Seize the Day - Live Your Life NOW !

Time is Precious

You could live your whole life like there is an infinite amount of tomorrows putting everything off until later but some day there will be no tomorrow! 

The famous words "Live every day as if it were your last because one of these days it will be" sums it up well.

So why not give yourself the gift of a lifetime this New Year.  Make the commitment to yourself that from this moment on you are going to LIVE YOUR LIFE NOW, not tomorrow, not next week, not next year but NOW

Ask yourself one simple question.  "If I knew today was my last day what would I do?"  I am not suggesting you quit your job, blow all your money or jump on the next plane to the sun but that you look at the areas of your life that matter most to you.

You know what they are ! Do more everyday to appreciate and enjoy the people and activities that make your life worth living.

How often do you tell those closest to you how much they matter to you? When did you last hug the person that is nearest to your heart? When did you last simply spend time together?

Do you give yourself some time every day to relax and enjoy life whether it is reading a book, listening to music, or snuggling with your dog.

What regrets would you have and what dreams would be unfulfilled? Putting off your hopes and wishes for future years can well mean you never give them a chance. Find a way to follow your dreams and live the life you want.

Finally, take a look at your life and root out the causes of your distress and unhappiness. No matter whether you live one day, one year, or one hundred years, life is simply too short to spend it with people you do not like or doing things that make you unhappy.

Seize the Day

Live Your Life Now !

New Years Resolutions Worth Making in 2007

1.  MOT Your Health

When our cars hit a certain age we get them MOT'd every year.  From the very beginning we take care to service them regularly.

What do we do with our health?  We wait until it breaks and then we wonder why!

Make this the year that you move toward prevention not cure.  Take responsibility for your health by booking yourself in for a full medical checkup.

2.  Fuel Your Body

Modern lifestyles can deplete our natural reserves.  Stress, alcohol, caffeine, processed foods, chemicals and pollution all affect the balance within our bodies.

Even a healthy diet can benefit from extra nutrients.  Simple changes or supplementation can make all the difference.  Find a good natural health care practitioner - a naturopath, nutritionist or similar and make sure your body is running on optimum fuel.

3.  Take the Drivers Seat in Life

Do you take a backseat in your life ?  Do you allow your life to drift until it crashes ?  Are you living with the brakes half on ?  If so, it is time to change.

You are the only one who can possibly know what you want in life and the only one who is fully capable of steering your life in that direction.  So take control of your life, jump in to the drivers seat, work out what you want and start making it happen !

What's New in 2007

2006 has been a busy year.  The 'Understanding the Human Energy Field' Workshop launched last quarter has been a huge success.  It's been a pleasure working with so many enthusiastic and knowledge hungry people who want to understand who they really are and what their life is really about.  You are all an inspiration to me.

The 'Create the Life You Want' Workshop has gone from strenght to strenght.  It's been great hearing so much positive feedback from people who have attended especially those of you who have contacted me months after attending the course.

My goal has always been to give people the tools to make positive changes in their life over the longer term, not just to provide a short sharp fix that fades away within a week.  So when I hear your success stories it is like a dream come true for me.

The two courses will start up again in March 2007 and in the meantime I'll be teaching a night class staring 30th January called 'Live the Dream' in the Foxrock Institute of Education.

One of my goals for 2007 is to make myself more accessible to those of you who are looking for one to one life coaching or healing so from January 2007 onwards I'll be taking appointments in Dun Laoghaire, Co Dublin and Wicklow Town.  I am also offering Coaching Sessions by phone.

I continue to publish online articles and audio files on and and over the next year I hope to start offering online services from my own Website.

No doubt there will be lots of other unexpected opportunities and surprises along the way so here's to a happy, healthy and successful 2007.


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What Could Life Coaching Do For Me ?

Coaching is a way to get the life you truly want! It helps you develop your potential and talents and discover more of your authentic self.  It moves you progressively and steadily towards personal fulfillment and happiness.

Coaching is a one-on-one interaction in which your coach works with you in partnership to clarify your vision, discover new possibilities, set goals and create a strategy for achieving them. Your Coach helps you implement your strategy, dealing with the obstacles and helping you through your fears and limiting beliefs.

Coaches can also work with you on a single specific issue or goal, such as finding a new career or making a major life change.

Like a sports coach, a personal coach provides an unbiased outside view to help you see things more clearly, applying techniques from their training and sharing learning's from their own life experience.

Your Coach believes in you and cheers you on giving you the courage to believe in yourself and to be the very best you can.

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Be Your Own Best Friend

A good friend will stand by you in thick or thin.  They'll back you up.  They'll believe in you.  They'll see you as you really are - the good and the bad and they'll still love you.

In an ideal world we'd do exactly the same for ourselves.  All to often though, the reality is, that we become our own worst enemy instead of our own best friend. 

Abraham Lincoln once said "The best way to destroy an enemy is to make him a friend".  So destroy the enemy in you with these simple tips:

1.  Accept Yourself

Know your strengths and your weaknesses and realise that you, along with everyone else, have both.

2.  Be True to Yourself

Don't compare yourself to others.  You are the best YOU that anyone could be.  Be proud of who you are and follow your own truth.

3.  Believe in Yourself even when you Don't

In times of doubt, ask yourself one simple question.  "What would I do, say, think or feel right now if I really believed in myself ?"  Then act on whatever answer you get.

4.  Be Kind to Yourself

When you are feeling down, don't rub your own nose in it instead be gentle with yourself and remind yourself how wonderful you are.

5.  Listen to Yourself

If you are feeling unhappy, take some space to figure out why.  Listen to your heart and listen to you gut.  They are the 'true you' talking.

A Look At Brennan Healing

Brennan Healing Science (BHS) is taught at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing.

BHS Practitioners undertake an advanced and specialised 4 year training which teaches the art of deep contact with the client along side unequaled techniques to balance and repair the energy field, the Chakras and the structures and organs of the body.

The program is taught by Barbara Brennan a world expert on healing and the author of best selling books Hands of Light and Light Emerging.

BHS combines hand-on healing techniques with psychotherapy and spirituality and is based on the premise that all dis-ease whether physical, mental or emotional at its root is caused by a splitting away from who we truly are ie by not being 100% true to ourselves.

During the psycho-therapeutic aspect of the session the client explores how the dynamics of interactions, learned at a young age, affect their current relationships and quality of life.  They also work with limiting beliefs and images they hold.  From this place of awareness, they can begin to transform their life and health.

The energy work balances the clients energy field and works to heal specific distortions or problem areas withing the field, thereby promoting health and healing on all levels. 

Click here for more info on Barbara Brennan School of Healing

Animal Magnetism - What are You Attracting In To You Life

I've come to realize that the animals that cross our paths have significance.  In fact anything that arrives in your life invited or uninvited is a reflection of you. 

Every animal, just like everything in the world, including you, is made up of a unique vibrational pattern of energy.  Your energetic pattern will attract and repel people, things and events in to your life.  Simply put you are a walking energy magnet interacting in a world of vibrational energy movement.

I started noticing that deer appeared in my life at times when major unexpected change was about to happen.  The change was usually preceded by turbulent times but was always for the best. Now it has to be said that living in Wicklow I am often in deer country but I could go months without seeing a deer and then suddenly out of nowhere they are popping out in front of me every-time I seem to step outside my door. 

Being a logical person I did some research to see if perhaps it was to do with mating or birthing cycles or similar but there seems to be no pattern.  Except of-course the pattern of my energy.

Rabbits are another animal I've become aware of.  When rabbits start appearing before me I know I'm going to be facing some fears in my life.

When I see a Fox in the day time it means I've got to make myself more visible (not my natural tendency) for the sake of my own survival.

So what animals cross your path and how do they reflect your feelings, thoughts, emotions or the phase of life you are in.  And what about the human animals you are magnetizing or repelling in your life?  What message do they have for you ? The good thing is, your energy pattern is made first and foremost of your thoughts, emotions, actions and beliefs so if you repeatedly attract the wrong type of person into your life start looking at these aspects of yourself and you'll soon discover why !

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Recommended Reading
Excuse Me Your Life is Waiting by Lynn Grabhorn

Grabhorn writes about how we attract whatever we focus on.  If we focus on 'lack' then lack will be our experience.  If we focus on 'plenty' then the same rule will apply. 

Excuse me your life is waiting reminds us, it is all too easy to slip into almost unconscious negative thinking patterns.  But Grabhorn wont let this happen to you.

There is no doubting her passion for the subject.  The book is a fun and easy read due to her witty style of writing.  It puts in to simple and very often in your face language that which can seem very complex.

At times the book is a bit repetitive but perhaps that is in an effort to get the simple yet not so easy for most of us to accept message across.

This book has some gems within and one way or the other it will make a memorable impact on you !

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