Love, Money or Both
Love, Money or Both

Money, Love or Both?

Love without money is not realistic. How will you participate in today�s world and share with others if you have no money. Unless you choose a life of isolated meditation and fasting, living on a warm tropical island where there is no rain� you need money.
Money without love is empty. There is no way for you to personally serve your higher purpose, which is expression of the Divine LOVE in your own unique way, when love is dormant.
Invoke love and money as one. See that as you spread money through the receiving and giving of money you have the opportunity to do so as acts of love.
Here are seven ways to assist you with doing this:
1. Put love into every action you take in the physical world. From brushing your teeth to paying your bills. Put love into all actions.
2. Be brave for life has given to you your vulnerability. Go courageously into your vulnerability. That is the source of your aliveness. That sensitivity is your strength. A flower is one of the most vulnerable life forms you will find. Flowers send out messages of great joy and bliss. They live in trust. They stay in their vulnerability. Living in sweetness is far more important to them than the risk of possibly being trampled on or demolished in a storm. And so people love their sweetness! Trust your vulnerability and watch how you prosper more easily in both love and money!
3. Share. Share a portion of all of your treasures. Your joy, your talents, your possessions will bring you great love and more abundance in the physical world when you share them.
4. Forgive. Forgive anyone who has ever hurt you. Forgive yourself for anyone you ever hurt intentionally, unintentionally, knowingly or unknowingly.
5. Forgive people who you perceive to be greedy if you perceive yourself to be generous. At the core of all greed and all generosity is the yearning for someone (self and/or others) to be cared for.
6. If you are over-generous learn to keep what you need for yourself. If you are greedy learn the joy of sharing by doing so.
7. If people are projecting on to you send back a loving firm message of �I will not be cleaning your dirty laundry for you.�
These tips will help you to discover that money and love are both gifts of life, meant to be expressions of LOVE. While some of these exercises may seem unrelated, they will create an inner environment within your own heart, soul and mind to allow for new understandings of money as love. All material transactions are opportunities for loving.
To receive more assistance with this process order the 3 DVDs: Indimiracles, Duomiracles and Animiracles. Learn the ways of LOVE in the world of material world. Become a natural happy money magnet as a result.

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Dr. Laurie Moore, LMFT, CHT, Animal Communicator
(831) 477-7007


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