7 Errors that Impede Love, Health & Awakening
First 2 Errors that Impede Love, Health & Awakening


The Top Seven Reasons Why People Prevent Themselves
from Living a Life of Fulfilling Love, Health in Motion, Spiritual Awakening
(And How to Make Sure You Avoid Every One of these Errors)
by Dr. Laurie Moore

Mistake #1 - Thinking someone else has a unique talent is better than yours.

Do you know people who want their lives to be different? I am referring to people who complain about love, health or spiritual fulfillment on a somewhat regular basis. Sound familiar?

Of course.

Just like me, I'm sure you have friends who keep expressing dissatisfaction about something not working for them in their life experience. But they don�t seem to know how to make that change for themselves. Their life keeps falling short of their expectations. They are chronically disappointed about something even if other aspects of their lives are going great.

Somehow these people always have an excuse for their bad fortune. Somehow, it is never they at the steering wheel of their own life when it comes to disappointment.

So, what is going on here?

It's actually very simple.

Women and men don't base their lives on trusting the unique genius talent that they have moment to moment. Everyone has this unique genius even if they have yet to find it! People forget and think they will achieve their greatest happiness and success solely by following another�s life map. Another's map can help you but it will only take you so far. Sooner or later if you want to be a complete success, you must access the unique map within your own heart and soul. Your map will prove all you need in every way.

People yearning for love, spiritual awakening and well being often follow the footsteps of a charismatic successful person who they know as a friend, mentor or media hero.

Well, guess what?

Some people with the best intentions fail because they are not listening to the unique genius in their own heart. Mentors are there to guide and help you. Ultimately they are there to inspire you to find your own truths.

Sometimes, for months or years or decades, you follow another but fail to follow your own unique wisdom, which is in your heart.

Why in the world would a smart person do that?

To put it simply, you were trained to do this from the moment you began Nursery school. This way of living and learning has been ingrained for many years. That is why talented, intelligent (I refer to MANY types of intelligence here...not just academic which is only one type), wonderful people commonly make this error and cheat themselves out of an outstanding life.

People who do this are destined to end up feeling life has a lot more to offer than they are experiencing. Most people who are extremely successful in one area (love, spiritual fulfillment, health) will tell you in all honesty, that they are not so successful in another area. This is because they remembered to follow their own genius in one area yet forgot to in another. Good people do this often.

How do I know?

Because I've seen this behavior over a hundred times. For almost a decade I have had a private practice as a psychotherapist, miracle coach and animal intuitive. For over two decades I have taught hundreds of people and lectured to millions. And because I've been a person who had made this very error in the past, I speak from experience and know how to do it differently and will help you to do so.

Thinking back on challenges I have endured with love, well-being and spiritual awakening, I was impeding myself from having my dream life. However, I didn't know I was oart of the cause. I'm amazed that I was so clueless. I thought outside forces were the cause.

But I was, all the while hoping that I would somehow change my life around, while simultaneously blocking my own success. Ah! I am glad I can now look back and smile and see the error of my ways, if you will.

Colleagues and friends told me I was destined for big success for years and that my life was unfair. My failures didn't make sense. These special people were trying to help and had great faith in me. But they didn't see that I was the source of my own misery.

My hope was not about to change my reality and following the advice of countless others didn't really change it either. I had to begin to fully trust my own unique wisdom and myself. I had to learn to trust myself no matter what others said. I had to do things the way my heart instructed even when first-class, top-notch famous and highly successful people advised me otherwise. Until I did this I did not have my dream life.

The potential for something better for my life was evident to everyone including myself long before I created my dream life. But we believed my misfortune was bad luck rather than self-inflicted.

The truth was I was profoundly weak at seeing my own value.

And, more importantly, I wasn't even at a place in my life where I knew how to or was interested
in developing a deep and committed relationship with my own inner genius in surrender. That level of identity release and power and being different (because we ALL are different) frightened me.

But deep down I believed that if I tried hard enough, that would make up for what was lacking.

I believed that I could become someone else who was successful. Of course, there was nobody for me to become. I really just needed to relax and be myself right here in each moment. I needed to be curious about whom I was and let that unfurl. Life supports.

But I thought there was a fight to win, a competition to win, something to prove - talk about a losing battle. I was conditioned from years of education to think life was a contest. If some authority out there would discover me I would make it. Yuck! How debilitating.

You would think we all know that it is our uniqueness that will carry us to great achievement.

But until you accept that a lot of us do this masquerade routine on very subtle levels, and that you could be doing it on some level, you'll never have the success with love, well being, spiritual opening that you deserve in the depth of your heart and soul.

Let me be totally honest. I am still learning these steps and I have fall backs.I achieve great things and encounter more challenging obstacles, lose more and more supposed identities and find deeper surrender into love. As I use the wisdom I have been fortunate enough to find all that I need thorugh failure, success, ease and challenge. Underneath it all is a great JOY and LOVE.

For example, a decade ago I seemed to end up with incompatible boyfriends constantly. Today I celebrate many years with the man of my dreams. I have experienced great gifts of health, learned to heal illness in love and comfortably and am blessed to go through spiritually awakening and uplifting experiences all day each day. I expereince doing what delights me and serves many people in profound ways.

Mistake #2 - Assuming that the solution to your challenges will require many arduous years of work.

Most successful people use simple tactics.

You need to accept this fact, and deal with it.

When a person realizes that she or he is the key, doorway and kingdom to all she or he needs, answers become simple and easy becuase what we seek in here now in heart; not in some other form required later. The complexity will fly out the window and the straining will dissolve.

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