Turn Argument into Celebration
Turn Argument into Celebration

Spiritual events and scientific events happen together. Every day for about a year after my Mom passed away a little lamp turned itself on in my bedroom in the evening. There were spiritual causes for this. There were scientific causes for this. The two worked hand and hand.

If one person takes a scientific viewpoint, another a spiritual one, another an emotional one, another a poetic one, another a psychological one they can all be RIGHT together!
If five people photograph a vase of flower from five different angles the flowers will appear differently. How beautiful it is to have many points of view on one planet!

Next time you are in an argument with another person, group (or with yourself in the privacy of your own mind) celebrate all the points of view. Here�s how:

1. Witness each point of view as perfection.
2. Love each viewpoint as a contribution to the whole.
3. Choose to be enthusiastic about each viewpoint.
4. Dance and sing your joy for each viewpoint.
5. Be grateful for each viewpoint.

To learn about the limitless potential we have to create lives full of joy when we practice this style of interacting with life, watch the Indimiracles DVD.

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