconscious and receptivity from other realms.Listen to the sensings, the awareness, you have about yourself, your needs and the directions you should take - your metaknowing.




Recognizing potential and possibility is readily available, but to bring it into reality in an enduring way, possibility must be balanced with accountability & responsibility; such as the individual who decides to leave a structured 9-5 job and begin their own firm, but does so with a practical responsible view as to how all their responsibilities will be met.Action and change must come not through the road trip to find one's self, but through the combination of allowing new thoughts and directions to become clear, followed up with practical planning and implementation.If your dream is to have a Miata, then you may find a way to bring about the quality of a sporty car.At the same time, you cannot achieve your dream at the expense of others - personal or at large.You cannot pay the car payment and not pay the grocer.You cannot move yourself into a river front condo and give your children limited child support.Choices made without responsibility or at the expense of others, will return on the Web on Interconnection and your lack of balance will return to you and undo your achievement.




This is an era of multiplicity.It is not a time of the singular vision.Unity is a multiplicity, not singularity.In practical terms, it means must apply yourself in a multitasked way.It is also important to look at your visions, your sensings, your dreams of new ventures and directions, not only in the singularity of the specifics - such as the Miata - but in the qualities inherent in those dreams.You want the qualities of being in the zippy little car.You want the qualities of owning your own company. The qualities of a family.When you let the qualities lead, you may discover that the specifics that begin to evolve may be far different that your first image or thought.Do you indeed get the very expensive Miata or do you find instead a zippy zingy used car for sale from a friend that makes you feel the same way?Do you start your own business or do you instead find you join a cooperative venture that allows you the feeling of independence, the quality of working on your own, but offers a format that is less financially risky and is already established?Do you have a child of your own or do you find instead that you link up with a partner who has children or an organization whichh serves children or one special child who becomes your friend and you their mentor?Working with qualities allows the essence of your metaknowing to be expressed in more ways - in multiplicity- than you can first conceptualize.




Looking at qualities.Acting upon principles.Responsibility. Accountability.�� These are foundation stones which will support the vastest vision; will help you come to clarity about your needs and decisions.And the root foundation stone is the concept of Unity - that all you do acts upon the interconnection of all things.You cannot act as if you are in isolation.You must know you are dancing with the symphony ofthe universe, of All There is.Know that you are responding to and moving with rhythms, beats, melodies and tempo and more of a great evolving symphony of being.




We feel the public arena, especially the political one, will continue to express the paradoxical response to the growth of the Unity awareness. A great longing for balance, for a more centrist approach has risen up.For the moment,people have expressed a desire to retreat from the calls to separatism,authoritarianism and hierarchy.�� Many people will have to experience the failure of the single leader, exalted teacher approach.




Unity is based on the innate understanding that we are all connected to the same source, are of the same essence.This does not mean there cannot be preference and choice.It does not mean enforced or rote sameness.Unity supportsthat through multiplicity, diversity, and difference, wecan understand that inherently we still have a core of connection.




Many people fear Unity because of their idea that it will ask forced sameness.Thus, they do not feel expanded by the concept that they are connected to All There Is. Rather, they feel diminished and frightened by being connected to those they do not want connection with.�� The paradox of the Unity principles, is that one can be introduced to Unity but you cannot impose Unity.By its essential nature, people must come into their own recognition and awareness, their own alignment to Unity.You cannot impose Unity, even for the so-called highest or fullest good.You must allow the discovery and recognition of it.Thus, the paradox energy of resisting Unity will be with us for a long time.




Presently, Unity energy is still coming into awareness.Thus, you see the paradox of even spiritual leaders and teachers sharing ideas of Spirit through separation, through reward and punishment, through rules and regulations.We call this the hybrid time - where the Unity principles are evolving into expression through the concepts of the age of hierarchy and Master and Follower.Unity will ask us to put aside the ladder of success and come into the circle of success.




Evolving Unity will continue to include the qualities of clarity and exposure.Much will be revealed.The Balance Guardians - accountability & responsibility- will grow stronger in their energy and people will be required to stand up and take account and responsibility for their actions - one way or another, with forthrightness or being dragged into it.��� The public are ahead of the political arena in awareness.The political arena speaks as if they are vision carriers, but their underlying principles seems more rooted in continuation of the same for the few that are most benefited by it.The public are moving with the recognition of Unity by desiring more solutions - they want the problems solved.Unfortunately, the paradox here is in the belief that a strong authority can solve the problems, even if there must be hardship for some.In a typicalhierarchical approach, the idea of sacrifice is always involved.Those at the lower end of the ladder may be sacrificed for the principles held at the higher end of the ladder.




In Unity energy - a circle or moving spiral of energy flows from recognition of inherent equality and interconnection - solutions may ask sacrifice, but of all.Although a leader may step out of the circle, the leader is not on top, but only leading the energy at the time, still part and parcel of the circle.The time of these approaches to be experienced on a large scale is not yet here, but the principles are present and will influence our reactions and expressions.

Do not despair from the realms of paradox being acted out in the political and cultural realms, including the negative energies of separation and division.Live your visions.Hold the Unity energy for others.It is individual lives that make the vastest shifts in the paths of All There Is.

Image is 'Unity Is' OrionWisdom note card by Deb Booth


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Books, Quotes and More...

The Zahir by Paulo Coelho.��� �Paulo Coelho is most well-known for his lyrical �The Alchemist�.I have read all his books and find his magical realism tales are always evocative and powerful reminders of truth and beauty.�The Zahir� is one of his best yet.Itshares the story of a man who is a well-known author of spirituality [quite like Coelho himself], whose wife mysteriously leaves him and the inner and outer journeys he makes to move through this time of loss.�� In the midst of it, many beautiful truths are shared.

From The Zahir:� ��All men and all women are connected by an energy which many people call love, but which is, in fact, the raw material from which the universe was built.This energy cannot be manipulated, it leads us gently forward, it contains all we have to learn in this life.�

�My past would always go with me, but the more I freed myself from the facts and concentrated on emotions, the more I would come to realize that in the present there is always a space as vast as the steppes waiting to be filled up with more love and with more of life�s joy...�

Integral Spirituality by Ken Wilber��� On another note, Ken Wilber offers new models of examining and understanding spirituality while rigorously questioning all models, including his own.The introduction gives a most excellent overview of Wilber�s work.�There�s nothing else that I know that lets in most of the world completely, as Ken Wilber�s articulations in Integral Spirituality.�Dennis Galumbeck


Peace.It does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work.� I
t means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart.Unknown

The purpose of life is to discover yourself.The meaning of life is to give it away.David Viscott

It is as if the very last truth to which we human beings are prepared to lay
claim is our own, only when all other avenues are exhausted. This has been
the struggle of my life, the failure of nerve to stand by my own wisdom in
the face of coercion, condemnation or indifference.�� ��
Joshua David, UK � in an email correspondence.

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