What to Do When Dreams Don't Come True
What to Do When Dreams Don't Come True

Remind your angelic friends about your intended dreams. You have a squad of helpers who are at your beck and call. Remind them about what you desire.

All of our dreams shall come true when we get out of our own way. Here are the steps to take to allow your dreams to come true. Your dreams are waiting for you to set them in motion.

1. Write a description on paper of what it is you intend to manifest.
2. On the same piece of paper write, �I ask that this or something even better come true in the highest and happiest way for all life every where.�
3. On another piece of paper write down any limiting beliefs that have gotten in the way of the dream.
4. Hold the paper containing the limiting beliefs close to your heart and love it!
5. Give the energy on the paper permission to transform into something that supports your highest vision. You can do this by feeling allowance in your heart and extending that feeling to the energy in the paper. Another method is to visualize your dream coming true and to paste a picture that represents your dream coming true on another piece of paper. You can also write down a statement that contradicts the limiting belief. Any of these methods work.
6. Thank your mind for offering self limiting thoughts that once protected you. Tell your mind you are now ready for your next step and can transform all those thoughts now.
7. Thank yourself.

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