Prayer Questions, Manifestations~Dr. Laurie Moore

Question 1
Can wellness be born of illness in simply a moment? You say it happened to a woman with a back that was out in the last seminar.

Yes, that did occur at the Marin Miracle seminar.

This also occurred for me yesterday when I was in great physical pain due to over exertion of my body. As I sat by the fire deep in meditation, intrigued with how the ego can make unreal meaning of its inflations (Wow, I achieved success. Therefore I am worthy.) and deflations, (Someone was unkind to me. Therefore I am unworthy.) I
found this: There is no I. That is only the mind entertainment! The mind game creates a pattern of the body and personality which is more an extension of this illusion game.

I (i.e. all that is i.e. the one us) am a ball of light of the one. As this became evident and I witnessed my mind, pain was full vacuumed from my body which was next filled with ecstatic bliss. This is available to you as you practice witnessing your mind and returning to the one heart.

However there is no guarantee. Pain comes and goes in different ways requiring different treatments are different times. If you be fully present to the movement of life in you, something new will be revealed. It may be physical healing but it may be something else calling to you.

The invitation of which I speak is to this deep heart through which all light comes. In this, all that occurs is so full of love. In this I have learned a new relationship to patterns and energy and wellness in times of pain or illness appearing. It is a deep love.

My mind is an organism connected to all other minds.
The mind loves to creates states of wellness and illness, richness and poverty, beauty and unappealing ness and yet it is in essence simply a geometric configuration of light and sound.

"Let it be just that," say the dolphins and whales who live in vibration and cause transformation in a moment.

Create of the one big light from LOVE and in a moment all is well, ecstatic and reborn in all states: inflated, deflated, etc.
Watch everything the mind says and let it all dissolve into the is the answer to all the heart...where all is born. Say your prayers form the deepest realms of your heart where you are the source of what you create. Say them in love. Say them in thanks. They all come to pass when you clear the way to allow them in.

I promise that when you return to this oneness, many new understandings and ways of being with whatever life presents will come in love. The miracle of life will fill you. To learn more, come to the next Satsang: (link below).

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Question 2
I prayed for more money and got bills. I prayed that a man I liked would ask me out. I met a man I liked and then found out he was not available. How can you say all our prayers come true?

Keep praying for more money, take active steps, and more money will come. That prayer doesn't excuse you of bills and a sequence of events taking place over time. That prayer doesn't relieve you of ups and downs and challenges and potential experiences of polarity which are opportunities to choose more love and trust.

What are you asking for when you pray for money? Security, happiness, love? Pray to find that within yourself and the prayer shall be answered within circumstances instead of as circumstances.

You prayed for a date because you seek love and good companionship. Pray for that so the right date can come with the right-match person! Life gave you the information you need to adjust your prayer for the good of yourself and all others. Pray for love and companionship with the right-match person for you in the highest interest of all life every where.

But pray ALSO for what you are seeking in this. Are you seeking love/ Then pray to be love. You will find love in all circumstances instead of only in circumstances when this too is your prayer. you will generate the love you seek. You will find out you always were the love you sought. In this, a companionship with another is even more glorious.

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Please send your Satsang questions on the above topic to Ghandilee (Dr. Laurie Moore) at

Dr. Laurie Moore

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