Loved yet Alone?
Loved Yet Alone?

Ezine #4 2007~Loved yet Alone?~ February 13, 2007

Loved, Yet Alone?

Do you ever think, �I am loved by people yet I feel alone�? Perhaps there is some aspect of that those closest to you don�t understand. Perhaps, your wisdom is not being fully heard.

I have good news, bad news and more good news for you. The good news is EVERYONE will experience this at times. I have worked with hundreds of clients and this thought is part of being alive. The good news is you aren�t really alone. There are simply times when your greatest soul self is not FULLY clear to YOU! As a result you think the problem is that others don�t fully understand.

The bad news is I have no secret pill to save you from this experience.

The additional good news is that this experience is an opportunity to discover greater wholeness. Here�s how:

1. Close your eyes and observe all the thoughts and feelings in your consciousness.
2. Love every single thought and feeling that is part of you.
3. All of this is you regardless of anything anyone else does or doesn�t say, do or express.
4. Go a bit deeper inside and find that essential bright soul self that has existed since the beginning of time before all these waves of thought and emotion.
5. Rest into your essential soul self and begin to see that your thoughts and feelings are like branches flowing on the water. The eternal flowing river is you. You are love.
6. Think: � If those who are not understanding me through my eyes are, in fact, offering me a gift by understanding me through their own eyes.�

To affirm your value, remember that you are the source of all love and to experience loving yourself in all situations. Thank you.

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